21 Savage May Be Deported Because of Donald Trump | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

21 Savage may be deported, and not because he's ineligible to stay in the United States … it's because of Donald Trump. Also, Jussie Smollett says he's certain … the 2 men in the surveillance photo released by police are way more than persons of interest … they are the men who screamed homophobic and racist epithets at him, tied a noose around his neck, poured bleach on him and beat him.


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  1. Deported because of Donald trump or because he has stayed past his visa? 🤷🏻‍♂️. TMZ your garbage

  2. No. 21 savage may be deported because of the ILLEGALITY OF HIS RESIDENCY.

    Obey the law, come in legally, and they’d be no problems. Come in illegally, risk the prospect of being deported, and if you are deported then it’s because of your irresponsibility or sense of entitlement, depends on the individual, and negligence to follow the law, not because of Donald trump.

    • Sir Percival de he applied to RENEW his visa. Visa isn’t a citizenship, it expires lol. It’s not like he’s been sitting here illegal since he was 13 lol

    • Everyone over the age of 18 is a criminal so don’t hold that against him. He should get a break. Trump should change the law so he can stay.

    • Below Average Dude when his visa expired what should he have done 🤔👂, that’s right, he should’ve returned to the UK.

      What did he do?, he remained in the USA ILLEGALLY albeit that is an infringement of us law. That’s not the fault of Donald trump or the USA, that’s 21 savages fault. Obey the law.

    • Below Average Dude the dereliction of trump’s presidential predecessors’ to enforce the law on 21 savage shouldn’t negate the fact that the laws still exist, all trump and his administration did was enforce the ordinance that already exist.

  3. Why would you want him here. Bad influence on kids, involved in crimes. No positive what so ever. Good bye!

  4. 21 needs to take a world tour straighten out his Visa then come back, the rules are changed now he must follow them, if he wanted to go by the old rules he should have applied when they were in effect…

    • You’re thinking too much into it. Harvey was saying Trump’s changing of immigration laws is the reason. Not so that Trump is the reason. He probably should have worded it different for you idiots who cant grasp context out of how a situation is explained.

    • Jessie Jones can’t even tell if your a guy or girl bud I mean if your a guy I feel pretty bad you have a girls name.

    • Jessie Jones regardless of what trump’s immigration policies say, if you overstay your visa then you are definitely getting deported.

    • +rickiex you left out OVERSTAYED his visa. That’s breaking the law. If he just did what was offered this wouldn’t be an issue. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • White people will switch the law up to reflect there personal stances in a heart beat and then call it the law. Well the regarding immigration is immoral. Donald changed the laws to make mothafuckas like you happy while simultaneously having two mail order brides, exhibiting preferential treatment to his in laws by giving them citizenship, and being the son of an immigrant his dam self.

    • +Paulo Milan BULLSHIT. Visas aren’t NEW law he’s been breaking the law since 2008. I’m Hispanic (2nd generation) so how would this assist me?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️ My Nana and Tata immigrated to the US LEGALLY! 🤐

  5. Yes Donald Trump made him overstay his visa and lie about his past to become a rich rapper from “Atlanta”

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