Trump Might Be The Reason 21 Savage Gets Deported | TMZ TV

Trump's new policies are going to come into play in the 21 Savage case.


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  1. It doesnt matter if your for trump or against trump please do some research outside of lying outlets like this.The president of the United states has nothing to do with cases like this.Pure lies meant to spread more hate from the channel that broke the jussie smollett case and still wont redact it.

    • mzw meathook You know this is tmz, right? No one goes to tmz for actual information. It’s a celebrity gossip site. For dumb, not actually real, over dramatic gossip

    • Trump is against “anchor babies” ….Trump is all about illegal immigration drug trafficking and all that….listening to 21s music …..why would he not want to deport him….I been here since 8 this all I know I have a daca clean record n all…..and still there’s no way for me to be a citizen unless I get married…..and u gotta leave the country for a year ……and the way it is….during that year they might deny all ur paper work n keep u there…the immigration system is broken ….but 21 got money……so he will probably’s a lot of money on the table for the government…..and if it’s one thing they love is money

  2. TMZ work with the system not against it. They knew 21 savage wasn’t from America but we’re getting paid not to say anything until it all broke out anyways. They are part of the problem to force people to think a certain way.

    • Cesar Valle It’s a gossip site. It’s not serious. Most of their stories are fake, and people know this

  3. So what?? If this dude valued his money and career he wouldn’t have left himself open for deportation.

    • Stay Focused It a gossip site. It’s not real, at all. They are both celebs and if you’re a celeb dumb rumors will always happen. No one takes tmz seriously

  4. Are you serious. This guy is the poster child for what trump is saying. He’s a criminal gang member that carries a gun and talks about all the people he has killed and your here saying he’s the good guy and trump is bad. Ya and Jussies attackers are just really dark white guys from Africa that used to work on his show. Fake news

  5. Celebrities get special treatment my heart goes out to the ppl in custody that won’t get the help of Jay Z Lawyers. This is America

    • It’s funny cause Americans always complain how celebrities get special treatment but support a celebrity getting special treatment now. If you’re here illegally u get deported, it’s that simply

  6. Im pretty sure the reason Is That his visa expired which is why people get deported in any country on the planet earth

  7. I imagine something like this happening minus the deportation if Chief Keef ever went back to Chicago but he knows better and hasn’t been back in years.

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