Bobby Brown’s Wife — Praying for Bobbi Kristina … Nick Gordon Pleads to See Her | TMZ

Bobby Brown's wife left Bobbi Kristina and her husband in Atlanta and flew to L.A., where she made 2 things clear … they still have hope, and they want nothing to do with Nick Gordon — Who has been groveling to see her with no luck, and now he's publicly pleading for a visit.


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Bobby Brown's Wife — Praying for Bobbi Kristina … Nick Gordon Pleads to See Her | TMZ


  1. dude just give up, and try to find someone else to scam. because this scams over the moment you tried to kill her

  2. there’s a lot more wrong with her then just some domestic abuse even if that happened , its not the time for thir family to be blaming anyone

  3. I couldn’t see my child slowly die on a machine. Does bobie has the authorization to keep her alive or is she married to that guy?

  4.          I can say that loosing a child is the hardest thing in the world to do. I know, because I’ve been through it. So I can understand why it’s so hard for them to let go.

  5. One, I’m gonna guess Nick Gordon drowned her while she was high. Either way, girl is brain dead, time to pull the plug and put her out of her misery.

  6. Very stupid comments on here..My God…..My thoughts and prayers to this family….I hope you can have some kind of calm.

  7. I keep posting this in hopes that it reaches the fily of Bobbi Kristina Brown family ears while you still have a chance harvest her eggs find a suitable sperm donor and get a surrogate mother this way she will have life again

  8. God bless you Bobbi Cristina!we all pray for u!hope u wake up one day and u will be able to clear this mess and confusion around you by urself!!
    There r many examples where doctors said there is no hope but finally the person woke up from coma .doctors r not God!!!i wouldn’t trust their opinion but God!!!!!once I was diagnosed with melanoma they told me I have around three months to live!i went through the most horrible times ever when they told me the laboratories mistaked and the exams actually don’t confirm their theory!!!!they played the God and hope they enjoyed at least!!!since then I try keep a ten km safe distance from any doctor hospital whatsoever

  9. The situation before peramedic got to the apt. Everyone that was in there,are all Guilty as hell,I do not feel sorry for what each &everyone of them will have to suffer,Nick will be insanley toremented until he die,dame drug dealer will be murderd ,life style requires it,so called friend girl, drugs will wipe her out,nothing good is ever going to come from what happen to BK ,that awful day will surley come for all that took part in BK lost from life,you can fool the peoples but you no who you want be able to fool ?take a guess,I will be praying for his vengance not mine ,nor the just US system,you all will pay that took part,GOD has a way of making everything alright,rest in peace WH& BK no troubles.

  10. I guess it all depends whos been killed,if the miltary could find & kill Ben Laiden come on America the most powerful in the world ,oh I forgot it all depends,Whitney nor her baby life matter,I be damn if I believe these ladies died from drowning on their on it just dont add up,they had drugs in there systems thats the cover up for nobody being charged, it aint Over,you will pay now or later.

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