R. Kelly Released From Jail After Paying Child Support | TMZ

R. Kelly's back on the streets after making his outstanding child support payment.


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    • You haven’t seen anything y et. Just wait until the trial starts. I hope they televise it.

    • Trusted Flaggers and we were waiting for roy moore and kavanaugh too as well but guess what no they don’t but if black like michael jackson or rkelly or bill cosby they won’t never leave you alone

    • Attention is the new currency. If you cover what is trending then you make the money. It’s that simple. No one actually cares about r kelly or the victims.

  1. Sitting here looking in this mirror, saying damn to myself. Should’ve known the day would come…

  2. Yesss joycelyn sitting at home watching tv saying yeahhhhh DADDY COMING HOME!! He has to unchain them and feed them!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 DADDY DUTIES FIRST!

    • @ShantelGoggins Hanging with ME he will be a free man for longer than with you 🤣🤣🤣😌

    • +Surfing Tangents2 Naw boo apparently you was looking for a fight in the comment section you @ me first I’m not thinking about your comments Let’s get that straight R. Kelly is my brother in the flesh

    • +Shantel Goggins Bye Felicia 🙄

      (You’ve got a nerve defining straight logic/academia as ‘Cleo the Psychic’, yet are talking ’bout he yo brother! …’in the flesh’ 🤣🤣🤣

      Have a blessed day Ma, and jump off my timeline with that foolishness ( Dude will get 10 – Life listening to you!) 💖🤣🤣🤣

    • “Let’s get that straight R. Kelly is my brother in the flesh” 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

    • IT ALWAYS IS. Keep your eyes on the prize. It never lies. Follow the money. It will lead you to the truth.

    • kwame woode why would you say that. He made bail that got paid. They found out he owed child support that got paid. Eventually child support always catch up to you.

    • +V. Scott yah is that why the same woman said Kelly was abusive towards her just to get the child support? Look it’s all about money no matter what form you are trying to put it

  3. He’s just doing what white guys have been doing for years …beating the system

    • Told y’all, he ain’t broke. And he certainly got connections. You don’t be in that business as long as he has and not have connections. Wow, unbelievable. So the Child Support payments are paid in full. And the hundred thousand dollars bail was paid. The system is getting their mulah.

    • It’s just bail for unpaid child support. Wait until the case is over for sexual crimes.

    • I’m sure someone will bail him out of it too. Its probably his money anyway tied up in other peoples names. Trusted people I might add.

  4. “Please TOUCH MY HAND PLS oh God I been TOUCHED BY R KELLY” 😭😂😂💀 yeah that’s what she said 😮🤭

  5. Why isn’t Steven Collins getting any of this attention when he literally admitted to Sexually Assaulting 3 little girls?

    • +Karen Wright why are.they brainwashed! They are of age correct? People need to start using common sense…So nothing the you g wan is saying is believable? Your just.going to dismiss it?

    • +Karen Wright I guess so.because that is what everyone else does?

    • He did *five years ago when his scandal broke* , dummy. Stop trying to play the race card. Just say you don’t care about black girls or admit you child molesters too.

    • +Julia Mimi so emotional! Dam shame, don’t want to hear or discuss the possibility of truth. Whenever you gather yourself then I will like to have real dialogue other than that your not emotional prepared for this discussion.

  6. Please no more R. Kelly 😣, I love his music but now everyday it’s R. Kelly LOL let him be please

    • Facts lmao I really think half of them women just mad and salty tbh we judged this man and he hasn’t set in front a real judge yet for these new crimes he suppose of done. Until leave the man alone people will always Like r kelly no matter how they try and shut him down. Now if he guilty then throw the book at him until then he innocent the mom and dad of that little girl are the the real pimps.

    • +Grizzly Country we shall see we waiting been waiting for 10 plus years until the judge say your guilty I’m turning my head on the matter And keep going about my day.

  7. Good 4 R Kelly. I’m not falling for this White Okie doke.. Focus on R Kelly but ignore the White Female and Male teachers and the White Catholic church.. SMH

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