PewDiePie — Hey Bros, I’M IN HOLLYWOOD! | TMZ

Heads up Seth Brogan, Selena Bromez, Angelina Brolie and even you Lindsay Brohan — the biggest bro of all bros has finally touched down in Hollywood, PewDiePie — and he brought his super hot GF with him.
Bro … the YouTube video game god is reportedly in town to shoot a TV show … and based on his Twitter page , he's pretty pumped about it.
"Off to LA, got 2 crazy months ahead of me! Exciteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd"
It's been a HUGE month for the 25-year-old Swede — real name Felix Kjellberg — who hit 39 MILLION subscribers on his YouTube page … and finally racked up 10 BILLION video views.
Plus, check out his girlfriend Marzia — aka CutiePieMarzia — with him at the airport.
Dude is winning.

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PewDiePie — Hey Bros, I'M IN HOLLYWOOD! | TMZ


    • +Caleb Savoie I know I’m late. but when she use native language.. she voice is normal… there is a Denmark youtubers and he’s voice so high too when he use English. but when he talk native language… he’s damn voice hot asf.

    • Laura Bird dude i don’t get why saying “her voice though” is an insult. she can’t control it, it’s her italian accent. if you hear her speaking italian her voice is a bit different.

  1. He doesn’t like to tweet out or let people know where He is because his girlfriend freaks out in huge crowds.

  2. Man pewdiepie is a good example I don’t like or watch his content but I can’t hate someone doing something they love and being successful

    • +Natalia Rosa and not all pewds fan a little twat … come on he got 39 M subs … in this world adult use youtube more as than children … haven’t you realize that?

    • +ZexPlode tru but is not only kinds there are teens and yeas he have adult fans but he have more teens and kinds fans that adult

    • +ZexPlode I love pewds and I don’t think his fan base is completely or mostly kids either but Natlia Rose has her/his (idk) opinion and we have ours no need for a fight 👍

    • +The Soapy Gamer I don’t even know how people think pewds got mostly a little twat … not an adult or teenager …

    • I don’t know but that’s the point – to not be recognized. He went to LA with Marzia to do work and to have a little break too, because these last months were too much for him – TV show, book tour, signings, meetings .. It’s too much and he’s tired so ..

  3. The hate and jealousy in this comment Section is incredible.

    Most used thing is that his Fanbase are only Kids…well you know…nearly every Fanbase is made of Kids.
    There would be no celebrities if there wouldn’t be any Kids pushing the People.

    Also saying that he is not funny at all is just wrong…nearly 40.000.000 Subscriber are speaking against that.

    I like Felix. He deserves this and if you compare him to other big YouTuber then you realize how down to Earth he is.

    • Pewdiepie makes it less annoying. Don’t know why maybe it’s just that we only see him doing it and it’s his thing

    • +SaAd Muhammad (Ithebatman) I wouldn’t say every bro knew bout it cuz he doesn’t get near 40 million views per video. Also I’d say almost half a million of his subs are ppl forgetting there YouTube info and resubscribing to him. I have 3 accounts tht are subbed to him atm

  4. He’s talented, hardworking, and most importantly, he’s HUMBLE. If there’s one person deserving the amount of recognition he has, i’d say it still goes to him.

  5. The thing is, as pewdiepie has mentioned many times, is that he doesn’t care too much for all that publicity with getting recognized everywhere he goes. I don’t think he’s the type to want to have to disguise himself so he doesn’t get noticed. He just makes videos because he enjoys it and the bros love it. That’s why he’s so successful anyway. He doesn’t force himself to entertain, he does it because he loves what it.

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