Scott Disick Gets Real to Kim About Tristan & Khloe Drama | KUWTK | E!

The "KUWTK" star shares words of wisdom to Kim on how to handle the family divide with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Watch!

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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Scott Disick Gets Real to Kim About Tristan & Khloe Drama | KUWTK | E!


    • +Danielle Skyy …thats how i feel too. Scott was with someone who didn’t want to marry him. He wanted marriage and she just wanted his kids. I’m sure psychologically It did number on him. His self destructive behavior just got worse.

    • +mortal orphan omg Yes that too the proposal over dinner n her w the smirky giggle like it was a joke n he was treated like a sperm donor . i also dont consider it cheating if they were not intimate for long periods of time and sleeping in separate rooms .She even got w other girls while w him during filming ,before Mason everyone seems to think shes the victim .i didnt view it that way .. I hope he is really in love w Sophia n has the happiness n respect he deserves . i was one of the ones who liked your cheating is inevitable.cause sometimes ive noticed with my own friends seek attention elsewhere .i would Never cheat on anyone now … its probably the worst thing to do to your person … just in my teenage years n i definitely got paid back in full 😆

    • +Danielle Skyy Right! Cheating is no bueno but i understand why men do it. Scott actually sounds rational and has more clarity these days. He seems to be with someone who shows him love. That’s all anyone really ever wants in a relationship, right? 😉

    • +shamim sobnom after mason kourtney literally didn’t let Scott sleep in the same bed. She would let him in her bed only to get pregnant.

    • Scott and Kourt’s relationship was always weird. Like Kourt used him to make some good looking babies and that’s it. I think Scott will always be a part of this family, though.

  1. I think The Lord is actually teaching them how to behave, and not over do it know and its only fair after all he’s been through with them, and he didn’t even come close to something like Tristan did !!!!

    • Rosa Santos! Thank you!!! You are right!!! To all you commentators Getting all upset please calm down Lmao!

    • +My name is I am with you on this one. There is no difference at all. Wait….. Both cheated in a public way and as of yet, Tristan is not a alcoholic or drug addict and hasn’t gotten physical and punch a mirror requiring surgery. So I was wrong, Scott is worse. Cheating is bad enough and both did it in a way that it seemed they didn’t care if they were caught. Tristan, hotel and club. Scott on a beach and in hotel. Having to deal with a cheater is bad enough, but throw in Substance abuse and violence, I rather deal with a Tristan than a Scott. Alcohol and drug abuse is a lifetime battle, so I changed my mind,…. Scott’s situation was worse.

    • Rosa Santos you literally just made yourself look so foolish. 😂
      And yes, understanding that Lord is a royal title does require education (btw education doesn’t strictly mean actual schooling, rather just gaining knowledge)… But I was literally defending you and you went off on me and made no sense. I really need to stop reading the comments. 😂😂😂

    • Predator YT: oh oKAy i didn’t know i didn’t really know so much about the karjenners that time sorry if i’m wrong

    • +Aut M Yes, but his ex has said over and over and over again that Tristan and her broke up when she was 6 weeks pregnant. Khloe didn’t date Tristan until 6 months later. So Khloe didn’t take him from a pregnant girlfriend. Stop with spin. He was single and just because a baby is on the way, that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to date. Ugh! I’m

    • I know right. i don’t watch it but i said to myself lets hear what he going to say .he has grown.

    • +r o s e p e t a l lol I thought the same thing, if you keep allowing it, especially with arrogant egotistical individuals like this, they will keep doing it… they obviously didnt have a conscience the first time around to use self restraint, why would things all of a sudden change now that theyve been caught? He humiliated himself, he cheated his child and his potential wife for a quick nut… can’t get much more ignorant than that 😂

    • I think it could be all the therapy him and Kourtney have done. Seems like he’s put a lot of work into communication. Plus he’s made a lot of relationship mistakes and so has learned from them.

    • +Chi Non what does his addictive and aggressive behavior have to do with Sophia and the Kardashians? Oh we CLEARLY haven’t been talking about the same thing. I have no idea what your talking about, tbh.

    • kokolatte825 oh I didn’t read your comment well. I thought you said the family was judgemental of kourtney and Scott’s relationship not Scott and Sophia’s relationship. My bad 🤗

    • BiiMesi Oh but he is officially A Lord… i really like the name, it suits him ” Lord Disick “

  2. Scott should be proud. He was kind of in Tristan’s shoes and the advice came from a geniune place. EVERYBODY makes mistakes, it takes a real person to LEARN from them. Scott learned it the hard way, way to go Scott!

  3. no it’s BECAUSE scott cheated on kourtney that he knows what’s going on and can give the best advice

    • Renee Moreau I don’t watch the show but I just want to know him and her are over but he’s still cool with her sisters

  4. scott is the wisest funnest and most sensible of the bunch. 80% of the time. The other 20% he’s off the rails🤣

  5. Scott is right on this one. Their instinct is to protect but that is still Khloe’s life and she has to handle it they way she sees fit. It really doesn’t matter how her family feels. They all have their own issues in their personal relationships. They always think they have to solve Khloe’s relationships let her make her own decisions.

    • Shawnda Roberts I agree, and don’t understand why Kim is the one who is most concerned about her sister’s situation when she has a more serious problem in her own house with a mentally ill husband.

    • Shawnda Roberts exactly,at the end of the day it’s ultimately Khloe’s life and her decision to make and the family just has to fall back alil and let her do her own thing

    • Shawnda Roberts ,,,, you don’t want them to tell you how they really feel Kim when your husband embarrass you and the whole family

  6. Everyone’s a hypocrite yo! Scott & Kris cheated but they give some good advice about this issue. Like wtf😂

    • Shreesha Chandru I think he actually is in a good position to make those statements, since he had the same problems and experienced how the family dealt with them in the past.

    • Maybe they give the best advice about it because they’ve cheated and had to live the with consequences it created. They know it first hand. They know the hurt and destruction.

  7. Scott is giving good advice here. Family getting involved in your private business with your partner only creates more division, stress, and drama in the end. The Kardashians can’t help themselves though, drama is their business model to get those view$. And here I am giving them one. 😂

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