Senator Mitch McConnell Confronted at Restaurant by Angry Customers | TMZ

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, was confronted Friday night by some angry diners who loudly berated him for his politics.


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    • Transgender is in a race it’s not even a word. And just because a guy likes to put a dress on doesn’t give him the right to send the government armed with guns to make me call him ma’am

    • +Frank Genner Transgenderism is not a race, it is an illusion. A term coined by the globalist regime to further separate the masses so they don’t interact with the others who know the truth like me. If your illuminated you know this whole LIFE entirely is a beautiful thing, and should be for EVERYONE. The masses have come to accept and are weak. They do not stand to oppression, for this it will become worse. They use our tax dollars and spend it all on their billionaire living styles. It has been a one sided illuminati corporate system until Donald Trump. He can save the masses and for that he is public enemy number 1 to them, and those dirt bag dems are the illusionist in power. Illuminate everyone you can, wake the masses, because the secret they dont want you to know is a VERY DARK day is coming…. make your hearts right. Evil will no longer be able to hide in the hills and the shadows behind the wall of their ill gained wealth, justice will be served

  1. Uncivilized Liberals!! Any Conservatives out there? Start doing the same to Dems, let’s see how they like it?!?!?

    • Given we have people on record who admit to attacking that car just before the incident are you anticipating the trial like I am Guyron Barnes?

    • Well you see what happens when they do fight back. Like the man slamming the reporter who kept getting in his face & actually tried to trip him with the cording, the left has been going crazy over it, which is hilarious since they keep calling for the violence. It will be what keeps the house & senate in a couple week’s.

    • Pamela Morris> well I wouldn’t actually call someone from The Guardian a “reporter” 🙂

    • Civil war baby….bring it back to


      Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton,
      Old times there are not forgotten,
      Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land.

      In Dixie Land, where I was born in,
      early on one frosty mornin’, 
      Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land. 

      I wish I was in Dixie, Hooray! Hooray! 
      In Dixie Land I’ll take my stand
      to live and die in Dixie. 
      Away, away, away down south in Dixie. 
      Away, away, away down south in Dixie 

      Ole Missus marry “Will the weaver”
      Willum was a gay deceiver
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie Land

      But when he put his arm around ‘er,
      He smiled fierce as a forty pounder,
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie Land

      His face was sharp as a butcher’s cleaver
      But that did not seem to grieve ‘er
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie Land

      Ole Missus acted the foolish part
      And died for a man that broke her heart
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie Land

      Now here’s a health to the next ole Missus
      An’ all the gals that want to kiss us;
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie Land

      But if you want to drive ‘way sorrow
      Come and hear this song tomorrow
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie Land

      There’s buckwheat cakes and Injun batter,
      Makes you fat or a little fatter
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie Land

      Then hoe it down and scratch your gravel,
      To Dixie’s Land I’m bound to travel,
      Look away! Look away! Look away!
      Dixie land

    • Viet Cong? Palestinians? chechen? mujahideen? Peshmerga? You think those freedom fighters were “peaceful”? Are you even aware of what they did, or what they were fighting for? You believe Antifa is a peaceful organization? If so, there’s no reason to reply – you’re completely insane, and there’s no use having a dialog.

    • +JCT your the one saying your a freedom fighter. Malcolm X was a freedom fighter. I don’t know about other people outside America. If you compare yourself to other organizations thats actual fighters thats on you. Your the one saying your a FF.

    • Chocolate Milk Man are you one confused DUMB mothafucker. If it wasn’t for the BIBLE odds are you all would be long gone.

    • Hahaha if you notice its always the mentally unstable ones, that’s what the democrats don’t (or maybe do) understand their divisive rhetoric actually makes these unstable people act out its only a matter of time until someone is seriously hurt

  2. How much TMZ paying ??? I need to get my phone out 📱 and start taping.
    Cloutchasing 101 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Do you notice how the protester looks genuinely caught off guard at the fact that the people at the table behind him just want him to shut up and go home?

    • Its also clear that Mitch is clearly wearing a vest, has a wire and is most likely armed

    • That was him swallowing half a red pill, if it happens enough he’ll go back to being a sane human being capable of critical thought and lose his NPC status.

    • This was Kentucky olivia, what did you expect from in-bred Trump defuses in a welfare state?

    • Who cares what the other people in the restaraunt thought.Because I sure don’t.I was glad to see this man tell McConnell what he thought of him.


  5. Glad they shut down that bully. Express your voice by voting not by shouting at people in a restaurant.

    • Wally s. I pass to you some advise I received about 20 years ago. That is this…”Stop learning and start thinking.” Albert Einstein did his best work while not attending a higher education institute.

    • VOTES DON’T COUNT. I don’t care if you voting Republican or Democrat. They are both funded by Fortune 500 companies.

    • God forsaken by many citizens, undoubtedly. but God has not damned this country as far as I know.

    • Na, you use the political system to rob the masses to give it to your plutocrat friends, you shouldn’t expect to be able to go to diners without hearing about it.

    • wally s No. We don’t. The US has NEVER been a democracy. And it hopefully never will be.

  6. I don’t know who’s worse the guy yelling & disturbing the public or the camera woman saying I’m gonna sell it to TMZ …we are so screwed😂

    • Exactly there’s a gigantic difference between liberals and nutcase leftists unfortunately the nutcase leftists are the only ones you see on YouTube and on television

    • They have plenty of morals. Heck the Republican Party was formed to defeat slavery in the United States tear down Jim Crow laws and take down the Democrat enforcement arm known as the KKK Kama also fought for civil rights what are you talking about?

  7. Democrats have gone flat out crazy.
    If Democrats ever get the House again our country is in very deep trouble.

  8. If the Left is looking for right-wing death squads, they should definitely keep doing this.

    • its not going to be “right-wing”, just “normal people” death squads. I’m not right wing at all except for fiscal and I want these people dead.

    • @Nottotv Yeah…because Trump is calling for violence and incivility….oh no wait, thats maxine waters and hillary clinton. Get a clue you god damn NPC.

    • Soo… You okay with those not on your side saying the same of you?

      People should get what they wish upon others.

  9. Fix your title and description TMZ. McConnell was confronted by “some angry diners”? Looks to me like McConnell was confronted by ”a single’ raging lunatic and the diners came to McConnell’s defense.

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