Reese Witherspoon Arrest VIDEO — Crazier Than You Thought! | TMZ

Reese Witherspoon warned the police officer … "YOU BETTER NOT ARREST ME" … on the night she was busted in Atlanta — and TMZ has the dash cam footage of the entire unbelievable incident. Click 'SHOW MORE' for related content…

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Reese Witherspoon Arrest VIDEO — Crazier Than You Thought! | TMZ


    • tim w. it is not against the law for a passenger to be drunk. the passenger is aloud to be drunk. in fact the passenger can have unopened containers. just the driver is not aloud to have unopened or opened containers and the driver is not allowed to be drunk. reese was a passenger so the officer should not have tested her even if she was not famouse

    • Clarence Cardenas reese is famouse. she is a movie actress that played staring roles in many movies and won awords for that.

    • +Charles Myers that’s not quite true. It depends what state you live in. Here in MD it’s an offense regardless of who’s container in the vehicle it is.

    • With their money, why didn’t they call a taxi or a limo?  Hollywood stars seem to be gluttons for punishment when it comes to drinking and driving.

  1. Huge fan of Reese, but when an officer is in the middle of a questioning (investigating) a suspect you should stay out of it, he was totally in the right for arresting her…she even tried to throw the “do you know who I am?” bit at her, he didn’t give two shits cause we know damn well he knows who she is LOL The officer did nothing wrong.

    • One thing she could have done which was worse is to say “Do you know who my daddy is?”

    • You boot licker. State schooling did a good job on you. How dare she move around and not follow the pigs orders and question authority. Where does she think she is! The land of the free?

    • No he doesn’t know who she is because not everyone watches TV . I am American citizens I can do whatever I want lol

  2. Lol the husband says “I’m sorry I had nothing to do with that” lmao damn left Reese in the dust. You aren’t going to arrest me too are u?!!?!!

  3. “You’re about to know who I am” Reese Witherspoon, big woop! Want a cookie? As if being a famous celebrity makes you some kind of God/Godess

    • Reese Witherspoon I watched the video of you getting arrested and I agree with you that you should not have gotten arrested. I watched some of your movies and I own a few of your movies. my mom and I both think you are a good actress

    • Reese Witherspoon I believe you shouldn’t have where asking a question and not at all was you threatening or doing anything for the officer to feel you where obstructing justice..he could have asked you to go back to the vehicle and he will listen to what you had to say when he was finished questioning your husband but I think that was beyond to much to arrest you and as fast as he did too..

  4. Drunk driving, pretending to be pregnant, resisting arrest…. But the best part is “Do you know my name?! You’re about to find out who I am!” Good move, America’s Sweetheart.

  5. Alcohol just brings out the best in us, eh?

    The cop did a fine job. She was rude, interfering and unreasonable. The roadside stop is NEVER the place to argue your case. DUI Is DUI. You’ll have your chance to accept responsibility for the charge or defend yourself from the charge … but not here at the road side stop. I suspect if she wasn’t impaired, she’d have realized that.

  6. It would’ve been great if the officer had said, “Your name is Reese Witherspoon and you’re under arrest.“

  7. Why does she keep saying “I’m an Amerrrrrrican”? Does she think Americans can’t be arrested?

    • She thinks being an American and her ‘freedom of speech” means she can say and do whatever she wants, even interfere with a police investigation and refuse to obey lawful orders, and have nothing happen to her.

  8. No he doesn’t know who she is because not everyone watches TV . I am American citizens I can do whatever I want lol

  9. She’s used to having everything handed to her on a spoon. This time, it’s Reese Withoutherspoon.

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