“Total Bellas” Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 | E!

Daniel Bryan finally gets cleared for WrestleMania 34 as Nikki Bella and John Cena call off their wedding…again. Relive the emotional season finale!

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"Total Bellas" Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 | E!


  1. So did Nikki and John get back together? I been too busy to watch and last I heard they broke up.

  2. I’m super happy for Brie’s family!!! 👏 on going back to wrestling!!!!
    Nikki, on the other hand, why would you want to eventually go back to John? You can’t work on yourself, then hope he’s there? You’re just going in circles! Either marry him, be the stupidest girl on the planet, divorce in less than a year with a baby and end up alone anyway!!!! I mean, make up your mind, get over it, and MOVE on!!!! Brie and the whole entire family are getting tired of this roller coaster ride!!!!

  3. They just need to break it all together.she says she is in love but being in in Love big difference. They just need to find someone else. Love them both but they need to move on

  4. The whole john thing is getting old. Probably why i don’t watch the sow anymore. 😴

  5. The Nikki and John thing is crazy, she can do better he’s not the only dude in the world. Maybe deep down inside he knows he doesn’t want kids, but he should be a man and tell her, even if it means they part ways. Enough about that, I just adore how Daniel Bryan cried when he saw his baby girl watching him wrestle. My own dad was absent, so it fills my ♥ with joy to see you fathers who loves their children.

  6. Nikki just tell John you don’t want to make a lifetime commitment to a man that does not want children 🙄

  7. John is really not there for Nikki. I hope she finds someone new. Someone who isn’t too busy for her. But yeah this story line is old but I do love watching them on tv either way.

  8. Just watched the episode.
    I’m confused…
    Why is it that if she feels this way about having the wedding at this moment that she didn’t just tell him, I may not want to have this wedding right now but I love you and you love me and you want to have children, let’s just have a long engagement and stay exclusively intended.
    They can get to know each other more or something.
    Stay together seeing we don’t want to be with anyone else.
    Why is it that not having the wedding right now means theres no engagement still.
    Aren’t you still engaged as long as you haven’t gone through with the wedding??
    But I’m guessing it’s about more than a wedding and children.
    But what’s meant to be will be nurtured.

  9. I’m still worried about Bryan’s health, maybe he’s cleared for now, but we never know the effects the next few years because he had seizures before and it’s not a good sign

  10. Is this show ever gonna end
    Botching bellas need to retire from both wrestling and on the tv screen
    It getting boring and repetitive

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