Wade Robson and James Safechuck Arrive at ‘Leaving Neverland’ Premiere | TMZ

An emotional Robson and Safechuck took the stage after the film and were given a standing ovation. They did a brief Q&A, and let the audience know just how important getting everything out was to them.


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  1. Michael Jackson was PROVEN to be innocent and after he died the families who accused him admitted that they lied.

    • don’t force us to accept WHITE privilege.

      are WHITE insulting BACK?
      why WHITE don’t need give REAL EVIDENCE & REAL VIDEO?
      are WHITE LIFE bullying BACK DEAD?

    • and they said they lied after MJ paid them millions of dollars, no innocent man would do that

    • +CatACor If you had half a brain you could see the blatant lies that they are telling 🙄

  2. Michael Jackson was literally proven innocent and there’s actual proof that those guys are liars who want money. Do your research.

    • +randomname349 Emmanuel Lewis wasn’t white and they spent “unfathomable amounts of time” together.

    • don’t force us to accept WHITE privilege.

      are WHITE insulting BACK?
      why WHITE don’t need give REAL EVIDENCE & REAL VIDEO?

    • +Frosty lmao, he lied in court as ppl do everyday, the reason why so many ppl didnt come forward is because MJ paid them, do some research on HOW MUCH he paid ppl, no innocent man does that, MJ was a rapist, you defend him because you like his music, ppl are so sick and twisted

    • Steff E. G. Court cases and many interviews, one of the moms asked for more story coverage so she could pay for her kids cancer treatment but was discovered she’d already payed for it and did it more money

  3. I’m very disappointed that Wade Robson decided to come out with this now when he should have come out with it while Michael was still alive. The only people who will suffer from these allegations now that Michael is gone will be his already suffering children. I lost all respect for Wade Robson for waiting until Michael died to come out with these allegations, Be it true or not, him not facing Michael in court like a man, face to face, & giving him the opportunity to both hear the allegations & respond to them as well, is quite manipulative & extremely unfair.
    Let’s face it, we can’t know the truth with only one side of the story & being that Wade already denied these allegations in the past, it’s all hearsay. Where will be the proof?
    I’m not saying I believe 1 way or the other, I just want a fair hearing & that’s impossible now that Michael is dead. He was a victim himself & suffered more than any of us will ever know but that doesn’t automatically mean that he too was guilty of any sexual misconduct or automatically innocent either. This will not provide any substantial proof whatsoever.
    Wade has no substantial reason to lie now because he’s rich & famous but, if his allegations are true, then he lied in the past, thus allowing Michael to continue with this alleged sexual abuse upon children. Honestly, all he’s going to do is possibly ruin &/or end the lives of Michael’s innocent children. Don’t they deserve some peace?
    If Michael was guilty of these allegations, then he deserved to pay for them, not his children. From the 1st day that I heard it was Wade Robson coming forward with these allegations, it knocked the wind out of me cuz I figure he’s a reputable person. However, I’m still skeptical because of the timing, it’s all going to be 1 sided & with no proof of anything. Hearsay doesn’t hold up in court but the looks on Michael’s face would have told us the truth during the trial. Sadly, we will never see them or know what is fact of fiction. Child abuse is 1 of the most heinous of crimes & no one should get away with it no matter how infamous they are but Wade had ample opportunities to come forward while Michael was still alive. It’s just not right & no one will have a definitive answer. 💔
    Shame on Wade for waiting this long!

    • +mahlatsi moroka Doubtfully. He was a musical genius. Just like with R. Kelly. Everyone knew R. Kelly was a pedo when he married Aaliyah but they still supported him. Even now, his music is back in demand because of his documentary, even if it was only to listen to his lyrics depicting his vile actions with minors. At least Michael’s music didn’t glorify any sort of abuse. His music was more positive in nature.

    • Wade is not rich or famous. 2 breakdowns because he could be great. Needs money and found a way

    • +mahlatsi moroka no, why should fans be punished for his crimes? we liked his songs even before we knew his crimes. His songs are gold but his behavior was not.

    • VitriolVic Wade definitely needs money. He attempted to sue the MJ Estate after he wasn’t hired as a lead choreographer for the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil performance series. It was only then did he suddenly cry abuse and simultaneously file a lawsuit against the Estate, along with James Safechuck and another female opportunist that “came forward”. The cases were thrown out of court. Now, they have made this “documentary” in hopes to reopen their court case. Now that Michael isn’t here to defend himself, Wade thinks he can get away with it. If MJ was still here, would Wade come forward with these allegations? Who knows. But what we do know from available evidence is that Wade is lying and Michael is innocent. You can research this yourself. Peace ✌️

  4. 1:narcistic wick boys mind ! Darkside of narcistic boys all for the money ! Lies lies lies !

  5. I still don’t how the two men in their 30’s and 40’s could not understand what sexual abuse was until about 6 years ago. Good grief! With all the information out about molestation, how could they not know.

    • +mahlatsi moroka i dont know if they are telling the truth, but getting back memories of being molested and raped after lots of years is true. It sound fake but it is. Just like mothers that lose a baby and confuse them with stranger’s babys walking in the park. I lost my mind when it happened to me and had to move out with my dad. They could be lying, at the end of the day I never got a movie or a paycheck and they did.

    • Because they were boys! you think a male wants to admit they were sexually abused and by another male? Um no? maybe they feel embarrassed or shame that it happened.

