1. This got me so emotional coz it brought me back when I left my ex deff how how she felt !!!

  2. I got annoyed at Brie when she didn’t like the idea of Nikki moving but finally understood that she had to cause if you’re trying to grow as a person and find yourself after a break up staying in the same place that reminds you of the past doesn’t help. You need new soil to grow into a beautiful flower

  3. This made me sad 😭 Nikki you are an amazing and Beautiful Lady We love you Fearless Nikki!!😘💖😍😄

  4. Brie is right Nikki is putting her self in a harder place by moving to L.A because in L.A she has no family but if she stays in San Diego she has family that can support her

  5. Bellatwins are back yay but it was so amotinol for Nikki what was wrong i was serious crying wen you was cry Nikki/Nicole

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