‘Walking Dead’ Star Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Says L.A. Earthquakes Signal the End | TMZ

The earthquakes that have rocked Southern California over the past few days have left one apocalyptically-inclined actor thinkin' the end is near … so here are his ground rules.


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  1. ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! How many times did you hear this as a kid? The world still spinning…or is it? 🤓🧐

    • Zack Sanders come on man 😂 if the earth didn’t spin there well no night or they well be no day think about it 😂

    • @rey lewis thank you for taking the time to respond back, and sharing what you know. I’m not the type of person when I disagree to put someone down, or belittle them. Simply acknowledge. I actually looked into what you were talking about, and saw what you explained to me. I do agree their is definitely subliminals, and a lack of information towards the people that the government hides. Do I disagree on somethings? I do, but it was definitely nice to see what another person knows, and things I didn’t know. Either way if the world spins, rotates, if we’re in a stimulation, or plain and simple living in a world that was made for us, I thank you for sharing your knowledge 😌.

    • @thcxgold 89 anytime, if you were to ever look into it..once you see the truth then you will be able to see how much you’ve been lied to and you will be able to see through any lie..im only speaking from experience, but the truth is very sinister so it takes a strong mind to understand it all..but once yoy learn the truth and you speak about it..you are going to receive a lot of hate for it, because they don’t understand but stand strong and hold firm ..because the truth will set you free..and they is to start at the source..NASA they deceive everyone and their logo is a double forked snakes tongue..meaning the tell you lies..and if you believe in the bible..its all there it describes what the earth really looks like and what’s really above..but like I said keep an open mind and you will be on your way towards true enlightenment

    • Well, NOT a physical end of the world, per se, but if you take into account the fact that society in general has become dumbed down for a wide variety of factors….

    • Earth was here millions of years before us it is a self sustaining ecosystem the only thing that would throw something so perfect off course would be the cancer that is the human race and sadly hearing it as a kid and brushing it of was blissful but now that your and adult that can comprehend just how powerful the weapons we build are and how the pursuit of money instead of the betterment of mankind will destroy us in the near future…. America has spent billions on weapons what you think we not going to use them it’s just like a cop having a loaded gun all day eventually you want to shoot it

    • @Benicio flores God has given us signs to look out for, and told us what to do when it does happen. If you’re truly religious, I advise that you seriously read the bible. Educate yourselves not just with school books but also with the great word of God.
      Just some words of genuine advice. Have an awesome day!

    • Manny Pessimiste I’ve read the Bible I’m not that religious but I do believe in god and there’s a reason for everything

  2. Damn, D’Angelo… You still talkin’ too much? Glad Stringer got you…

    • Nah, homie ain’t deserve that. Him looking out for Wallace redeemed his character.

    • I met him in April did a table read for a film he wrote and is directing in Baltimore. He’s a good dude with talent.

    • Michael Dowd technically he didn’t snitch he was going to but he changed his mind and was gonna take his time lol

  3. Don’t just focus only on natural disasters but on lawlessness, ungodliness, and an increase in sin everyday week month and year.the end is approaching soon.who wants to live forever in a very Messed up world like this,only the selfish do?

    • Amy Lucas yea and so is 33 percent of the world who believe in Jesus Christ only 3 percent of the world are atheist next to Christianity is Muslim at 20 something percent then the all other religions and small religions so who’s wrong the 3 percent of atheist or the rest of the world who believe in a creator , how could there have been flowers with bees ? Or the other way around that’s just one example of proof of a creator everything had to of been made at the same time or else it wouldn’t be here because every animal relies on another animal or plant to live .

    • SmellyCat You do realized Demi gods existed pre flood. How you think had all that ancient supreme tech and architecture back in Ancients times. Hell you can read the annuaki it’s telling the same story

  4. The end will happen when ever it wants.mother nature will decide. We are at her mercy. Enjoy your time and hope you lived right if a god does exist.

  5. 😝 Earthquakes are nothing new so why do u think it’s the end now?

  6. OMG STFU! I’m sure it’s the end for mfs who were going to die anyway. But not for others. SMMFH. Mfs watch the news too much. It was a damn earthquake. Big deal. The 6.6 in Northridge was the worst one Ive experience in Cali. I’m not scared of that BS. I rather deal with earthquakes than other natural disasters like Hurricanes, flooding, etc.

  7. The Mayans were actually right… The world ended in 2012.

    The world that we know.

    • John Ivan Taro You probably didn’t expect this 🤦🏾‍♂️ But I understand you completely.

    • @LeBaby James I know, I just tend to be quite dramatic at certain times. Sorry.

    • @LeBaby James Indeed. Although one wonders what caused the psychological doomsday. Was it certain politicians, regardless of which part of the political spectrum, bending the truth to get political support? Or was it certain religious leaders, regardless of which type of religion, who take their religion to far to the point of letting themselves use it as an excuse to do basically whatever they want? Or was it certain businessmen, who bend the truth in order to sell products? Or was it society itself, bending it’s own rules and corrupting a lot of people, with the innocent people caught in the crossfire?

    • ​@LeBaby James I am already aware that you agree, I just stated some questions that express additional theories of mine. It’s up to you to decide which specific theory you agree with.

  8. How’s there gonna be looting if it underwater. This is a ham sandwich interview.

  9. Uhhh…..he’s way more than just a Walking Dead actor. This man here has acted in MANY CLASSICS.

  10. Some are scared, others clueless and they’re ok with that…We are in the end times…Many will be unpleasantly surprised(putting it nicely)!!!!

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