Tyler Henry Reads 3 Fans for Mother’s Day | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" star gives 3 lucky ladies the chance to connect with passed loved ones for Mother's Day!

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Tyler Henry Reads 3 Fans for Mother's Day | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!



  2. Hmmm. Is it just me, or does he read Celebrities a lot different than “fans” or “regular” people? I watched a few videos of him doing reading for famous people and he gets very technical and on point with info. For these ladies, its very basic and keeps saying how much their loved ones love them etc etc… Just wondering. 🙂

    • eoiki in his book “between two worlds”, he tells the story of how he became a medium, and the journey through his career.

    • Edric Hsu if they didn’t want their private life’s and details to be shared they wouldnt be on this tv show in the first place. Its because he didn’t give many specific details.

    • It’s just you. I’ve watched him read both celebrities/public figures as well as regular people he reads them both exactly the same.

    • Of course. And he can get specific with anyone well known or “famous” since a quick Google search can reveal complete biographies on a celebrity. With some “Jane Doe” off the street, he resorts to the same, generic comments that all these cold readers do, tossing out general comments that often pull on the heartstrings. What is truly sad is that these bereavement vampires will prey on those most vulnerable, taking $$ in exchange for a meaningless 20 minute, so-called “reading.” They should all be ashamed of themselves.

    • he is affecting the world in a negative way, and something needs to be said. These heartwarming little psychic readings, have bad consequences in the long run. religion, people getting scammed.

    • cara maya I keep my hate commemts to a minimum though and make them more of constructive criticism. LOL

    • +tyler jonhson He mentions nothing about religion. Being religious and being spiritual are two very different things.

  3. fake or not he comforts the people he reads for. When your loved one dies you never feel closure. This is what people need to go on living without there loved ones who are gone. He is so good at comforting, to each his own I believe.

    • steve Lyn omg, if only that were true, people put down belief in Christianity all the time. It hurts cause I know it’s true, but only makes my belief stronger. Everything they say and do is no surprise to God or anyone who reads the Bible.

    • Comforts = manipulates, lies to emotionally abuses vulnerable people during some of the worst times of their lives. That is evil.

    • Ok so you think being lied to is giving them comfort. Nah girl that is the dumbest crap I read beside this idiot lying to people.

  4. What gets me about people that don’t understand what tyler is about is that what we see him doing can be a short version I love him and I believe

    • First Last What he’s doing is called a “cold reading”. It’s a technique in which the “medium” feeds general info to the person in question and they fill in the blanks with what is essentially the exact thing they wanna hear. The object is a classic part of that. He gathers info from the object based on what they chose to bring. Example, he read Matt Lauer who brought him an old pocket knife. Many things can be gathered from that: likely a male, probably father or grandfather, who shared an outdoor passion, probably fishing considering hunting might be too aggressive for who he was talking to. There’s your detail and specific example.

    • +ShadedK9 No, it really exactly IS what a cold reading is. I can’t even imagine what you think it means if not that.

  5. A simple advice to all those who do not believe in mediums and psychics, please stop watching such programmes. As simple as that. For those of us who believe in after life and reincarnation, carry on enlightening yourselves and disregard the naysayers ’cause they are young souls who have a lot to learn about spiritualism.

    • Not trying to be rude. I don’t believe in this….but I do see how his words can bring peace to those who do.
      I feel that everything being said is very vague and that the words he uses, could go with anyone’s scenario.

