See Shiva Safai’s Dream Life on “Second Wives Club” | E!

Mohamed Hadid's fiancee shows off her extravagant lifestyle. Check out Shiva's incredible story on "Second Wives Club".


About Second Wives Club:
“Second Wives Club” follows six women who are married or engaged to wealthy, powerful men. Shiva Safai, Katie Cazorla, Veronika Obeng, Shawna Craig, Tania Mehra and Morisa Surrey may indulge in mermaid pool parties, live in multi-million dollar homes and have luxury cars with champagne refrigerators, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to navigate the complications that come with having stepchildren, managing their own careers, and being a second, third, fourth or even fifth wife.

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See Shiva Safai's Dream Life on "Second Wives Club" | E!


    • oh Cheila, you are so naive. she does not own Bazaar..not even the Arabia division lists her name. And her net worth says $10 million. Do you think that’s a lot for a woman that wants a luxurious lifestyle? She will burn through it in no time if she hasn’t already…probably where the tears come from because this old rich hero came in and could supplement her expensive taste lol. Mohamed has a net worth of $400 million. That takes life and luxury to another level.

    • Cheila Salvador exactly !! I feel the same way now that I have dated “men” my age (I’m 25) older men know what they want and don’t ef around !!!

    • Old men die earlier so thats why young women take needy fossile old and wrinkly men. Its actually very cruel. They marry the beautiful life and not the man. They will sleep with their stone old men like its her job and not because they are sexually attracted to him. They see it as a job to look good (oh which hard work) and probably LIKE to talk to him. Thats it. Disgusting. But THATS the truth nothing else.

    • Kassie Hand you don’t know her as a person don’t judge a book by its cover I can say you steal and do drugs because your black !!🤗🤗🤗

  1. “he brought back the sparkle in my eyes” ugh… girl everybody knows the only thing that sparkles your eyes is obviously his money

  2. Mohamed Hadid is a sweet guy, I would fall in love with him. I think people who say she’s in it for the money are people who are in anything for the money. He has a good personality and Money is a plus to it.

    • Elnaz FP you bring up valid points BUT let’s just say hypothetically that Mohammed was broke as hell he would never find a woman of her caliber (as far as looks go) let’s just be honest

    • BADDESTXO TV but like aren’t they both together for a reason? she loves his money and he loves her looks I say they both deserve each other

    • I agree with you 10000% Ruth ! I knew a woman who would get judged harshly for only dating rich older men but they used her like a trophy or handbag and would move on to the next young hottie they could find

  3. she’s crying because she is so happy to be married to a super rich man who also happens to be GiGi and Bella’s father.

  4. Any woman who is with a rich man is labeled a gold digger, there’s literally no way out of it. I’ve seen women just as rich and famous as men called gold diggers.

    • Fatima that is the truth. If Mohamed did not have money would she consider him? My guess is no. She said she has been married before. Watch after she gets the ring. She will begin to pick on everything Mohamed is doing and Mohamed will be jealous like no bodies business.

      Believe me it does not always work out. If it is not one,
      it would be the other.

      Older men tend to be very jealous of their younger wives. Talking here from experience.

      It will come a time if that happens she would want to end the relationship. She has plenty of time to rebuild herself. But Mohamed don’t have much, so he should be wise with his money too. It happened in my family and no one is exempted from this situation in life. It could happen to anyone.

  5. She may come across as ‘marrying for money’ just because Mohamed Hadid is super rich. But if you had followed the Hadid’s family since a few years back, Shiva is a genuine woman. Hadid’s kids are extremely close to her and she actually does chores in the house (ie. cooking huge meals for the family – if you had followed Mohamed Hadid’s instagram account, you would know how often she cooks and Mohamed always take pics/videos it.) Let’s be real, a lot of ‘actual wives’ or ‘those who married for money’ will not raise a finger to do any house chores. They’ll be busy shopping, gossiping, wasting time at the manicure shop and just be **useless**. Shiva is also not the kind to find drama, she gets along with literally anyone. Even Yolanda wanted Shiva on RHOBH. So if her fiance’s ex-wife liked her that much, there must be something special about her. It’s unfortunate (or maybe fortunate) that she is younger and a lot more beautiful hence all these accusations from ‘nobodies’, but really, this lady is smart, humble and she is in love with Hadid and his family.

    • Sasha I. That’s what you want to ultimately believe lmao she wouldn’t be with him without his expenses that’s the truth. The episode where she gives a house tour and how she brags says it all

    • Sasha I. YOU CANT TELL ME that a good looking woman like THAT would marry this oldness. She really just married his moey I CAN TELL YOU!!! If he was broke she would NOT be with him.

    • Sasha I. Get it real girl. She is waiting for the ring. I pray that Mohamed gets a prenuptial agreement and makes a will. Only what they achieved together should be shared. It’s a De Ja Vu. Watch this space.

    • Sasha I. I agree with part of your saying. I am an ex wife too and was in support of my ex is wife. Who pretend to be nice. And for the children’s sake I was with her. She made arrangements for one of my daughter’s wedding and was in full support. Then things went sour and my ex threw our 16years old daughter out of the family home.

      Guess what? now they are getting a divorce 10years down the line. She has not been contributing to anything financial in the home. She is 30years younger than my ex. She is asking for 80% of the family home and twenty % of the other property that is an inheritance from my ex is late father.

      The second property is for all children and grand children. Now she is asking that both properties be sold. She has put the family home for sale. She has already valued the inheritance property, a six bedroomed house at a market price of over million pounds.


  6. “He brought back the sparkle I was missing in my eyes.” What she means is he showed her ‘the sparkle’.

  7. Seen them in real life. she’s a quiet obedient girl unlike most L.A girls. but ive notice in many interviews and clips from shows, no kissing and weak affection. Thy should have kissed at end of this clip.

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