Patricia Arquette on Why She Thanked Robert Mueller at SAG Awards | TMZ

Patricia Arquette's seemingly out-of-place shout-out to Robert Mueller during her SAG speech wasn't out of place at all, 'cause she say it was ALL from the heart.


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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  1. Lol, another ignorant leftist Hollywood so called star that has no clue what she’s talking about. If she knew what sovereignty actually meant or didn’t jump on the Trump bash wagon she would fully support Trump because he’s the only one fighting for us and our national sovereignty you dumb dunce!

  2. Also I’m pretty sure Washington is not watching these meaningless awards along with 80% of the country. We’re done supporting these American hating leftist destroy our country and bashing on Donald Trump the one man trying to stand up for us every damn day!

  3. So she “thanks” the proven *corrupt FBI* ? The organization that was literally spying on Martin Luther King Jr illegally TOO. Just like they spied on Trump’s family illegally for political reasons. The same *FBI* that was also literally blackmailing MLK to “commit suicide” or they were going to publicly slander him with lies and paid informants. As their OWN published documents and FBI letters show. Sounds familiar? And the same FBI/Deep State that disrupted EVERY civil rights movement, and most likely had MLK assassinated too. But liberals that complain daily about the corrupt “justice system” now LOVE the FBI, CIA and all the Deep-State. And Mueller, who helped push the fake Iraq war lie too. 🐸👌

  4. Soooo sick of these hypocrites what the hell makes them think that they are even qualified make any comments about any investigations

  5. I used to spend so much money on movies but for the past 2 years I have saved a lot by not going to their movies or buying them for that fact so I do have to thank these snowflakes for that

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