Patricia Arquette Says Only GOP Should Suffer Milano’s Sex Strike | TMZ

Patricia Arquette thinks Alyssa Milano's heart is in the right place with her so-called sex strike — but she thinks it needs to be narrowed a bit to battle harmful abortion laws.


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    • Chris Dooley

      LOL. Hell what about Kissing Kate Patricia? I suppose she’s turned into a bitter old feminist hag. This is the end result. What a shame.

    • Yeah that’s the role i always think of when i see her, at least she hasn’t done the fake teeth and plastic face thing i guess.

  1. Nothing wrong with being wealthy/celebrity. If you do not mind worrying yourself to death trying to maintain that
    wealthy/celebrity life style go right on ahead.

    • And what does a females looks have to do with this? We’re this a 60 yo man, u wouldn’t say this. It’s bc u don’t know what a women sixty without surgery or make-up really looks like anymore? It’s always people without a pic who talk the most.

    • +justjess1986 nice job making assumptions. What’re you so angry about? You don’t have a pic posted either. Pot. Kettle. Black.

  2. I know I always say that I love beautiful blonde white girls but oh my goodness what happened to her? She looks kind of scary now and I think I might pee my pants. And not the good kind of pee.

  3. *She’s got it backwards. Liberals can save the World if they stop procreating!!!*

  4. Liberalism is a MENTAL
    [DISORDER] 👈😄🇺🇸
    (Sponsored by)
    Her Brother

  5. It’s just sad how people can call laws that protect unborn babies “harmful”

    • TheArinBear if they’re unborn and unwanted they’re not babies yet

    • +Heidi Ferguson Gtfoh! If you kill a pregnant women why are you charged with the death of the child if it isnt a baby???

    • +Heidi Ferguson …. Yeah cause science doesn’t exist when you don’t like the outcome of your decisions?! WTF… human beings carry human babies and your shitty planning and poor self control doesn’t give you the right to kill babies.

    • +Heidi Ferguson biological sciences says otherwise…moron!!

  6. God she looks terrible now, say no to drugs and processed foods 😂😂

  7. Abortion is not healthcare!! Removing a baby from a woman’s womb when there is no health issue for either one is not health…care. It’s birth control.

  8. *I Thought Alexis Arquette Died But TMZ In This Video Proves That Is False…*

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