Robert Wagner Left Natalie Wood “To Teach Her a Lesson” | TMZ

Lana Wood is telling a chilling story about the night her sister died — that Robert Wagner knew Natalie Wood was in the water, but did nothing to pull her out — instructing the captain of the yacht to "leave her there, teach her a lesson."

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Robert Wagner Left Natalie Wood "To Teach Her a Lesson" | TMZ


  1. Truth doesn’t change it’s story. Love doesn’t call it’s attorney first. People petrified of the water don’t go into it at night. Lying words don’t add up to make a right.

    • Agreed, Deborah, that’s common sense. Also, I think alcohol is used far too often as a cover for lies.

    • Deborah Cheetham thought exactly this at the time and said so. Call it an accident if you want, but refusing to help a drowning person to “teach them a lesson” that is murder. I think she did not enter the water on her own either, she had a well known fear of water and drowning her whole life.

    • Correct. Distortions/omissions. Authorities don’t necessarily need direct evidence or Wood’s body in order to convict Wagner… but Prosecution would have to build a very strong case — particularly if it’s provable through circumstantial evidence and eye-witness accounts that he was directly and or indirectly negligent. In which case, a court could still convict him beyond the 17-yr period. Unsure why this case wasn’t pursued aggressively, early on? It’s awfully fishy, if one forgives a poor pun. Natalie Wood was loved by millions, and this fact alone… plus her strong nature is enough to challenge a Covert personality type (who could very well be a Malignant NPD).

    • Good comment, Barbara. No doubt Robert had/has connections. We might be very surprised if we knew how high up those connections were/are. I think the whole thing is settled with the first 30 seconds of Lana Wood’s talk. Yes, I think she answered her own question. Listen to those first 30+ seconds very carefully. Then ask, who on that boat would have heard that drowning in dark water prediction many times? Now, unless one really believes in foretelling the future, well, something is indeed very “fishy.” Now ask yourself what actors do for a living. There’s a lot more but you get the idea. I think to any unbiased jury this would be a cut & dried case. But again we’re back to those alleged connections.

  2. Wagner is so guilty  A probable alcohol related accident BUT no One went in for her  No ONE  Captain should have jumped in. period!

  3. ” Leave her there, teach her a lesson,” a jealous Robert Wagner reportedly said.
    Why would a faithful captain make such a remark, unless it was the truth? Is it normal behaviour for a husband to refuse to switch on a search light or contact the coast guard, when he couldn’t find his wife ? Robert Wagner called his attorney instead. It all sounds conclusive to me. Case closed. 

    • I think he was inside, drunk and possibly passed out. Or…maybe he didn’t wanna be next.

    • Richard, well said. A jealous, furious Robert Wagner had been publicly cuckolded once before with Warren Beatty. I know his rage over Walken, and their drunken fight,  led to her death.  Whether she was pushed into the water or fell in during the fight…she drowned because Robert Wagner waited almost two hours before making a phone call. He belonged in prison for his act…But, at the time, another case of Hollywood fame and fortune overriding the truth and justice for Natalie.  Karma will get him again though when he passes…I do wonder how he’s dealt with the guilt all these years.

  4. One thing she got right. Natalie deserves for the truth to come out. Sounds like drunken misjudgment on his part and the captain of that boat should have defied his orders and pulled her out of the water but that is hindsight. Sounds like it was an accident but if RJ had been in his right mind he would have pulled her out and set his temper aside.

  5. Natalie’s own children (Lana Woods’s nieces) are not back and forth with their own aunt.  That speaks volumes.  Robert Wagner should be ashamed.  He made sure they shunned Natalie’s side of the family and you can imagine what kind of badmouthing by RJ went into that.

  6. Natalie always believed she would die by drowning, so what kind of a jerk drags her onto a boat all the time loaded with booze, not giving a damn? A complete jerk.

    • Dee We are all going to die sooner or later whatever! I was not aware her sister was so engrossed in this still after 4 decades. RW is so old now he will be dead himself before too long as as well. Why would they want to waste their time over a 40 year old case that can never be proved either way it is just crazy!

    • +GermanMartin MB You are just as ignorant as you are immature. Go absorb more of your National Enquirers.

