Our Camera Guy Gets A Date With Lana Del Rey? TOP 10 Awkward Encounters | TMZ

Sometimes our photographers are graceful, thoughtful and eloquent, and other times … not so much.

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Our Camera Guy Gets A Date With Lana Del Rey? TOP 10 Awkward Encounters | TMZ


  1. Imagine actually seeing lana del rey on the street by herself and asking her to get a drink with you and she says yes, I would faint on the spot…

  2. Notice how the camera guy with Lana Del Rey was super confident until she actually gave him a chance… Once he knew he had an opportunity he started panicking and studdering. I don’t blame him; she’s hot af.

    • cuz he is a fake though guy, acting all confident until a woman says yes

    • Yes but that’s a tranny she’s a transvestite and a satanic witch that eats and sacrifices new born babies and children for her ruthless rituals….

  3. Turn the camera off and i may be interested -Smashes camera and quits TMZ for life-

  4. Turned the camera off and than she was probably like “OH helll naaaaawwwwaaaarrrrrhhhh”

    • Shaung1231 and at least he left after he got his joke in. That’s a good guy.

    • you gotta remember dude this video is in 2012. social media just started popping but it wasnt popping popping people honestly said in 2012 whats your email all the time… plus she a super celeb she cant be giving her phone number out like that. but i bet not that many people know her personal email

    • +Thoughts bro 2012 was not the dark ages. people used social media just as much as they do now.

    • A one legged man Not nearly as many people were on it I’m online marketer. Instagram was JUST created in 2012 twitter was created in 2009. Sure there were other social media’s like MySpace maybe tumblr. But the big dogs just started just google the apps growth. How many followers Justin Bieber had in 2009 and compare it every year.

    • A one legged man thatS like saying as many people watched YouTube in 2012 as in 2019.

  5. Lana Del Rey is actually very sweet. I’m not a fan of her music but man is she beautiful, and nice.

    • +Steven Pablo woah dude. I was just expressing how much I love her music tbh. I’m not gonna force them to like it. I was just saying

    • Angelina Molina if i had to pick an album, it’d be Ultraviolence, and my favorite song atm is Mariners Apartment Complex

  6. People act like celebrities are Gods or they are unapproachable. Lana Del Ray is pretty and has her own money so I bet that she isn’t completely out of the regular non celebrities league. I bet that she would think that a regular guy having the confidence to ask her out is awesome.

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