Suspected Bomber Cesar A. Sayoc Was An Exotic Dancer, Created Light-Up Costumes | TMZ

Even more disturbing … we've obtained video of Cesar wiring accessories he used to light up stripper's costumes during his time with Gold Productions.


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  1. Yeah TMZ make him into a superstar you gutless, shameless, cancer of society.

    • +Political accountable Thoery Your reply made about as much sense as the term “Democratic Party”.

    • Black Pigeon Speaks I just feel bad for you! No one ever thinks their a hateful moron. They just kinda meander through life unhappy,making bullshit right wing comments on msg boards. Hope things pick up for you cheers.

    • Black Pigeon Speaks Life’s a breeze if you chalk up anything someone says to you as “libtard bs”. A little self exploration maybe ? I’m sure this is you living your best life… Honestly feel horrible for you! Hope thing pick up take care.

  2. Bomber was a stripper?? Lmao SMH I really don’t understand how TMZ never caught a stalking charge YET!! The “news” channels didn’t even know that yet lol y’all are worst than the government.

  3. So whats Disturbing ? That he knew how to wire up LED lights ? or He helped with some strippers outfits ? .

  4. That’s probably all the power those fake bombs had…a 9 volt battery… probably not even that!

  5. False Flag – He was a liberal 100% who hated Trump with a passion <3

    • Ak He was a registered Dem plus he worked at Seminole Indian Casino—a largely Democratic organization and people.

    • trump n michael cohen were dems for the majority of their lives…. ivanka is good friends wiith Chelsea….. trump just conned half of american voters because he likes stupid people

    • +XaphillyatedX, I wonder who’s dumber. The people who voted for him or the “intellects” who were embarrassingly outsmarted by him. But hey, at least you can still try to sound smart online. 😂😂😂

    • stop wondering thinking we did not live among 60 mil idiots that would vote for that clown, would be considered “outsmarted”, but now we know!

  6. Left and right, Democrats and republican, red and blue….we are caught in the crossfire between a white ppl gang war stay safe these ppl are crazy

  7. Imagine looking down from heaven just to see u got killed by a exotic dancer that supports donlad trump 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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