Daymond John Explains Why He Said R. Kelly Should Kill Himself | TMZ

R. Kelly really should off himself in the wake of the Lifetime docuseries, but he should wait until after he gets sent to prison … so says Daymond John, who clearly has strong feelings about this.


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  1. Where is God? How dare this man be judge and juror. How come he ain’t mad at the parents for child neglect?

    • he actually did the action, they may have been neglectful but that doesnt take away the fact that he did the actions. R Kelly should be hung and burned

    • One does not have to pretend to be God. Sometimes all that matters is giving a damn more about the victims than the one who made them as such.

    • Danielle Jackson nobody says that about the Catholic priest. They’ve been raping boys for decades.

  2. You’re a “big advocate” for mental health and that might be because you clearly have mental illness telling another human to take their life!! GTFOH!!

  3. Stop…Now hold on..who tells anyone to kill themselves..are u serious…..R Kelly is wrong..wrong wrong wrong…but how dare you say kill yourself..Wow….I think that’s a bit much to say to a person..That You don’t say..telling someone to kill themselves….Wow

    • Nicole Lollipops
      All it takes is 3 testimony’s against you babe at least here it dose. I have a crazy recent case in Cleveland Ohio

    • SneekySmurf I know I’m gonna sound dumb but what do they use other than testimonials to put him away ? Man I hope 🤞🏾 things sway in the way of the truth

  4. If one of those fathers brothers or uncles get a hold of “daddy” he wont have to kill himself!

  5. R.Kelly has not been convicted. Accusations are not facts. He is denying running a sex cult. The women have been heard and we live in a country where all sides are heard. I do not believe that R.Kelly has kidnapped anyone but if he has done something wrong,he will probably be prosecuted. I do not want anyone to die. R.Kelly is a human being. We need to hear his side. Draymond Green needs to delete that disgusting tweet.

    • All of us are human but some of us are more human than others.  Kelly is lacking a that core.

    • R.Kelly is a very sick man, watch women that are speaking, he’s gay, pedafile predator on young women. Don’t be ignorant and do your research before commenting you don’t know anything about.
      He will pay just like Cosby. He’s a low life hood rat!

    • Are you serious? We all have known R Kelly is a pedophile for years and wondered why no one is arresting him but we were jamming to the music in the meantime. I don’t think there is a question of is he is guilty or not. He definitely is, but he feels that these girls gave him permission. The problem is most of these girl were underage, therefore by law cannot give permissions because they are not old enough and he being the adult, was well aware of that, yet it did not stop him and no one did anything about it. That is why this case is shocking.

    • +KandyKaneMunch all those women in the documentary were of age except one. There parent had to sign off for him to live with him if they were underage. Not condoning this in any way but wait till the paperwork comes out and the transactions are revealed

  6. How tf can you tell another human being to take his mf life, based on allegations? But give the mf a pass for the irrefutable sextape evidence in 2002? Mf be consistent or STFU. Why tf would you tell anyone to take their own mf life? If he did or does, your career on TV would be over mf. I bet this same mf had Kells in Fubu back in the days. Lost respect for this mf. SMMFH

    • Diane V … I never did like Fubu..He lame af…. its just Everybody got an opinion on these Social media sites… black race bringing down another black man…Instead get him some help..since u said he Sick person.. all we gon do is talk about it…until it’s time to pick on the next black entertainer… k.hart..getting slammed on something he said 10yrs ago…its sad We feed into the Bs…but never throw out solutions…CHARMAINE THE a Rape case..but talk down on Rkelly sisutation…Hilarious…Its all about Money Rating and who clicking on for ur views..

  7. If a person has been nothing but a cold blooded predator, a monster, it would be better if he took his life rather than destroying others. I agree with D.J.

  8. In part monsters exist because there will always be those who will defend them.

  9. They were just setting the tone to kill him he’s going to end up deceased and they’re going to make it look like a suicide

  10. I’m quite disappointed at Daymond, actually… wow. And I LOVE watching him on Shark Tanks; I can’t believe he’d say something so stupid. And how tf are people just prosecuting R Kelly for a made-up story, ANYWAY? Sheesh, wtf are we doing here? So now just because somebody accuses you of something it means you did it? I know that seems to be the time we’re living in now, but wtf yall are RUINING people’s lives here.. to be honest i hope he sues the sht out of all of yall. R. Kelly could (and probably still can) get ANY woman he wants. wtf is wrong with yall… smGDh People will say or make any type of show for money & profits… we’re living in a time of fakeass reality tv… if that makes sense. smh

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