R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Says He Tried to Control Her by Withholding Money | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

R. Kelly's ex-wife claims his abusive ways didn't end when they got divorced … she says he tried to control her by cutting her off from child support. Also, Bam Margera is unloading on his manager in shocking new footage obtained by TMZ … screaming obscenities and threatening violence at a comedy club in New York.


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  1. She needs to stop lying how is he controlling her when on the Reality SHOW she was on she married another guy…Hmmmmm….REPORT THAT @TMZ…WHY DO @TMZ REPORT ONE SIDED STORIES…

  2. god is with kells..its all entertainment.its what drives people these dayz..yull be fine.just stay strong through this

  3. I take it that Bam is mad at his street hoe wife for leaving with his Range Rover, and credit cards 😂

  4. Wish people would use this same energy towards women who falsely accuse men of rape and sexual assault

  5. Narcissist…. withholding finances…. hypersexual… promiscuous.. manipulative…exploits…cheater liar

  6. You will still have Willing “victims” gel with him all ages after these two find their marbles or even while they are “committed” wow…to be young these days

  7. I have a confession to make I have tried to reach out to Oprah, Ellen,Iyanla and TMZ and more I have information to share that is valuable I don’t know how to make the connection between talk to someone about this if any talk show host get this I am ready to share about RKelly cases.. Im scared and nervous but I am ready only because it is very emotional what is taking place and I know about somethings that actually happened with proof…

  8. This child support situation is literally the same as every other woman who collects child support since like forever. What’s all the suprise about?

  9. *It’s all fabricated, of course, Kells had relations with some of these women, this whole issues is to kill Kells image, dont play yourself believing everything you see in the news. These record labels are a bunch of BS money extracting companies. They did it to Michael Jackson, killed him and they rumoured Micheal as a paedophile to distract us from the main issue, when his family started spilling the truth. Now look at Bill Cosby, out of the blue, women started pouring out to accuse him of sexual assault. The black community is under siege y’all, the White supremacists own all your media, and they use that to control you. Apparently all these women stayed silent and ate breakfast,lunch and dinner with their families for years and decided to spill their hearts out after that much of years. Y’all gat me fvcked up. The industry will fvck u over if a black man starts to rebel against the system. Apparently someone made a documentary and named it “Surviving R.Kelly” and now this. Either the world is dumb or the whole documentary was to fuel this. Micheal spoke against SONY’s bullshittry and was eliminated, Cosby wanted to purchase a TV station allegedly, he got screw over. Kells got setup from the start of his career, been forced to marry Aaliyah at 15 to turn her into the industry goddess. She got screwed herself, now we have ourselves the industry goddess “Beyonce”. Shesh! There’s a lot to the story than you think. Just to promote the “ME TOO” movement to fuel the Feminists.*

    • I couldn’t have said it better. Idk wat R.Kelly did to piss the illuminati off but they show coming for him. Where are all of these sex tapes coming from? Who ever been holding on to them for all these years needs to be prosecuted also. They are really trying to destroy black people and our self image.

  10. Getting the Child Support is great & should happen. But how about getting a job and working for some money also….

  11. This goes to show you it’s all about money this woman is money hungry damn shame

  12. He thinks if he throws tantrum , he gets what he wants, like brat child … no one buy it.. loser

  13. I mean, she COULD get a job and scale BACK like any other single mother. Meanwhile take him to court! 🙄💆🏻 FEED THE BABIES

  14. Bam Magera is a raging alcoholic and has become worse since Ryan Dunns death. I don’t even recognize him anymore.

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