Nikki Bella Wakes Brie Up to Talk Date With Peter Kraus | Total Bellas | E!

After going on her date with Peter, Nikki arrives at Brie's house to debrief on how things went…At 1 in the morning. Watch the awkward moment on "Total Bellas”!

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Nikki Bella Wakes Brie Up to Talk Date With Peter Kraus | Total Bellas | E!


  1. Come On waking up some one at 12.46 am to talk about date. No one will be interested in having conversation in the middle of sleep.

    • WWE wrestlers do shows until 11 PM and then drive hours to the next city after that. So it wouldn’t be a stretch for Nikki to think Brie was up then🤷 Also, it had been 10 years since Nikki had a first date with someone. So as a sister, she should suck it up for one night (especially since Brie’s the one who made such a big deal about Nikki starting to date again and insisted on setting her up with Peter). She should have sat and listened to Nikki and been excited and then added at the end, “That’s amazing! I am so excited your first date in 10 years went well. Thanks for stopping by and telling me…. And from now on feel free to text me updates and then we can talk about it in the morning” 👍

  2. Are u kidding me Nikki? You couldn’t text her. Than Nikki gets upset, Nikki would get so annoyed if Brie ever did that.

  3. C’mon Nikki… Brie just woke up and Brie said it was fine cause she had to get up early for glam anyways.

    • Brie did not say it was fine. When Brie said she had to do glam early, she was implying she was pissed that Nicole would wake her up so late when she has to get up early for glam. I have 4 sisters, I speak fluent sister and Brie was not welcoming Nikki to stay and chat😜😂

  4. I love how Brie begs Nikki not to move, promises she will be just as much fun as the single friends Nicole would meet in LA, but then acts like a grouchy old lady when Nikki knocks on her door just after midnight. So much for being fun and understanding about single life🤷

  5. NIkki should have waited imagine if she woke up Birdie to and Birdie cried for while and it would be longer before Brie went to bed again

  6. In sleepy mood no one ready to talk Nikki please try to understand Brie’s situation don’t feel bad about Brie☺I love both of you😘

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