“Life of Kylie” Recap S1, EP.5 | E!

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods open up about their close friendship, while Jordyn struggles to live her own life outside of her BFF's crazy lifestyle.


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“Life of Kylie” will follow Jenner as she navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics. After spending over half her life on TV on E!’s hit series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and with over a hundred million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, people feel they already know Kylie, but this series will allow her fans and the public to see behind the scenes of her ever-expanding world.

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"Life of Kylie" Recap S1, EP.5 | E!


    • No Prejudice here. Shes just boring and shouldnt be on the show. Please look at the ratings and maybe youll understand

    • I dont model, I have a brain lol. It is bad being overweight actually, its unhealthy smart one

    • Erick J. Everyone that’s fat to you may not be unhealthy.Shes a tall girl and for her height of 5’9 her weight may be fine.You can give her some credit,She’s lost a lot of weight.Have you seen pics of her before now? I can say she’s easily lost about 50/60 lbs.But,You’re entitled to your opinion.You just shouldn’t be so nasty about it.She seems like a nice girl.And if the ratings are low it could just be because not many people are interested in watching the show and not because of Jordyn.

  1. Aww. Too bad. I know how it feel to lose some one. But at least you have an amazing best friend kylie.sorry for your lost❤️

  2. Oh no their gonna destroy poor Jordan too!!!! I see it! That poor girl is gonna fall into depression

    • I’m not saying that within the first hour of the first appointment cancer should be diagnosed, but this is full out stage four. It’s not like it was just the beginning and there were little side effects. Cancer testing should be at the top of the list when testing for stuff. I don’t understand how a doctor could not reach that conclusion until a couple months in. And I wasn’t hating on whoever that girl was. There is no need to defend her.

    • C Mahoney exactly.. so he has no place to speak on how long it should take to diagnose someone with cancer,?

    • Did you even listen to what she said? She said her father had been sick for 2 months before he died, but when doctors diagnosed stage 4 cancer he died 1,5 week later. So they reached a conclusion in roughly 6,5 weeks after he fell sick, not until a couple of months in. Moreover, she doesn’t say when exactly did her father go to a doctor, maybe he didn’t go right away, since most people don’t.

    • Dustie1984 ok! I get it! I made this comment humorously not as an assessment of the doctor’s abilities. There is no need to set me right and correct my assumptions of the dad’s cancer. Get over it people. Stop getting triggered!

    • Kylie Jenner is making money off of Jordan’s dad’s death. They mention it in the show so Kylie can get more money. These people are subhuman garbage.

    • why don’t you think of it as if kylie is just trying to show that they are really good friends and that they are proud of their friendship……
      so negative all the time omg ppl
      Oh and its JORDYN jordan is a country …

    • because despite Kylie’s “empire” (which has been created and run for her not really by her) and her previous relationship with fuckboy Tyga she is not a very interesting person. She hasnt lived, she hasn’t learned and she thinks beauty/looks/money are what is important which leaves no room for actually being interesting. Her friendship is like all she has to talk about.

    • Betty Jean she was born in the spotlight she literally can’t have a normal life.

  3. Let’s make the real tv about Jordyn Woods, she sounds far more interesting !
    Also, she’s Kylie’s best friend, but is Kylie her best friend ? I can’t see it !

  4. It is sad about her dad. I’m just confused on how they put a GoFund for her dad… THEY ARE RICH… WHy would yall ask for money from us??? How many times have they done that for us when we r In need? That’s my only issue
    Jordan is rich too with her modeling career Kylie got her…

    • Ashley Fearon the goal for the go fund me was about 30k immediately Kylie donated 10k the goal was raised up to 50k. tf?

    • bob lopexz you are poor because you really don’t know how many works… ‘take a loan on one of the properties they own’?

      You are a joke. Your entire existence has no reason to continue on as you steal our resources. Kys

  5. Jordyns profession is literally being Kylie’s friend. That’s it lol, get your own life girly

    • Aaaaaaachtuallllllyaaaaaahhhhhhhhhyyyyy they ahhhhhhhhhll hahhhhhve this vahhhhhhhhhley girl ahhhhhhhhhhhhhcennnnnnnnnt

  6. I feel bad for Jordan she’s always gonna be in Kylie’s shadow no matter what she do just like Malika is in khloes shadow

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