    • fabiola_769 He doesn’t claim repressed memories.. he said he never forgot one moment of what Michael did to him.. including attempted anal rape.. he is saying he didn’t think it was wrong/abuse until 6 yrs ago. Even as an adult in the trial being asked specific questions about molestation, being told about molestation and how wrong it was.. he still didn’t understand it was wrong.

    • As a therapist back in the 90’s my clients never had a problem with knowing it was wrong. Most were children and young teens and they had been taught in school to say something to someone if an adult touch them inappropriately. The problem was they were afraid to come forward but whenever asked . Most would normally tell the truth or else refuse to answer but I cannot think of one client that lied and these were young kids girls and boys. These idiots swore under oath that Jackson never touched them. I can’t help but believe that this is about money and/ or revenge

  6. This is pure defamation against a man that can’t even defend himself, and defamation is a crime. We must do something and don’t let these criminals get what they want.

    • western countries love BULLY MEN game.

      LIARS dare not give REAL EVIDENCE & REAL VIDEO.

      western countries just want to defamation against ALL POWERFULL MEN.

      western STUPID tactic.

      western countries love BULLY DEAD PEOPLE.


  7. Of course these stories are shocking and compelling, and our natural inclination is to believe, but I would like to see one piece of objective, hard evidence of child abuse. MJ was surrounded by people; where is corroborating testimony from bodyguards, staff, anyone? For such serious, horrendous allegations, we should expect strong evidence before forming judgements, or accept that we may never know.

    • Angela Dennis Exactly.. these things cannot be proven or disproven.. abusers do act in sneaky ways but False accusations are also a reality. The accused is dead and to be honest he was treated horribly in life and thought to be guilty. These accusations, true or not, killed him. I don’t know what other Justice they want other than money from his estate.

  8. This is blatant defamation of a man who’s been vindicated continuously. Why are we buying into something that doesn’t even have evidence behind it?

    It’s human nature to be appalled by things such as the sexual exploitation of children. But without proof that backs up what the accusers are alleging, it’s just shock value.

    • ComicBookCast 3 um….the entire documentary is as specific as humanely possible. Why would they repeat all of it to a group of people that just watched a 4 hour documentary that starts out with and continues on with sickening detail.

    • chastity deaner The troubling part is, if you read Safechuck’s court depositions, the allegations are lifted verbatim from a disgusting pro-pedo book by Victor Guiterrez.. whose subject Jordan Chandler himself denounced the book. Why would he need to do that? Why would a true victim use borrowed scenarios or use debunked tabloid stories in their depositions? Why not just tell the truth of your experience? Also when Wade and Safechuck were not allowed to talk to each other during the court proceedings, they described two completely different kinds of abusers. Now in the film it mirrors each other. Thing is no one is going to read their court depositions, they are going to watch this highly emotional film and be convinced. I know if I watch it I will be convinced too because I am an empathetic person and I tend to believe someone when they say they are suffering. But the the questions from their depositions still remain.

    • As a human being who was molested as a child would you admit being molested or would you go into details ? Think.

    • When Wade was a young child he PARTICIPATED in sexual acts and abuse done by Michael Jackson which made Wade for YEARS feel so guilty and embarrassed because of his own participation that he thought it would just be easier for himself to testify Michael’s innocence in 2005, instead. NOW he feels READY to actually come out with his TRUTH. Wade has said all of this himself but rather than LISTENING and understanding you all just made up your own damn conclusions!!

    • classic no just no, no one swears to the court and lies and also no gets examined by professionals to see if he was abused and find no signs of abuse

    • +Steven Uribe How t f can you expect to find evidence of sexual abuse that happened like 25 years ago?? He was a child you moron he ain’t gonna be collecting evidence and he was too young to understand it was abuse instead mistaking it for love. And if you ever bothered listening to anything else Wade has said, he said constantly that he felt shame and embarrassment and as a CHILD he actually agreed to PARTICIPATE in the sexual acts between Michael and himself, therefore he said in court in 2005 that Michael did nothing to him. He thought it would be easier that way for himself. He did not want to admit that when he was a child he was made to perform these disgusting things with Michael and he agreed to!! I hope you get it now.

  9. It’s unbelievable how this conspiracy which assassinate Michael Jackson while he was alive will go so far to assassinate the character of Michael Jackson in his death. Most of the good people identify themselves with the humble Michael . In vain try to destroy the image of our angel you won’t succeed . These 2 guys just signed their suicidal contract .

  10. Michael was proven innocent. FBI investigated him for 14 years and at the end they found nothing. He is literally in Guinness Book Records for giving money to charities. He cared and loved children.He would never harm them and he didn’t harm them. I don’t believe a word they say. Michael was,is and will be innocent F O R E V E R.

  11. Dude on the right is trying to sound sad/ choked up. You should be ashamed of yourself.. trying to capitalize off of the dead who was not guilty..

    • Right!! I’ve noticed that too but it failed horribly, it looks like he’s forcing himself to lie

    • Especially when he’s literally playing with the minds of real sexual abuse survivors. It’s just sickening. 😷

  12. They need to go to jail for exstorsion this man can not even defend himself. If you lied back then who is to believe this nonsense? Shame on you. You want to robb the dead ? And you stated you want to prevent this from happening to someone else? God Bless you . Your kid grow up to see what a liar you are and your wife will never trust you wade or your kid.

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