KUWTK | Kylie and Bruce Jenner Fend Off Paparazzi | E!

When hordes of photogs begin trailing Kylie on the road, Bruce goes into attack mode on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kylie and Bruce Jenner Fend Off Paparazzi | E!


  1. I feel bad for her.  She didn’t ask for this life, she was basically born into it.  I mean, she was what, maybe 8 years old when the show started?
    Even if she did want fame, grown men following a teen around is creepy and I don’t blame her for being freaked out.  It’s also dangerous, especially for a new driver.

    • +Ur Mum it’s only tinted from the outside, from the inside of the car u can see perfectly well outside but from anyone trying to look from the outside its very hard to see

    • BRBallin1 but I think in California if you have tinted windows in the drivers seat or something you will get a ticket but idk

    • Alivia Patel but when police drive by and can’t see if you have a seat belt on they will poll u over I think cause one time my dad got pulled over for having tinted windows

  2. There should be limits to paparazzi I mean princess Diana died because of it I know that’s from a long time ago but still , and it’s just gotten worse their rude and disrespectful I know that their famous and everything and it’s just apart of what comes with it but they should respect them if they need to go somewhere to get out their way. And it should be illegal no matter who she is for a grown man with a camera to be following a minor around like that. Especially if she’s by herself

  3. Everyone is like “first world problems” and “that’s why you’re famous” , but Kylie didn’t choose to be famous. She was a child when her family entered the spotlight. Also, being a new driver is scary enough let alone being followed be people who will do ANYTHING to get a picture, even by putting lives in danger. Plus, I understand why Caitlyn (Bruce) was upset. No parent wants to see their child distressed and in danger. Just because they have money, fame, etc, doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. Money doesn’t mean you can’t struggle or be annoyed with anything. You people need to get a grip and stop picking people apart for anything no matter who they are. The world would be a better place if we stop finding little things to be annoyed about. 💕

    • Olive Powell i’m not trying to make you mad but how is that mean
      YouTube is a place were you can freely express your opinions and if you have a problem with that maybe you should leave. Im not saying that ur opinion is wrong. Also you really shouldn’t put your age out its uNsAfe

    • +Olive’s Skits I don’t believe ur 11. Ur just doing it so he could be like “OMG I’m so so sorry u poor 11 year old” no hunny. Like an 11 year old knows what first world problem means, and like and ur acting fake. ” I let people use my pencils” ugh

    • true and if the Kardashian weren’t famous they wouldn’t of done plastic surgery

  4. Jesus guys. It wasn’t Kylie’s choice to be famous, she was born into a family that already was. Be a little open-minded.

  5. I honestly felt bad for kylie. Bruce was right about how it is this most AMAZING time in a young persons life

  6. Imagine you’re a 16 year old girl driving alone and there’s like 4 men following you with cameras

    • Maria Viles She was still a teenage girl tho. No matter who you are it’s scary being stalked by people especially when you’re alone. Just because you’re famous (which just means a lot of people know who you are) doesn’t mean you don’t struggle. She’s a little girl. Stfu

  7. What is the purpose of them following a 15/16 year old girl?? Honestly they were just out driving. What kind of story could the paparazzi possibly get from that? Some people have no respect

    • Becca Lynn The story is gonna be about, “KYLIE JENNER DRIVING?!?!? Does she even have her lisense yet?” It going to be some stupid headline

    • Yeah they have no respect, but the reason they follow is they prob want her autograph so they can sell it online for a bunch of money

  8. Bruce: I don’t get mad very often.
    Me: watched all of KUWTK and thinks Bruce was always angry

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