  6. Could be worse he could insult them like Trump! He does nothing to harm individuals.

  7. I would love to gave him read me. If for nothing else, but to see how spot on he his with zero information about me. I have been drug to 2 or 3 other “mediums” or empaths and none came up with anything even remotely related to me. I have for years wanted to find someone who could read me and come up with something, anything, about 3 people I’ve lost that mean the world to me and 1 imparticular has just devastated me and has kept me isolated since his passing in 1999. I need to know 2 things about his death and him being at peace and with family. There are 2 that died way way too soon, I want to know if the reports of their deaths are true or covered up. For no other reason but to know the truth. The other one lived a adventurous life and had 76 great years, but I have questions about how and why she went when and how she did. I think about these 3 everyday. Trying to figure out how/why they passed in the way they say they did, knowing these people I know it’s all pinnocio worthy lying. I just want the truth. I want to see they are ok. I never really believed in this kind of thing until I saw a person who passed and they said find a good light medium you will find the truth. Yet not 1 could even come up with 1 right name. It is so painful everyday I just want a bit of peace, of knowing truth and they are all together looking over my son and I. At least maybe getting a little bit if understanding. It is unfortunate you can’t get an apt with him he only does celebs and that is just crazy. If he truly is as gifted as he seems, he could help so many suffering people, yet he doesn’t do any reading unless you are rich and/or famous. That’s the sad part. We all have ppl in our lives that we love and when they pass it is excrusuating, especially when it was a child, like in my case. I wish he would accept apts from noncelebs and give them the chance at getting some peace and relief.

    • Sorry for the type-I’d and the lost post. I didn’t intend it to go on so long. Guess I have more feelings about this, than I thought

  8. I wasn’t sure if I believed in mediums or clairvoyants, but many years ago when I was in college, we had a student pass away. A mind reader just happened to be scheduled to come visit the school for an event a day or two after as part of the weekly events calendar put on by the RA’s. There was a segment during his show where he had everyone write down on flash cards three questions they wanted to know about their lives, past or future. He held the cards to his head in no particular order, and with his eyes closed, picked out people in the audience. It was like, “guy in the front row, red baseball cap, watch your grades man or you’re gonna flunk senior year” or “girl in the third row, two seats from the left with glasses– you’re gonna have three kids!” then he called out this one person who was seated off to the side. He paused for a second before announcing “Forgiveness is there.” The person immediately broke down crying. It later turned out that this person had been blaming themselves for the other student’s death and had been feeling extremely guilty about certain things leading up to that person’s passing.

    The college was extremely small, and no one outside the school knew about the passing. Even if the mind reader had caught wind of the situation moments after he arrived and before getting on stage, there wouldn’t have been any way he could have known about that particular student’s situation.

    I think that not all mediums are super accurate, but that their work helps many people find closure and peace…

    • Lee Milby no one knew that this kid was blaming himself? No one could have gone to the medium and been like “This person is blaming themselves for the death of a friend. Could you make them feel better?”

    • Obviously you need to go back to school. Sounds like you didn’t learn that people LIE for money. Hello get a freaking clue. Your paragraph of nonsense is embarrassing.

  9. I don’t care if it’s fake or not. It’s not the point. He’s super sweet and helps people feel peace. He’s doing it right!

    • Maria Pia Telling lies and charging hundreds of dollars is not being super sweet. The devil appears in many forms. He doesn’t come in a red suit and horns.

    • +Rayne Kimi So you believe in the devil, but not someone who can get messages across from the other side? If you believe in the devil, you must believe in Heaven and Hell, right? Does that makes sense?

    • He gets paid to LIE that isn’t okay. But obviously with you it’s ok.

    • “fake or not, that’s not the point”.
      I think it is a huge point.
      Watching the difference when he meets with celebrities compared to regular fans is huge. I feel he does a ton of research beforehand. He is way too vague with the non celebrities. If I was one of these regular folks, I would be deeply disappointed.

  10. He was fishing so hard with the “6 siblings” thing, hoping she would say something, anything to confirm what he was saying, but she wasn’t giving him anything and he was squirming and struggling so hard. it’s hilarious.

  11. Omg that first girl was super annoying. I couldn’t have a conversation with someone like that

  12. I just saw another video where he claims to be ” medically intuitive” also.

  13. If people would at least listen and respond a bit, it wouldn’t seem so weird

  14. I thought she was gonna tell him the tattoo thing was wrong, and then she’s like “All 3 of us got one for her” WOW!

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