The Most Intense Nose Surgeries From Botched | E!

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“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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The Most Intense Nose Surgeries From Botched | E!


    • moonrice555 it makes them feel good what’s there to get? you can die anytime anywhere this really isn’t that different

    • Blaire Lucas No they’re simply saying the Koreans are better at plastic surgery. Please don’t turn it into something bigger when it’s not

    • your fine girl, just dont go to anybodys basement to get a free job or a cheap one, make sure it has good review its professional if you see anything suspicious ask questions make sure its clean, ask all the questions you need.

  1. The “ken” did that to himself, he was advised not to do another surgery on his nose but he didn’t listen and this is the consequence.

    • yeah… I was working for a plastic surgery in Prague, where he had one surgery done ( in prague, not at the same clinic)(I dont think the rhinoplasty was done in Prague, but some other minor surgery and treatments) and the people from the business know each other etc, and somebody from the clinic he had his surgery done said that he went partying straight after having the surgery despite them not wanting to let him… after surgery you have to rest for some time, let your body heal… He probably didnt listen to the surgeon for the nose job either.

    • Despite a contract I’m sure there is a way to sue for medical malpractice if it has effected them emotionally, financially, and physically. Contracts make it more difficult, but I’m sure some of these people have considering they have the money to get more surgeries.

    • The doctor who gave that girl a nose job but left for another surgery can be sued for malpractice. Leaving while someone’s on the table is a no go.

    • I didn’t get a botched nose job, but my surgeon only did about 3/4 of the job he was supposed to and even though we agreed together he was going to file down the bump. straighten and add cartilage to the top… he just ignored the filing part. Legally I can’t do anything about that, and when I returned to checkups with a bump (smaller than before) he just tried to get more money from me saying it was an easy fix. I’m convinced a lot of surgeons do things like this on purpose when they know the client is only seeking surgery for one thing and wont return otherwise.

    • spacewhale Also, there got to be normal doctors who don’t participate in stuff like that and know when their colleagues are in wrong. I would complain anyways and made facts known everyone bc other wise doctor would get away with murder and continued to hurt more people. There got to be push back in any possible way.

  2. Watching this makes me Never want to get any kind of plastic surgery. I’m good, I’m happy with what I have

  3. She let her dentist do her nose job and she’s surprised at the outcome? What’s next, her OB/GYN removes her wisdom teeth?

    • I had a jaw surgery because of my underbite. My surgeon also did something with my nose and he isn’t a plastic surgeon. I had problems with breathing through the nose so he fixed it and also made my nose a little bit smaller. Jaw surgeons are sometimes better in these things than plastics bcs they can reach the nose from the inside of the mouth better than the plastic surgeons do from the outside. So she wasn’t that wrong, with letting her dentist do the surgery

    • +Lejla Ibrahimovic – while working in the medical field I’m fully aware that a lot of physician’s have dual specialties, and that it is not uncommon at all. However, this physician clearly needs a refresher course and I would wager to bet he’s not board certified in plastics.

    • Guarantee it was because she was black. She had a normal black nose, not a normal white one. Photographer probably wanted it to be more narrow and eurocentric looking.
      Not saying that there was anything wrong with her nose, I can see how it might look that way. No, she was gorgeous, but in the modeling industry women of color get bashed for every ethnic feature they have EVEN if they look stunning.

    • +bbg.ttiiannaaa what triggered you girl.
      is it the word “black people” ?

    • Yea but like the stupid photographer said she needed plastic surgery

    • +Bernadette Bald Jesus you are way too sensitive to be on the internet. If you get 100 nose jobs and it inevitably ends up looking terrible people are naturally going to find humor in it. Actions have consequences.

      Waaah cry some more white knight. It’s just a meme. 🙄😒

    • M A L A D H O It kinda is his fault. He got the surgery even tho he was told not to.

  4. The second girl was so beautiful naturally. Her photographer was obviously blind and crazy to tell her she needed plastic surgery.

  5. 1:10
    “If you wanna make it in this industry, you’re gonna have to get a nose job”
    Wtf? I literally see NOTHING wrong with her nose? It’s not big, messed up or ugly?!?!?
    Whoever said that was probably just jealous.

    • +Sarah Espin yes, that’s true. But do you know how many white models had a nose job? Even top models. Even girls of 14 years. But for black girls is even worse.
      By the way, her nose is beautiful, she’s beautiful. She’s super cute. Don’t hate me, but I think black girls have better bodies.
      I hate the “hollywood perfect box” and the “fashion perfect box”
      To fit or not to fit, that’s the question.

    • shpresa0721 you’re legit judging someone with something they can’t help and that they were born with?? Sad

    • big noses don’t have anything wrong with them either lol, as long as her nose wasn’t messed up it should’ve been fine

    • autumnleaves don’t just assume they are jealous. People today just assume if somebody hates on somebody else they are automatically jealous. Don’t get me wrong. She looks absolutely beautiful. Maybe the guy was actually trying to help her 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • I have a witch’s nose! But I won’t get plastic surgery no matter how much others tell me I’m ugly!

    • yeah, I love my nose! It’s pretty big, but sort of a shout out so my mayan ancestors, so I like it 🙂

    • That’s what is great about having a nose that is a “flaw” to you. It’s smack dab on the center of your face and it lets you know right away who is shallow and who is a decent human being. If you got a nose job, how would you know whether or not the person next to you would STILL love you for you or if they would have ran the other direction?

    • clair o I’ve seen a lot of attractive people with noses like that, I think people with bigger noses tend to be more attractive and I know a lot of people feel that way too 🙂

  6. ” I let my dentist do my nose job”
    It looks bad
    Surprised pikachu meme

  7. I don’t usually want to laugh at anyone but when I heard her say her dentist did her nose job, I couldn’t help it 😂😂😂😂😂 that sounds like a good joke.

  8. He numbed me and covered my face then cut off my nose to spite my face😭😭😭 Awful, awful just awful

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