“WAGS LA” Ladies Get Into Another Heated Shouting Match | E!

Things go from zero to 100 really quick when Michelle Quick gets into a screaming match with Natalie and Olivia! Watch the drama go down on "WAGS LA".


About WAGS LA:
“WAGS” (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars) takes viewers on a wild ride into the lives of the hottest professional athletes from the perspective of the women who stand by their side. As part of an elite group, the WAGS are close friends who are bound together by unspoken rules and live the glamourous lifestyle in LA.

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"WAGS LA" Ladies Get Into Another Heated Shouting Match | E!


  1. I feel like people are just genuinely jealous of Nat and Liv and will try to find anything wrong that they can grasp to

  2. i Just love how Nat and Liv handled themselves, didnt need to shout or throw hands in the argument….left the other lady looking insane

  3. I genuinely feel like Nat and Liv are nice people. They’re all about having fun. They’re never screaming unless you attack them first, but they still handle in a grown up manner

  4. She just wants to have a problem with someone. Nat and Liv genuinely just want to have fun. I don’t see why she’s making a bigger issue than what it is. The way they handled this was very mature. The other girl should be ashamed of herself.

  5. What the hell is wrong with that girl? So desprate she has to attack them months later about something Sofia, who is not even there, said or did? Clearly she is not happy with her life and has to attack others to feel better. Fix yourself and get yourself a psychologist. Leave Nat and Liv alone, and props to Sasha for sticking up for them.

  6. I really don’t understand why the other wags don’t like Nat or Liv like what did they ever do to all of you guys

  7. This Hazel E look alike has insecurities, why she soo jealous of nat and liv .. She even spoke about them to her husband.. Girl bye

  8. I don’t even know her name, isn’t she supposed to be a Celeb? She looks like Hazel E, Nat $ Liv all the way

  9. Barbie and Nicole just chilling In the corner lmao and LOL Autumm @ 0:59 face when Olivia clap back I was dying she knew something was about to go down I swear lil girls like that I cant lmao Michelle NAT And Liv don’t need men to buy them stuff or give them money like you do but…. I’m most for sure I’m not watching thses shows anymore

  10. This show makes it clear that girls will hate on u if ur 10 times hotter than them .. Their so envious it’s not a good look

  11. Nat and Liv are by far my faves <3 they are stunning, so down to earth and they genuinely seem sweet

  12. I love Nat and Liv. I don’t know why everyone is always on them. Once people get to know them they love them. And this is what happened with Barbie and Sasha. They are literally the sweetest and most real people on the show. I hate that people look down on them and treat them the way they do. They don’t deserve it.

  13. She was yelling at the wrong women, real women can have a Conversation without raising their voice

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