Oprah BLASTS Donald Sterling! | TMZ

Oprah Winfrey delivers a simple message to the racist L.A. Clippers owner.

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Oprah BLASTS Donald Sterling! | TMZ



  1. I would love to record Oprah at home when she has like Jesse Jackson over for dinner. Shes racist..

  2. Very bad situation all around. The man was in his home in private, he was clearly setup. While he said some very unpopular thing considering his position, and yes they were highly rude and possible racist, he is allowed to have his opinion. If 90% of the black players/owners where also recorded at home in a private conversation they also might be caught saying something tasteless, because we all do from time to time. Every race, every gender, probably thinks they are superior to one another. I don’t believe this man is an outright racist. He works with nearly all blacks and his own girlfriend is half black, how can you hate people so much and be a racist but date them and work with them by choice? Seems like a setup to take over his stake in the company if you ask me. 

    • +EZy Beats You think he would slander his good name to sell when he could simply sell and make the same millions? Who is the dumbass now? Did not think that own through huh? Think again bro use that thing inside your cranium.

  3. Dam we still have internet racist gang over YouTube , we are coming for u and will ban u from ur own internet , possibly from TV kmkkkkkkkk
    We de best

  4. 1:52 what’s up with the guy with “The Verge” shirt. ¿Are TMZ and The Verge related?

  5. Oprah doesn’t care about the black community, most of these black athletes and entertainers are jumping on the Sterling hate cos now their balls are being questioned now. Full of it – people like Oprah – Magic Johnson – Michael Jordan – Kobe Bryant and MANY OTHERS have nothing to do with blacks. Just a political stunt 

    • +Norman Richards Also you’re over generalization of every thing you have typed has shown me you are an uneducated narcissist. Who cares where you have been? lol The fact that you can get so mad at a comment not meant for you really baffles me. And what’s with the “????” do they not teach proper punctuation in Jamaica? 

    • +JOEmusicization YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF ULTIMATE RACISM. The ignorance originates from White Supremacy, I am sure you are some what intelligent please don’t tell me you don’t know that 99% of *racist* ideologies all stem from White Supremacy. There have been polls not just in Europe but even America where white people state they would much rather live in a country that is without black people. And you are telling me that I am being ‘ignorant’ for saying we are on the same team. You said because I am not American that I basically can not comment on Oprah’s lack of true help to black America. This is the SAME Oprah that travelled 6000 miles to South Africa to build a school. But CHICAGO the city where SHE IS BASED that has the worst school system in America (one of the worst in the world) she doesn’t build a school there. So I know very much what goes on. It would seem to me that YOU don’t know what goes right in front of you. 

    • +xjay1234 And i’m telling you I KNOW this. But they aren’t going to stop me from making my money and feeding my family. I know plenty of black and Hispanic friends who would love to live in an America without white people. I tend to not pay attention to ideologies or even the media. I believe what MY 2 eyes see and what I experience. 

    • +JOEmusicization I never said that will stop you from feeding your family. We all need to make our living under this beastly system. But remember this, you can’t get water out of a rock, and you will not get black success out of white supremacy.

    • +xjay1234 True that, but i’m only aiming towards my success first. If
      I make it then ima help feed the community that raised me and my family overseas. This whole “black look out for black” and “white look out for white” is the reason white supremacy exist. I say look out for who looks out for you. Peace man have a blessed life. 

  6. Sterling is so ugly, besides being ignorant and prejudice… oh, and he is not white, he is a jew.

  7. Still,his arena is his house.
    You have the right to select,who you invite to his house.

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