Rapper Juice WRLD Blown Away After Sting Gives ‘Lucid Dreams’ Thumbs-Up | TMZ

Who says kids these days don't respect their elders? Juice WRLD is proclaiming Sting the greatest EVER … after the rock legend gave the rapper props for his huge hit, "Lucid Dreams."


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    • Kleit mac. He didn’t steal anything. Juice used something called interpolation. Sampling which is another common way of using someone else’s music, is basically using someone’s master audio and using it. What juice wrld did is interpolation. Meaning he recreated that melody and used it. There is kinda a gray area so technically juice is in the wrong yet he is still not exactly in the wrong. Kanye used interpolation a lot. Juice should’ve tried to make something work with sting tho. So lesson learned 🤙🏻

    • 85% seems excessive though, like yeah that melody is a huge part of the song, but it’s really not the whole song, maybe like 45% would be a fairer cut, it’s Juice’s and his producer’s song

    • Honestly what did that guy mean when he said royalty will be paying his grandchildren there collage tuition.

    • Project Crimson Hound Alpha because the beat in juice wrld song was originallly from sting, and it’s protected under licensing, so any profits made from the song juice wrld made, sting claims or gets 85 % of all the money that was made on that song & so its gonna pay for his grandkids bc its a lot of money

    • +sREUDIAN fLIP oh man I am so glad you said that I was hoping at least someone in this comment section knew who the legend was 😂 I personally like So Lonely by them xD

    • +Kodie Reid-Mclean so much for that, i’m glad you came by, i was starting to feel out of place with this youngins 😂😂😂 they’re still talking about Sting the wrestler though. I don’t blame them both Stings are legendary 👍👏

  1. I Won’t Even Lie My Man Out Here Looking Like A Freshman Who Lost His Way To Class Or Something

    • Sting is taking 85% because the song is 85% his. Juice gets his 15% because he only put in 15% in so that’s how the business world is. Puffy stole a Sting song and Sting took 100% of it. Just to give u an idea of what Sting does, Sting gets $2000 a day every day for the song Every Breathe You Take. It’s the most played song in the world and the song is from the 80’s. He doesn’t need Juice’s money, it’s about copy right infringement. U steal, u pay.

    • Ben Vasilinda ah thanks for clearing that up, i shouldn’t believe everything I see on the internet, thanks friend

    • Dylan DeFrates yea man royalties are where the money is. The Beatles learned that the hard way. Also when multiple artist write a song together, the placement of the names listed on the song is also important. The first name is the majority money maker. Paul McCartney was in a legal battle with Yuko Ono over the Beatles royalties because songs he wrote majority of but because John Lennon always put his name first means he got 51% royalties of those songs. He lost that legal battle and she will always get majority of the royalties for a song her husband never wrote. This also happened to most of those boy bands back in the 90’s and 2000’s. The managers got almost all of the money and the promoters also got a good chunk of the money as well while those kids got very little of the money and none of the royalties. This is the very reason artists fight so hard for royalties. Prince’s family isn’t fighting over his money, they are locked up in court over his royalties.

    • +Ben Vasilinda its Amazing how many Music fans know Little To Nothing of how it really works. You can hear ” samples ” in every song put out for the last 25 years.

    • +O Dogg it’s called business, he didn’t ask Sting if he could use it. How would you feel if someone took something of yours and said I made this. Has nothing to do with ethnicity. People like you who are narrow minded only preach hate. Remember hate breeds hate, bruh.

    • The song is 85% of Stings music so yea it’s fair. U can’t steal someone music and keep if for urself. Look up royalties and see how much money is involved. Sting gets $2000 every day since the 80’s for one song called Every Breathe You Take. It’s the st played song in the world on radio and commercials. That’s almost three quarters of a million dollars a year for one song done 30 years ago. He also gets another quarter million a year for that song because Puffy stole the song and used it for the Biggie tribute and Sting got 100% of that so now it’s a million dollar a year song. Would u let ur music and ur royalties get stolen?

    • Six6Six 85 is a lot, if he took 40 or 50 then yea that’s different, but he probably happy cuz his net worth probably doubled lmao

  2. STING: good song
    JuiceWRLD: Thanks man
    STING: how much money did you make off it
    JuiceWRLD: a lot
    STING: Oh can I see it *takes money*

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