R. Kelly Focused on Lifetime Lawsuit, Not Concerned with Artists Pulling His Songs | TMZ NEWSROOM

R. Kelly might take a financial hit as more of his hit songs get pulled from streaming services, but he's more concerned with filing a fat lawsuit against Lifetime over its docuseries … TMZ has learned. Also, Dabo Swinney and the Clemson gang hit up 1600 Penn to commemorate their win over Alabama in the national championship … and celebrated by scarfin' down hundreds of burgers!!


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    • They go in to get music careers they didn’t ask to be manipulated molested and raped.

    • +God MC … women run off leaving their kids to fend for themselves.. I got a woman with children right now living over here in this vacant house with a kerosene heater in the middle of winter. I’ve been watching her since she was11 years old.. her mother was a biker chick having sex with everybody and the man she was with was raping her daughter, her daughter that was 11 is now in her thirties and I’ve been watching her sell her body all these years.. my heart goes out to her.. she’s that same young girl with those older men for money but who fault is that?

  1. He’s broke now,
    And they’re now just coming out
    Talking about writing Books and
    Making Movies 🤔

    • He is broke and it was just announced soon his label is going to drop him – he still nerds to make 2 albums and its already been said no stations are going to play him – and hes been dropped from a recent concert . he wont be able to promote his music therefore he wont be able to make 💰.. Comeon the first thing they do is hit u in the pocket. Look at Cosby- took his show off the air – his standups starting cancelling – he had awards they took them bck – his star on Hollywood got removed – he was basically banned from Hollywood. They took him down .
      Because someone is acquited does not mean they didnt commit the crime –
      Same is happening
      In his last trial no one would admit who the girl was – she wouldn’t admit it. And think about it who wants to go thru life with that label attch that they are the one who got urinated on in an RKELLY tape .
      But she has to go thru life knowing the truth and Im sure she has alot of issues

    • +Barbara Donlin 😂🤣😂 you just typed an essay of bullshit. You think R.Kelly music is only played in USA ? 🤣😂 R.Kelly still have die hard fans ,who will still support him no matter what,that doesn’t happen with anyone. Hell he can go and be a songwriter and a producer for the upcoming artists and still make money .

    • +Barbara Donlin r.kelly is not broke.
      Miami radio station is still playing his music
      His music is the highest download ever.
      Concert are still selling out.

    • +Albert Perez you are not making any sense. TMZ had footage of the alleged victims at his shows. They were not abused and wasn’t being held against their will. If we are going to bring one out why not all of them.

    • +Albert Perez because making up with a 12 years old little girl is not abuse??? Stfu YOU STUPID… CÉLINE DION ain’t got shitt to say. She doesn’t want people to bring it up because Rene is the reason why she’s famous!

  2. Did I miss a conviction in a court of law? Because otherwise, judgement based on here say? These ‘artists’ are the same people at parties with and flying in Epstein’s plane ✈️ ON THE PLANE LOGS to pedo parties. So yeah, there’s THAT.

    • How is it hearsay?? When the docuseries was testimonials from his security guards, dance memebers, ex wife, his brothers, and many girls who lived him ??? Look up the definition for hearsay before you comment.

    • That’s heresay Not documented fact. Anyone can ‘say’ anything. Things like DNA, fingerprints…. not all audio nor video is considered admissible in court. And as I said those of his peers feigning noncondonment all have skeletons in there homes

    • cynthia bates oh and calling a movie a ‘documentary’ is NOT necessarily a bit of truth. Maybe half truth, maybe all or none. Unfortunately, it’s actually misrepresenting to call a narrative such as this a ‘documentary.’ Kelly May have grounds for a very good lawsuit. No sense in convicting him in the court of public opinion with out facts.

  3. As he should sue them. These celebs pulling back are weak artists they fake and he helped their career. I dnt care who get mad.. Ciara, Celine Dion, Chance The Rapper, Nick Cannon non funny self… John Legend. Wait wasn’t John abusing his wife awhile back.. Toure how the tables have turned on you.. you question R Kelly credibility in an interview a while back. And now you are in your own sexual allegations? What do you have to say about that🤔
    That’s what’s wrong with America. Y all judging him and trying to take away something this man works so hard for.. y’all have dirt yourselves. I’m sitting back and wondering who’s next. These women new what they were doing. Your parents sent you so now u crying wolf..
    Just like Bill Cosby women coming forward 40yrs later crying. Smh
    I will forever be an R.Kelly fan will ALWAYS be an R.Kelly fan no matter what. Because that’s what true fans… true family do!!!!!

    • Some thing or some one happened for this to come to the publics attention again…
      Everyone is saying he’s a predator and I believe there are alot more ppl who know information but are’nt coming forward just like in Weinstein”s case…. In Cosby’s case it was out there and lnown for alongtime that he was dru:gging women and Harvey it was out there about him exposing himself and asking for sex from women .. Just because alot of these incidents happened awhile ago doesn’t make it less criminal.
      Bill Cosby said he was going to sue as welll – hes in prison.
      RKelly tries to sue and someone is going to come forward with a tape or some damaging information watch .
      The man is damaged and he needs to be put away!!!