  7. Autopsy report says Wagner told police he knew she was missing around 10:45 pm but didn’t call them until 1:30 am. He should have been held and questioned then. The woman that heard her in the water yelling for help (that the police NEVER questioned)said she heard her yelling from 11PM  to 11:25 PM…. 25 minutes people. The woman couldn’t save her, she couldn’t see her and her dinghy was already packed away as they were leaving in a few hours. Dennis is probably telling the truth. Wagner kept him close to him after she died,even finding him small parts on tv and having him stay at his house. He didn’t want him talking. Even Lana here seems so afraid to really say anything against Wagner. If he threw her overboard and she died, well duh, just say it, if that is what happened of course it was foul play. She doesn’t have to say she knows what happened, because of course she doesn’t. But she can add. We all can. The good looking rich boy with family money and influence walked away from even really being questioned. It was case closed until new eyes really looked at the autopsy report. Natalie deserves better.

    • Stop bad mouthing me now, Lana Wood is only trying to get out the truth which she will never find cause R. J is to clever and devious.

    • Get Lost! Your lack of logic has gotten so ridiculous that I refuse to even waste any more time on your Nonsense! LOL

    • You’re right, Natalie deserves better.
      It’s also very peculiar Christopher Walken never said a word about what happened.  He was there and let’s face it,  that boat was not very big. It wasn’t an ocean liner. The cabins are very close together, you can hear everything.

      This reminds me of John Kennedy’s assassination and all the speculation surrounding  it,  but no one mentions his wife who sat right beside him and witnessed exactly what happened.  
      Complete silence from Jackie Kennedy and complete silence from Christopher Walken.

    • +Christopher Miller By then, he’ll be so old that he might forget his own last chance of confession. And honestly, I hope he does.

  8. The dude drowned your sister and yes he should be punished.
    he killed her then he dogged her in his book.
    nice husband

    • I think Jujube STOOPID and Mrs Greencard are one and the same person with schizophrenia talking to each other…

    • You Really Need Serious help, My Friend. I hope You wake up and Realize that Before it’s too late for you. I’m sure everyone on this Panel also recognizes that.

  9. I still remember the day this happened..and I remember saying out loud..”he did it”
    I think he was messing with Christoper Walken and she walked in on them..
    Why would a husband, wife and friend go on a yacht?

    • kim mc
      I’m sorry, but why do people use lol at some of the most inappropriate times? I will never understand that.

      And, it used to mean lots of love. I am showing my age, by saying this.

    • +EricCirca6566 Damn good question, & really the only one I have left. It’s easier to go along with a lie than screw up your friend’s life. At least when the Captain heard her being thrown around (heard loud thumps) from the stateroom he knocked on the door, RJ said go away & shortly after he saw RJ on deck facing the boat saying “she’s gone’ refusing to use the Searchlight, call for help. etc. The police ignored so many witnesses testimony’s I guess from that standpoint Walken didn’t want to start trouble where there was none…what a shitty guy.

    • He might have passed out. He and Natalie started drinking at I think 11:00 am. Or he didn’t want RJ to beat him up.

  10. Any regular person would’ve gone straight to prison. He walked because he’s famous. Whether he’s guilty or not is irrelevant, he was getting a free pass no matter what.

  11. I’ve always said alcohol and boats don’t mix. A recipe for disaster. When will people learn?

    • Southsideman she wasn’t alone jackass she had three guys with her and they f****** killed her because she caught two of them sucking each other’s dicks RJ Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner in the way these f****** are it probably didn’t even happen on the boat it happened somewhere else with a bunch of other f****** people

    • Also: Yacht rides with murderous closeted husbands are generally a bad mix. Can’t pawn this off on booze or drugs.

    • Damn it’s very surprising that if you’ve always said it Robert and Natalie didn’t listen to you.Maybe you didn’t say it loud enough.

    • I think from the moment when she is asked “do you think it was foul play”, she is starting to be afraid, trying to hide it, and rowing back.
      After all, it’s very easy to die in an “accident”.

  12. I am surprised that she doesn’t bring up the fact that RJ hooked up with Jill one month after Natalie’s death. That is what really gets me. If I was Courtney or Natasha, I woudl definitely be very hurt that he could do that.

    • Jill RAN TO HIM, not the other way around, besides, they had been friends for a long time before THE incident.

    • M.J. Leger That I can believe, I’ll bet they were more than friends, who knows how long R.J was involved with Jill..

  13. LANA – Demand that the case be reopened and
    that ALL 3, Wagner, Walken and the captain, be give POLYGRAPH tests.
    Allowing someone to die is MURDER.

    • The problem with the whole demand is that the police do not even have enough evidence to charge RW. I watched the 48 Hours ep this weekend. The police have two weak witnesses and that’s about it. I have no idea what happened but I saw nothing in that episode that made me think they have any kind of case.

  14. There was definitely a coverup.  He knew she was missing, he knew she was afraid of water, yet he would not allow the captain to put the search lights on to look for her and didn’t call her missing until 3 hours later.  He is guilty and I can’t believe they did not arrest him.

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