O.J. Simpson Confesses to Murdering Nicole and Ron | TMZ News

After 24 years any mystery surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is over … because O.J. Simpson confessed. FOX aired "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?" Sunday night and Simpson walked publisher Judith Regan through what happened on June 12, 1994.

Harvey Levin breaks down the mind blowing interview.


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    • that isnt true dna had him locked as the killer,the black jurors wanted to evn the score with the rodney king beating,and the years of bs the lapd were guilty of.

    • +The Duke of Suffolk
      ….Duke, the celebration wasn’t so much over the idea that a killer got away with murder. That WOULD be sickening. The celebration was on the basis of a black man defeating the white judicial system. So….black man-1….white judicial system-3,245,658,209. It’s just tragic and unfortunate that the two victims and the poor families whose lives were torn asunder are a mere footnote. In some way we, the public and the media, are the animals.

    • sona l it also didn’t help that the investigation was tainted by racist officers who where he’ll bent on making sure questionable evidence stuck .. For example the glove.. .. All that adds to doubt

  1. Anyone recall when OJ got off the hook there was no continued effort to find the “real” killer, still? The cops already knew OJ did it. But he won over the courts. Double-Jeopardy. Can’t be charged twice. People in America celebrated his release… after he just got away with murder.

    • Don’t Worry About It whites are the cause of all the problems in the world, and even if Blacks did sell their people (although this is most probably a lie) it still does not excuse the evil things whites did to slaves in America. You did that alone no one helped you with what you did.

    • Corey Hollandsworth that is a lie he did not admit anything. Stop lying and speaking nonsense, where did OJ admit he killed his wife? You’re a joke with these lies.

    • Jordan Bourque evidence does not point to him doing it. All the so-called evidence was thrown out. If evidence pointed towards him he’d have gone to jail. He was not because the so-called evidence was a sham.

    • 4 O’clock Vintage Bill Cosby is not a rapist, but Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski and many other white men are .

  2. he escaped the laws en trials of man yes !!! but justice will prevail. for ALL OF US 1 day believer ore not godly ore ungodly. we shall all be judged 1 day by the EVERLASTING ALL KNOWING JUDGE [THE LORD YHWH]

  3. The problem with this TMZ hypothesis is that if you dig into the archives you will notice that the lead detective signed out the blood tube sample taken from OJ and the detective admitted that he took it around the crime scene and planted blood evidence so.

  4. Carla Linton. I Knew O. J. Simpson Killed His Wife Nicole and Ronald Goldwyn and he should have been found Guilty and sentence to prison where he belonged.

    • jmac2050 They were divorced two years before the murders. She had moved on, but clearly, OJ hadn’t.

    • Dude I’ve been saying this since I saw the interview!!! If he wasn’t there that night, how would he know Ron knew karate?!?! He didn’t and never met Ron before that night..so for him to use the word Karate is a dead give away!!

    • BossLady Hoffman, i’m not defending oj cause i think he is guilty but this interview was way after the murders and it was out there that ron was a martial artist so oj threw that in there for the interview/book sake…cause they were planning on selling that book.

    • listen….yes he got into a karate stance
      ……..hypothetically speaking

      it was a hypothetical karate stance, pretty good one too….

    • Kevin Smith “no one knows what happened that night better than me” Pretty much a confession since like Harvey says only 3 ppl there, Nicole, Ron and the killer

    • “his mind started veering off …”

      Still that is not a confession. We all know he did it and was let off due to black privilege. But any nervous person could speak hypothetically about something they didn’t do. It doesn’t prove anything.

    • Hunter, nothing will happen to him. He’s already been tried. In the US you can’t be tried again for the same crime.

  5. Double jeopardy is such bullshit. I mean if there’s new evidence conclusively proving he did it, there should be a retrial. Right now, he could confess it all and there would still be no punishment.

  6. Sick man, murders 2 people then writes a “hypothetical” murder scenario book about the crimes and laughs about it whilst trying to make money from the memory of those people he murdered.

  7. Bundy Drive ? what would be weirder if it was on Richard Ramirez Boulevard!

  8. O.J. is a classic case of a psychopath turned killer. He’s narcissistic, abusive, has no empathy for others (even for his own children) and at the same time if you look at his past, before the murders, he was great at putting at putting on a show for people (he always new the right thing to say and was very charming). I encourage everyone to watch the show “Made in America” on Netflix. Its about OJ and of course the trial, but also about the culture in L.A. at the time and all the racial tension that was going on. It really makes you see how he ended up getting away with murder and getting a verdict of “Not Guilty”. It’s a very VERY interesting documentary series.

  9. this was oj’s account of how it may have happened, he didn’t say he did it , this is false

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