  4. So R.Kelly is taking a page out of Pebbles book. He’s willing to file a lawsuit against Lifetime for the docu-series just like Pebbles was willing to file a lawsuit against VH1 for CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

    • +theprima01 Yes it angers me too when people are blind. These women are over 30 years old so why now? Back in the day EVERYONE knew about him and Aaliyah so why get mad now? RKelly doesn’t own the rights to his music Sony does. His sales and streams are up. Celebrities are worth more in scandals and death. Do I believe all of the victims ? Nope not at all. At least three have been exposed. TMZ has footage of the victims supporting RKelly at his shows. They weren’t abused and could have left. They didn’t want to though. What you mean if he was white? Their list way longer than ours. It still bothers me that only Bill is the only one locked up and boycotted. This seems like something bigger than RKelly. I wouldn’t put my child in that predicament anyways.

    • Got Them Mad Bisshh NOW they are over 30. He’s been at this for over 20 yrs!!!! Look at you people right now, what you think you would of believe them then? Some have been talking about for the past 10yrs but nobody listening just like right now. They being blamed

    • +theprima01 So common sense should tell you that something is not right. 20 years ago and they never said anything. They been grown. It’s hard to believe all of them when they keep getting exposed.

    • Got Them Mad Bisshh so your logic of an excuse is he needs to left alone because he has gotten away with it for so many yrs it’s ok. And the girls want to be there because they’re not leaving. Just like most grown as adults keep going back to an abusive relationship. It’s ok to keep getting abuse. Please don’t procreate, you’ll be like some of those parents that are complicit and are still taking money from him

  5. I never know that he had a song with Celine Dion Lady Gaga or Ciara demshitz been muted years ago😂😂😂😂😂😂 we still listen to R Kelly

    • Never !! It was one of CD biggest songs, Ciara worked with him on her first album and it helped Gaga build a black audience it definitely helped their careers

    • You are not alone for I am here with you thou your far away song by Michael written by R.Kelly

    • And Celine Dion was 12 when she got with her husband at least 20 years older. The hypocrisy of it all.

  6. Guilty until proven innocent..oh damn…no we are in the USA it’s innocent until proven guilty…but publicly they already assassinated his character and found him guilty and trying to come at his craft..his money..before he wrote any songs for any of them artist he had allegations had been to trial and won his case and they still worked with him..but now without any charges they acting brand knew off of hearsay…

    • +Third Eye How do you know what that man has on them lol that’s your problem. Do you not understand R. Kelly probably made all of those women sign consent agreements, BDSM agreements, video records, phone calls, voice records, text records lol. From what I heard the man know what to do when it comes to having evidence lol.

    • Third Eye they are so blind!!!!. R. Kelly doent even have enough money to sue lifetime and he would have to prove they are lies… R. Kelly is a narcissist and this is what they do.. I bet it won’t go to court. They would have to have girl in his “possession” testify against him and their are so many bone that will be coming out … He’s not a fool!!! You are 100 percent correct .. He’s the one that have to proof it’s a lie!!!!. LIFETIME HAS LONG SCHMONEY!!!!

    • +Got Them Mad Bisshh facts sis..lol..I might have to take a couple days off to ask people what u gotta say now?cuz its alot of mfs who been shitting on Kells.

  7. He stopped paying so they mad… Next up Chris Brown… Already took bill.. Watch ya bks blk men

    • Mz Missy when they spoke up he stopped paying them anyway (non disclosure they sign when they leave him) so they lost money automatically. Some of these women spoke up over 3 years ago. So obviously it isn’t about them being mad he isn’t paying them- when they decided to let the money go to speak up about what he did to them. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. It’s not like im defending R.Kelly but those folks are only dropping his songs because they don’t want to face the backlash and it also show that they are fake and needed his talent to boost their sorry career’s.

    • That’s why every artist who speak out publicly against R Kelly I will never listen to again but Kelly good and safe in my playlist.. I believe in justice and when i see a conviction then Kelly you got to go too because I do have a daughter and it will be a bad example..however,theres not even one charge filed against him and I teach my daughter allegations are dangerous, if something happen dont lie ,tell truth and daddy will fight for you but call police first and foremost if any man touch you ..I dont want my daughter having that mentality that allegations are facts.thats why we still bumping R in my whip.

    • Jamelle Blackmon You are supporting pedophilia. I think you should watch the documentary first.

  9. What about rappers who beat murder cases knowing they did kill someone and people keep doing business with them not taking rkelly side just saying it’s more stuff going on in the world

  10. Most of them had a clue before they worked with him, impress me and donate that R Kelly money.

    • That’s what I’m saying .

      Are they returning their profits they made off those songs with him? Or they just doing what’s convenient ?

  11. All of these artists probably already saw the video of him pissing on a teenager before they did a song with him

  12. Rkelly has been having relations with minors publicly since the 90s, if you’ve made a song with him since why even pull it?

  13. Hope he wins all its is some bullshit me myself I love his music watching right now his concert when he was in Oakland it was lit

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