Ray Rice — Dragging Unconscious Fiancee … After Alleged Mutual Attack | TMZ

TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging his fiancee (who appears to be out cold) out of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino … moments after cops say they attacked each other on the property.

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Ray Rice — Dragging Unconscious Fiancee … After Alleged Mutual Attack | TMZ


  1. Damn. They should probably separate permanently.

    Let this be a lesson to them both that two violent people shouldn’t mingle.

    I hope they each get counseled so the cycle doesn’t repeat.

  2. This really doesn’t look that bad in my opinion i mean yes it does from the standpoint that they’re both totally wasted but he isn’t dragging her across the floor.

    Heck it looks like he is even trying to be careful picking her up.

  3. Women logic, “We want to be treated equal” . So when you spit in a mans face we’re not allow to punch you in the face, or if you try to punch us in the face we’re not allowed to protect ourselfs. YET if a man spits in another mans face you’re going in to a fight, thats just how it is. Not saying beating women is right but stop wanting the “good” without accepting the “bad” that comes along as a male.

  4. Just looks like she is severely drunk to me as I am all to familiar with this but thats just me!

  5. Cant tell if she is really unconscious…or either she was wasted from drinking a lot that made her start a fight in the first place probably???

  6. If he hit her, he should be suspended from the league. All this video shows his her being dragged. Could be knocked out or passed out.

  7. Ive always had a rule – if a woman wants to act like a man treat her like one!  TESTIFY!

    • +Darryl West ok og killed Nicole and Ronnie goldman but yet that’s ok right snoop dogg aka calvin brotus killed waldom something but yet that’s ok ray killed those 2 people at the night club so y is everyone judging Hernandez like hes the first criminal in America lmfao get over it old man I wanna gonna leave u alone but now imam serve u

    • +Darryl West
      No, but don’t you feel silly now that he has owned up to it and has apologized for it???  Just because you don’t see a crime committed does not mean that it didn’t happen.  Just because of lack of evidence does not mean that the guilty party is ‘innocent”.  There are way too many people who do not get the justice they deserve because the criminals and their lawyers are clever enough to conceal evidence.

    • @datruth334ing Lewis did not kill anyone.  There is a big difference here.  Lewis use jets to travel so why would he bring a gun or knife. Oh, yeah the fact you can’t prove is how did he acquire weapons.  This fact will pour out in the Aaron Hernandez trail.

    • +ZJ Motovlogs  Lewis did not get away with anything.  Hernandez has a track record of gangster inclinations.

  8. im convinced these dudes don’t like their careers they get a rush off working hard to lose things

  9. Clearly he didn’t study under the tutelage of Ray Lewis in evidence disposal.  Ravens gotta look out for one another!

  10. Just remember kids, smoking a joint will cost you a season suspension while knocking your wife clean out will only cost you two games.

    • Maybe some of these violent and angry men(?) SHOULD BE allowed to light up! They’ll simply mellow out and play Xbox and eat junk food!  I’ve never seen a smoker get more than annoyed while indulging!

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