Soulja Boy Busted By Big Brother? | TMZ

Big brother is ALWAYS watching and taking pictures … and it could have just nailed Soulja Boy. The rapper's red Bentley was impounded by the LAPD for being linked to a collision with thanks to incriminating photos taken by secret police cameras.

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Soulja Boy Busted By Big Brother? | TMZ


  1. So what about Justin Bieber’s hit and run accident, CAUGHT ON FILM. Where is the investigation on that? Oh that’s right, chief of police must be a Belieber and just gets him off the hook.

    • Oso Cocky GTFOH white devils ? Guess Conrad Murray isn’t a devil huh ? Kill yourself. You’re what’s keeping the masses apart. Moron .

    • Jose Jimenez you mean Hispanic privilege right ? You know how ALL illegals are basically getting free passes to be illegal and the businesses make money off of it so it can’t be stopped. KYS

    • I wouldn’t but I’m not knocking how they get money. Just cuz u don’t like it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get paid for what ppl are paying them to see…

    • If that’s how u want to look at it. If u came from poverty or nothing u would at things in a different perspective

    • There is this thing called dirty money. Money that is earned by doing a dirty deed or something illegal. Most people have enough respect for themselves to not make this kind of money. And poverty has nothing to do with whether you find it acceptable to make dirty money or not. Not everyone in the hood or in the projects is a thug, drug dealer, or a prostitute. Some make it out the hood by studying and going to university.

    • Joseph Ramirez sorry they GETTING PAID for what they do…you on social media bitching not getting paid… Get a life

  2. Harvey gave out hella game/knowledge on this one good job lawyer yall better listen

  3. Harvey gave out hella game/knowledge on this one good job lawyer yall better listen

  4. Hit and runs are ONLY done by cowards. But of course we all know the hip hop community is filled with cowards. All tough until cornered by the heat. Then they drop dime on each other at the drop of a hat.

    • Naa its didn’t sound like any one got hurt and when famous people get sued its not for thousands its for millions soo he shouldn’t of ran but I see what he was trying to avoid

    • +zigzagbigbag how do you hit and run with the side of your car… kinda looks like someone hit my parked car.

  5. did he really have to go through all of this just to day their was a witness and cameras who got him busted?

  6. talking about privacy this show is mostly about bothering famous people’s privacy and shes worried about her privacy? lmao

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