R Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slaves On Video Say They’re Still in HIs Condo | TMZ

R. Kelly's alleged sex slaves or, as they would say, girlfriends, are setting the record straight on where the hell they've been since the singer was arrested — and they say … nothing's changed.


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    • @CStarz LMAO why? Do you know emotionally long winded people? I tend to get that way when I comment sometimes.

    • @CStarz bro it doesn’t matter he can type anyway he wants to unless if it’s inappropriate and bad behavior 😊

    • Maurice Phillips no hate, but even if all the claims against him are false. He’s still a pedophile. He married and had sex with a 15 year old. No discussion. It happened. So, okay, let’s say “it’s all haters” and all the women are lying about him.
      There’s no doubt that he is a pedo. So we can all agree on that one x

  1. This gotta be the nicest hostage cave I’ve seen in my life… Top floor of the presidential what a wonderful view…

  2. After seeing this video it’s time to move over to important things like Jeff epstien

  3. I can tell u what’s not fake news!!!R KELLY videotaping himself having relations with underage girls. GIRL BYE!

    • They are definitely brain washed and being controlled. U can tell by Jocelyn’s reactions. She jus going along with whatever Azriel is making up to the public. If they weren’t being brain washed , question is then why did the other girls get out as soon as they had time to escape. The other girls would of stayed with R.kelly as well. Not jus Azriel and Jocelyn.

    • The video was fake ain’t that why he beat the case the first time??? That’s what the court docs said

    • And he married a 15 year old when he was 27? Who, at 27, thinks 15 year olds are attractive?! Literally, ONLY pedos !!

  4. It’s evident Jocelyn is confused , and might be a little off 🤔🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. I would loveeeee for someone to interview joceyln savage by herself without azriel.

  6. These chicks gonna stay to… They don’t wanna go back home to regular life an get no jobs!!!… 🤣😂😭

    • But when he locked up and no $ coming in, will they still stay and send him $? Or they might change their story and try to make $ from interviews,etc. Or go back to mom and dad.

  7. Two young goofy females that do not work or go to school for years. They sound real proud that they are not doing nothing with their life

  8. Of course they can move freely he has to impress the court they wasn’t making videos about them moving freely before all this went down

    • She said they went out and no one stopped us we can come a n d go freely!!!!!

    • Considering the fact that I just got out of an abusive relationship I know all signs when someone is being controlled…. we all sound alike we all have that fear …. they know!! Theys come out on they’re own people get tired of being treated like crap

    • All of the women accusing him all tell the exact same damn story sorry but i found every one of them trust worthy. The guy has been raping young girls since Aliah and he gets away with it because of people like you. He only keeps these girls because the money ran out and he can’t afford to cover his tracks anymore. The guy used to hang out in front of highschools for fucks sake…

  9. “We move freely”, ” We come and go freely”, “we actually stepped out this morning”…. OMG… that’s so wrong on so many levels, I wish I could just open that door for them and say go home”… I hope R-Kelly rots in jail. Sick………

  10. Azriel is always the mouthpiece, the other one just smiles and nods like a robot! WTF!

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