RuPaul Shows Off His Amazing Wardrobe to Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The "RuPaul's Drag Race" star gives a tour of his pop-up shop and glamorous dresses. Catch RuPaul's jaw-dropping collection in this "Hollywood Medium" bonus clip.

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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RuPaul Shows Off His Amazing Wardrobe to Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. AMAZING GOWNS! At 1:24 that lady was about to get her butt kicked for touching that dress ! haha!

  2. Tyler and his mom are such sweet pure people! There’s something you really can’t fake and they have it

    • there relationship is about the only thing that isn’t fake about this whole scam!

    • Nico Luengo, don’t be so gullible…. people cannot communicate with the dead period. He gets his information from Google, credit card and address details, then ask a million Ques till he gets a hit then runs with it. Remember that the million dollars from James Randi Foundation is still unclaimed. This is because there is no such thing as a psychic.

  3. to E! : he is such a great guy, so many ‘cant see’, wldnt it b better to turn OFF the reactions, its unbelievable how many blind pple ‘just type’ & know nothing, thx for uploading!

  4. um everything about ru and his mom and his diana ross obssesion is public knowellge this guy is a gay con artist

    • The original Willy Wonka character was black but they changed it bc of ignorant fearmongers who rather focus on color instead of enjoying life

  5. “Have you ever done full on drag” I thought he was talking to Tyler lolol Tyler’s little gay fake heart was going pitter patter for RuPaul. lololol

    • Rinavelli Actually he is. But in public he is very quite and keeps to himself and really does not speak to anyone if he passes by you on the street. He usually walks alone by himself as he is running errands or just taking a quite stroll on the blvd. The reason how I know is because he and I live in West Hollywood, CA and I have passed by him waliking numerous of times. He does not like being bothered at all.

  6. Tyler’s mom: “I was watching you last night.” interesting…
    Tyler’s Mom: “Tyler’s been wanting to meet you forever.” C’mon now…

  7. I think the charm of this show is not merely about the ‘paranormal medium’ thing. Tyler’s personality is clearly the spotlight of this show. And whether I believe in paranormal or not, I don’t care. This show is great.

  8. I will see do you with for time all good camp green top got RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE STAR YOU TOINGHT YOU JOB

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