Pulse Survivor Calls Madonna’s ‘God Control’ Shooting Music Video Traumatic | TMZ

Patience Carter — who survived the Pulse Nightclub shooting — tells us the video was traumatic to watch and was grossly accurate to what she experienced. Carter says the mild disclaimer at the beginning of the video should have been more severe as the music video could put survivors back into a dark place.


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  1. im sorry you had to go thru that but not showing or talking about what you went thru NOTHING WILL CHANGE. here we are talking about gun violence. most people forget about gun violence unless it affects you personally. she clearly did not intend to offend or be insensitive. sometimes we have to be shown the accuracy of events because those who have not experienced gun violence first hand will never truly understand. you are missing the bigger picture here…GUN CONTROL. NOW.

    • How long have we been doing this though it only getting more worse … They have to stop promoting violence first .. These children are getting ideas by looking at these things ….

    • You only have to go into a game shop or watch TV. It’s there everywhere , we watched wars on TV for Gods sake .

  2. If you don’t want to see this do not watch it it is that simple. This message needs to be seen and people are now talking because of Madonna and her bravery to do this video

    • @murderize sorry to break it to you, but Madonna NEVER was an LGBT activist. She is an mere ally. Giving her more credit than she deserves is precisely what I criticized in my previous comment.

    • And one more THING, it was the GAY PEOPLE who normalized homosexuality. An heterosexual person can’t do that by definition. It was the gay people who came out of the closet and fought. It was the Pride Parades since the 70’s. It was the LGBT activists who consistently made advocacy for gay rights.
      You keep repeatedly giving her the merits of LGBT activists. Stop it.

    • Daniel Rodrigues Madonna published the sex book for example, where she kissed naomi campell. She normalised it. she had so much influence so of course if she was going to openly support gays and give them a platform, other people would kinda get used to it. Stop being butthurt, that’s how you sound. I didn’t say Madonna did the most, I said that she helped, so give her credit.

    • @Neenee C You can stand against something and not being a first-hand witness. She knows she has a voice and power to spread a message to the world and this is what Madonna is doing. You are just a hater.

    • Felipe Cárdenas

      ah what??? a hater?? ah no. I do not support her video etc. it is a trigger for not only victims of pulse… but the many gay bars this has happened…. shooting at banks and Walmart etc… nobody heals overnight nor can ever say they healed over an event regardless of therapy and support.

      and Madonna and I know each other….. she knows who I am. I dated a good friend of hers back in 90’s.
      Madonna is nothing to applaud

    • @Neenee C Crawl back into your cave. Madonnas so famous that it’s impossible to ignore her even without having her trying to stay relevant. Plesse go away, you’re just a jealous nobody.

  3. I am so sorry that you had to go through that, however, I do not agree on Madonna needing to apologize for making this video. NO ONE ELSE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! Although I can not even fathom what you went through, if this video can help in the slightest with gun control, we should be thanking her for trying to do something instead of asking for an apology.

  4. This is an awareness video for all the people who think they are or will never be affected by something as horrible as something that u went through.

  5. Sorry for what you went through. But this issue is bigger than you !

  6. Madonna is using her platform to urge gun control, to save more lives, to make a difference. Get out of the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat.

    • “‘Gun Control”? Really? A gun is an inanimate object. “Gun Control” makes it sound like the guns have a mind of their own, jumped out of their cases, loaded themselves full of bullets & are randomly firing at people & must be captured & stopped! Putting additional infringements on rights that shall not be infringed only benefits governments & criminals since only non-criminals obey such laws. Every clown out there demanding governments strip more freedoms away from the people fails to realize that the more restrictions made regarding guns, the more crimes involving guns result. Especially the very existence of “gun free zones” is an invitation for a criminal to shoot a bunch of easy, unarmed targets! It is backwards. Guns should be REQUIRED for every adult citizen. More guns (not fewer) is the only answer. For example, ever hear of a “mass shooting” at a gun show?

    • A M how 😂omg are u one of those stupid people who thing guns kill people and not people kill people

    • The Imaginary Gallery right ! The most massacres happen in European countries were guns are either banned or have the strictest laws the people have nothing to protect themselves with and that why they have such a high crime and massacre rate

    • @Proudtuber21 That’s not true. America has had way more gun violence than the entire Europe

    • Valide Safiye Sultan Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Russia all have at least 45 percent higher rates of murder from mass public shootings than the United States the problem that we have in the United States is that these guns are going in the hand of the wrong people over 90% of all school shootings in America were by kids with mental illness let’s talk about the latest shooting in America where a shooting took play in a “gun free zone” the guard wasn’t armed because it was a GUNN FREE ZONE ! Now imagine if guns were banned 🤦‍♂️especially when democrats want to open the border guns will be coming in and out of this country and citizens will be unarmed

  7. I live in Orlando and I’m sorry you feel this way. I guess that means there should never be any documentaries or books written about it to empower of the survivors or written by the survivors but it’s better to not talk about it and to pretend it never happened????

  8. Simply don’t watch it… I was also a in a club shooting and I watched it and she is speaking the truth. It’s known all over. It’s in our faces we just need to stop it…

  9. The point is to wake people up. I understand that this woman was triggered, but there was a warning at the beginning of this video. If people aren’t shown this, then no one will care… no one seems to care anyway. This could bring change, and should be respected as art for change. Lobbying doesn’t help. Voting doesn’t help. Protesting doesn’t help. If she can give a voice to a population that overwhelmingly thinks gun control is necessary, then I applaud her for doing so. You should not have lived through what you lived through. But I really think this video is the best work of Madonna’s career. She’s on your side, girl

  10. We need to wake up and I think Madonna is using her music to send a messenger that WE NEED A GUN CONTROL!! Bravo Madonna !

  11. Hey TMZ, how about also posting the support Madonna’s receiving from the public and gun control advocates for the video?

  12. Im sorry you had to go through that but this issue is bigger than you. The video also has a warning label. And people need to WAKE UP so it wont happen again and again and again…

  13. Sorry for what you went through…
    but have you spoken out after each and every senseless shooting that occurred after the Pulse tragedy and asked perpetrators for apology for actually inflicting terror and harm?

    How about those who died in the tragedies whose numbers will continue to rise if we ignore this problem?

  14. And here we go, the trash media trying to make drama over this instead of seeing what is behind and to keep those awful things that happen in real life fresh in our minds so we can take action and change them. This is not about Madonna she is just giving light to something we as a socity seem to forget way to fast, and that is unacceptable! TMZ is trash !

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