Wade Robson on ‘Today’ Show — Is He Lying? | TMZ

Wade Robson said on "Today" that he never forgot being sexually abused by Michael Jackson — which contradicts his testimony in the 2005 MJ molestation case.

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Wade Robson on 'Today' Show — Is He Lying? | TMZ



  1. I think he should want this info out without seeking money damages period..if he wants to clear the air that should be it if he wants to convince ppl of what he said

    • +Xinth Rau exactly if he didn’t want money i may have given him some credit but he comes out says he was molested and wants monehy

  2. Look no one has the truth in his pocket. But I find it hard to believe the words of Wade Robson also because I read his statement at the 2005 trial and what he said is really quite different, in a very firm and unwavering. I do not believe in repressed memories, not when you are called to testify on this type of abuse that he now claims to have suffered. please read it all maybe you’ll make a different idea of Mr. Robson, I think it is a liar. He has had the opportunity to send to jail the monster, why he did not do it ??? Simple, he had no reason to do so. Reflect on the fact that the interests at stake are many, many money and too unscrupulous sharks around. I just think MJ living in his fantasy world was believed to protect from evil because he had his visions of the good-natured world, but when you have so much fame and so much power you should strive to keep our feet on the ground and watch your back from everyone and everything, otherwise the world or at least a part of it destroys you. Go to work Mr. Wade, MJ has kept you and your family for years, asking for compensation money really does seem disgusting first because this case does not make sense  second because  MJ died and  he was taken by the hand of death just by parasites like you .If there is someone who guides you in this horrible story forget him and back to you, you’re going to destroy yourself by dint of lying. Who will ever trust someone who under oath says one thing and then after nine years cowardly (because MJ is gone) says exactly the opposite. Stop it and let him rest in peace.

  3. Harvey should also mention , Robson was a defense witness.The prosecutors never called him in , nor any of the other people who had been supposedly accosted by Jackson ,,in tabloid stories disgruntled employees sold for money..AND he wasnt needed because those people who sold the stories had admitted to making them up and selling them to tabloids in cross examination.
    They had already been completely discredited .
    So MJ didnt need him to come in , and allowed a supposed victim of his to come in , in the hopes he wouldn’t give away that he was a victim, when he was facing twenty plus years in jail.
    Wade is a washed up has been , who is now suffering mental health issues , just like his dad and cousin.
    MJ and his estate/fortune are a convenient scapegoat ., for his own shortcomings .

  4. He started suing years after death, after protesting MJ innocent. That turd has no income that’s why, and his turd lawyers eyes money. If he really was genuine he wouldn’t be suing like the rest of them lying lil shits, instead be asking only for justice… And wouldn’t want to touch his “molester’s” dirty money. Lying prick.

    • Wade is lying (my opinion) however many of jacksons accusers did not want money. MJ’s lawyers tried keeping it quiet with a bribe of a big amount of money. When you are poor and really don’t want the stress of a huge ugly dangerous trial where you’d get death threats and rabid MJ fans stalking you and your family causing further trauma to the child, I can see why it’d be a better choice to settle out of court. And even the ones that didn’t take any money or revealed their identity.. what then? there were other accusers that the public doesn’t know about and witnesses that saw some things. MJ had an alarm system installed where if any of his staff came up to his room when he was with the kids it’d go off. Sorry thats suspicious af. Pretend for a moment that we are talking about your next door neighbor, you’d be drawing the same conclusion as most would. Its cuz you are biased you love MJ.. so you could never be a juror you are not neutral or unbiased. Whatever, he is gone and I have empathy for the guy I think he was so disturbed but only God can judge him. I’ll say this if MJ was innocent he is probably the MOST MISUNDERSTOOD INDIVIDUAL ON THE PLANET. Everything he did looked like a pedophiles m.o. and he would lie in interviews and cause further suspicion. He wasn’t helping himself by rehearsing and repeating those same lines over and over from his acting coaches. Why go through all that trouble. People who haven’t done anything wrong don’t need to go through such great lengths to be deceitful. Just sayin’

  5. Robson has been going through problems with money. He’s asked to participate on various shows since MJ’s death and mostly has asked to participate on shows that were tributes to MJ, but he was either replaced or denied, so this obviously tells us that he needs money and the fact that he sued the estate in a civil case proves it. From his testimony we can clearly see that he denied any sexual acts and now says that he remembered them, but didn’t realize it was abuse. Even if things were like that, in 2005 he would have explained the sexual acts because he would have thought of them as something normal and yet, he denied them. I have another option about his claims, which I highly doubt, but I can’t exclude it: Maybe Wade was abused, but not from Michael Jackson and anyway, is accusing him because it’s more convenient and a bit more convincing, since MJ has been acused before for such things. I think that Wade is lying now, not then.

    • yeah he says one minute “it was not repressed I know what was going on the whole time” then he says “i was in denial” when you are in denial you don’t KNOW whats happening. He said he always remembered, then he says it took him a long time to process it. SO MANY CONTRADICTIONS.

    • He reached out to the estate for the director’s position of the MJ TRIBUTEshow Cirque du Solei ONE and he was turned down. Both Wade and james owe hundreds and thousands of dollars to MJ state as attorney fees. The nervous breakdowns are due to that not because of abuse! Both of them are financially broken

  6. The media (and greedy people) have ALWAYS LIED to gain viewers and sponsors. They don’t care how kind and good someone is when they see dollar signs. I can’t stand liars. Poor MJ… they just would not let him alone. SMFH

  7. Sore looser… can’t get a job of the back of Michael either way he’s a liar I don’t believe anything he says.

  8. He has been lying for years…and media is supporting it and loving it…good job media💩

  9. Wade/ safechuck where asked when’s the last time you’ve seen each other they can’t even keep a simple lie straight
    A. Twice In passing in childhood
    B. At jam video / weekend at Neverland
    C. Statement 2014

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