The Game Claims LAPD And Hollywood Club are RACIST | TMZ

The LAPD and a popular L.A. nightclub have joined forces to keep black people and other minorities out of L.A. nightclubs — so claims the Game — but the LAPD is calling BS.

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The Game Claims LAPD And Hollywood Club are RACIST | TMZ


  1. Lol, I wonder if Game knows that white people are now considered a minority in Cali. 

    • Not really. If your talking about whites compared to all the other races then yes. But if u divided all the races into their own groups there would still be more whites.

  2. After seeing that video a few weeks ago with Game and his crew: they were acting like animals. Regardless of color or whatever way he is trying to spin it.

  3. What would happen if we did talk to the game like that. Would it be “game-over”?

  4. They spent over $250,000 in other people’s restaurants?  Why not start a club of your own and invite those who are not invited to other clubs?

  5. Triple H vs the game at wrestlemania 31

    To see who is the real GAME.

    Good right ?

    • UNI TED lol! My moneys on the rapper game. Your one hellava promoter. If you get a petition you might actually make this thing happen.

  6. Boycotting a nightclub? I am trying to figure out why a 34 and a half year old man with 3 young children is still going out to nightclubs? 

    • im pretty sure 34 is considered young and is a very normal age for clubbing not to mention his line of work

    • +gijsbert van hanigem its my the name I was born with why should I change and its an Arabic name not religion related mate 

  7. Im 2007 my ex told me that she likes Game and thinks he is a dope rapper. Hence the word EX!

  8. Yeaaaaah… That is tragic.  It’s not because they are racist, it’s because rappers attract the wrong crowds, and at the end of the night all hell breaks loose with fights, stabbings, and shootings.  Stop playing the race ‘Game’, as soon as someone farts in your direction.

    • “Attract the wrong crowds” sorry m8 but there’s club stabbings in every part of the world, so please stop blaming the rappers. What about the athletes who live a positive lifestyle that inspire people of all ages and background. Stop trying to justify racism.

    • +sickgeezer The wrong crowds are also present around the world. Most of these “athletes” are either football or basketball players. And “most” of them have some kind of criminal offence. So they’re not living a “positive lifestyle” as you may think. In the US, most of the mainstream rappers these days have a criminal history. With that comes the wrong crowd. I’m a Californian, and I worked in clubs for years. Club owners are scared, if something bad happens in a club, word gets around, and they lose customers. Racism has nothing to do with it. As a minority myself, I can tell you that California is one of the least racist states. 

  9. Take that $250,000, 00 and open your own night spot. Why do we continue to support these people who care nothing for us??

    • Why do us whites continue to support these black families? They care nothing for us whites, we should stop all welfare immediately.

    • +Dustin Heath you meant to say why do whites continue to support white families because it’s a fact that whites make up the Majority of welfare. Lol…but of course you didn’t know that because you thought that you were actually making a clever remark.

  10. I really hate when people talk in 3rd person. ‘You dont talk to the game like that’ . You’re talking bout yourself, whats wrong with you.

    • +HNB18 To make it worse he is saying it in a context which makes him sound untouchable too. I can bet many people would talk to the game like that and get away with it if he didn’t walk around in a large group looking for trouble all the time.

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