Paris Jackson Says Everything’s Okay While Heading Into Comedy Show | TMZ

Paris Jackson's had a turbulent week, but despite a suicide scare and family strife … she's still in the mood for comedy.


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    • +John Doe True, but “Everything’s okay” is barely showing anything, as anything can happen with someone who considered suicide. Seems like they’re just doing it for the hits. Besides, there is absolutely no reason why a camera must hover over family trying to have a private conversation. There’s a time & place for everything. If they want views so badly, wait until everyone is stable & not on edge. It’ll really help TMZ’s case.

    • Ironic thing is tmz are the ones who made up that rumor and they have the audacity to ask if she’s okay as if they didn’t try make a story saying she tried to kill her self a few days ago ….. shameless

    • +JJ_k2280 21 Yet, they hound them as they can be seen turning away, looking down, etc. Unsubscribing. You don’t do this to people who are in distress. It’s like bothering an older man/woman as they’re drinking alone, but obviously not as serious. Have a good Wednesday, you all.

  1. Leave Paris alone stalkers , I thought stalking someone in California is a felony??

    • Tiffani Farrington yes I saw the indoctrination videos that they want us to see and everything isn’t what it seems !

  2. Its really wrong what they are doing to MJ, first he is dead and he cannot defend him self, second these men already went through court and the FBI found nothin.. Nothing.., that is just wrong
    Now his kids has to suffer through this again.. 😪

    • When your STEPDAD is MJ and parading around under lies it catches up with you eventually

    • +Johnny Williames he is their dad .. I don’t believe he is their biological father but he raise them till his death, he is the only dad they knew..
      Catching up with whom?? You want to punish them for what you assume their dad did !!!
      He was proven innocent, one of them boys even said he lied, MJ is dead now… MOVE ON

  3. They act like celebrities or people in the light of the world aren’t human beings. How about switch shoes.. how would you feel constantly having people poking at you and filming you? They want to spend time with family and friends uninterrupted especially if you were born into it and never asked for the attention. I swear 9/10 times Popperazzi cause people to start self medicating and hating their lives because they are so aggressive and intrusive.


  5. It would be nice to see these papparazzi experience what it feels like to have their personal life invaded.

    It’s funny how people aren’t allowed to use their camera in many public areas, but it’s okay to take unauthorized photos of celebrities.

  6. Damn.. Leave that girl alone! My god! She’s strong because if not she would had cursed all you paparazzi’s out! 🤬

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