Pregnant Maryse Freaks Out While House Hunting | Total Divas | E!

The WWE Superstar feels overwhelmed about her life changing during a house tour in Cleveland–can The Miz justify a cross-country move? Watch on "Total Divas".

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Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Naomi (Trinity), Natalya (Nattie), Lana and Maryse will join newcomers Carmella, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss this season. These WWE Superstars will give viewers an exclusive inside glimpse at the demands of their professional careers and the challenges of balancing their personal life in the spotlight as family and romance ramp up.

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Pregnant Maryse Freaks Out While House Hunting | Total Divas | E!


  1. The house is gorgeous but I don’t blame her at all for not wanting to live in Cleveland. I live in Cleveland and I wish I could move out of this city. Cleveland sucks, the sports teams suck, everything about Cleveland sucks.

    • Monica Morales that’s one of the big deal’s of rich houses when I’m married in WWE I want to live in the big rich house like Miz and Maryse

  2. #ClevelandOhio I know where that mansion is since I am in #SouthAkron & The Miz is from #BrookparkOhio

    • YoutubeWatcher I wanna know what gender u are because if your a boy then you get outta here I know sometimes it’s not that bad but some girls cramps are horrible, some are not, and some don’t even have cramps. Painkillers are useless because you won’t feel the cramp but it will be still there…I’m just saying because I’m sick and tired of people judging girls because their moody or call them weak when they don’t know what girls are going through…

    • žit život *cough cough* pregnancy? Child birth? *cough cough* those are two things us woman deal with that are horrific

  3. someone like maryse is like a high standards woman lol…. not any person can deal with her

    • TheArsenalMan125 Not really. Becoming submissive to a wife is not the way to go. Makes men bitter and women disappointed on the inside that their husband is a wimp that will let her do anything and eveything. It’s not about countering with bs of our own but about finding a balance. Get outta here with teaching young men this “the mrs is always right” bs, turning them into sad slaves. Don’t listen to this guy guys!

    • TheArsenalMan125 it’s true. You ever want a working marriage, the first rule is that she is always right regardless. Even when she’s wrong, she’s always right.

    • they are near family. The Miz’s family and friends live in Cleveland. most of her family lives out of country. i dont get why she wants to be in La unless she has most of her engagements there

    • They ended up Moving to Texas but I don’t get why they didn’t move to Florida where most of the WWE roster live

    • was thinking same thing him buyin that house is just too dam easy to solve everything some reason women want drive men nuts and have to go completely mentally and physically spent to be satisfied. women are evil.

  4. So you’re telling me that she goes and BUYS a house in the hood without telling Mike and when he SUGGESTS a house in the nicest neighborhood in Cleveland she gets a panic attack.

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