Pete Davidson Gets Heated At Mac Miller Heckler’s Death Joke | TMZ TV

Pete wasn't having any of it.


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    • Sarcastic Klutz but the one who is involved is dead, that’s Mac, so Pete is just standing up for him

    • +YUNGDAGGERDICKJR – he is standing up for him in the middle of his own “someone died in my apartment” joke

    • Sarcastic Klutz …..yea. Here’s an example, my friend got shot 4 times. Ever since then he can’t watch action movies cuz gun fire give him flashbacks so he say…he was cool with actions movies until he got shot, now he hates them

  1. He’s weird, I don’t find him funny at all, that was just awkward as a comedian who makes dark jokes

    • Donique Whonder you’re out of order black twitter is out of order, all lives matter!!!

    • +Daveed da sick huh, I was thinking because it was very personal and a person killed himself that it is out of order and the person may have killed himself due to his past relationship. That is hurtful I think. What are you talking about all lives matter ofcourse they do

    • livjade98 well he joked about the manchester bombing and those kids, he wasn’t involved at all.

    • m a r i o he didn’t joke about kids dying. he specifically joked that it happened because ariana was so famous & “britney spears wouldn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert”. sure it’s extremely dark & clearly didn’t land. that doesn’t make it right for a heckler to name someone in your personal life, intentionally trying to throw you off & ruin your joke. this is coming from an ariana & mac fan.

    • +livjade98 *So Innocent Non Famous Kids Getting Blown Up Is Just A “Didn’t Land Joke” But Making A Joke About A Famous Junkie Killing Himself Is Crossing The Line?…Stfu*

    • He’s pissed because it was Mac Miller’s death that ended his relationship with Ariana Grande.

  2. Didn’t he joke about the people that died during the terrorist attack at that Ariana Grande concert? 🤔

  3. So he gets offended about a Mac Miller joke but he makes jokes about Paul Walker’s death

  4. That is hypocritical. He once made fun of Tyrese Gibson, who was upset with him over a joke about Tyrese’s friend Paul Walker, that died in a car accident.

    Now he is getting upset that someone made a similar joke. Like I said: kinda hypocritical

    • glenn barrera it is his set.. they’re paying to see him.. so yes it’s okay for him to make jokes, no it’s not okay for a guy in the audience to make jokes? Simple as that

    • +Azubi – I did not think of that. Maybe they should have joke police present at comedy clubs to enforce the rules

    • +Azubi yea but still it’s okay for him to make dark jokes but then when someone makes a dark “joke” he gets heated hmm

  5. Props to him defending Mac Miller but it’s a little weird him dissing Paul Walker like that are you just doing this cause AG will get off your back ? 🙄

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