P. Diddy’s Kendrick Lamar Response | TMZ

Diddy took to Instagram for his 2 cents on Kendrick Lamar's controversial lyrics in Big Sean's new track 'Control.'

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P. Diddy's Kendrick Lamar Response | TMZ



  1. To Christopher Jones, Kendrick has done more for hiphop than diddy and jay put together in the past year. And im not even a KDOT fan. He is influencing young aspiring youth to be themselves. To not be another Jay Z, to not be another Diddy, and to not be another NAS. They got where they are by being themselves, not being copycats. He is simply telling people to stop pretending to be someone else and do you. He will be in rap for a LONG time. And he wants people to know he wont be the next Jay Z, He’ll be the first Kendrick Lamar. For example.

    • whoa whoa whoa, you went a little too far. Kendrick is a little OVERRATED right now. There’s artists that would BODY him. *Coughs* Hopsin, school boy Q, Dizzy Wright. It’s annoying that people are acting like this dude is some kind of God. He didn’t even respond back to meek mill nor Em yet. All in all, J.Cole would body him verse by verse

    • J. Cole is good. But not as talented as KDOT. And I will say that he is a bit O.R… Hopsin kills but is too much of a one trick pony. I mean his only fan base is conspiracy theorists. And SBQ is just…NO… No way on that one. And who cares if he didn’t respond to EM? He doesn’t have to respond to EM. EM hasn’t been raw since 04… KDOT is raw NOW.

    • Imahn Bates 3 years later Kendrick’s career is light years ahead of everyone you mentioned.

      Dizzy Wright? Really bruh what’s he gonna body him with? weed bars? & Hopsin is a cornball. Q is a good rapper but he even admitted that Kendrick better than him.

  2. Puff Daddy you need to take care of your Bad Boy Artists who all are either broke or in jail!!

  3. Only kings of ny are nas and biggie. No one else Jay Z and Puffy don’t have good lyrics at all.

  4. You all are still missing the true meaning behind this video. This guys right. If all these other “kings of New York” are really kings. Where are they? Can’t live off old glory and fame. Come on now.

  5. Kendrick Lamar > Puff Daddy 
    trust me. if you doubt, listen kendrick, listen all puffy albums then…

  6. uum so you think that Jay Z and Diddy are rich well i got three letters for you “DRE”

    • +jan paz True but when Diddy and Dr.Dre die who will be remembered more

      I’d rather have a net worth of 500 million and die as one of the most famous contributors of hip hop

      Than die with 750 million and never be discussed as one of the greats

    • If we’re talking about power, sure Diddy wins. But if we’re talking about rapping, Kendrick wins over Diddy hands down. Diddy was always a shitty rapper.

    • +Missy T exactly to me the whole metaphor mean pac came from new York to the west coast n was the king of the west point blank period… Kendrick from the west n feel like he can go to the east n b king… But it wasn’t a diss cause he showed respect to er body he jux letting them know step they game up cause he ain showing pitty he being all he can be… Hands down Kendrick great n niggas better step up r get lost

  7. Or maybe he meant I’m Makaveli (2pac) offspring and the king of New York (Biggie) so 2pac and Biggie are living through him

    lol P.diddy needs to chill

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