50 Cent & Lamar Odom’s Baby Mamas: Details 50’s Beef w/ Son Marquise, Lamar’s Health | TMZ

Liza Morales and Shaniqua Tompkins stopped by Raq Rants this week to talk about their new podcast "2 Queens from Queens" (which starts up late-October) — and so much MORE!

Shaniqua Tompkins (50 Cent's baby mama) spills the tea on 50! — calling the rapper a bully and she reacts to his aggressive Instagram posts.
50 Cent's son Marquise Jackson also sat down to talk about their very public falling out and what it will take for him to talk to 50 again.

Liza Morales (Lamar Odom's baby mama) talks about her kids, living the single life, Lamar's health, what her experience with the Kardashians was like, and if the former NBA star is still using.

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50 Cent & Lamar Odom’s Baby Mamas: Details 50’s Beef w/ Son Marquise, Lamar’s Health | TMZ



  1. omg !! 50 cents son sounds just like him lol and he’s his dad twin !!! soo adorable! !!

  2. I almost forgot, Shaniqua has forgotten how she was throwing shades at 50’s son Sire when the baby was just 3 years old. And she’s comfortable calling 50 cent a bully? Both of them are the same.

  3. Like Marquise is such a great kidd…. but Shaniqua is the one mesin up the relationship between 50 and the son… coz the way i see it , its like shaniqua sayin 50 aint goin have a relationship with Marquise unless he cool with her….now Marquise is convinced that 50 needs thereapy… for what? he is a great father to Sire…

    • 50 use to give his son mother 25,000 dollars a month, she got greedy took 50 to court, the judge lowered it to 6700 a month she hasn’t had a job in years

    • +Junebug KITTY-ROSS going back to get more when you are already getting 25k a month… Then getting smacked down to $6400. And crying in front of the courthouse after messing up her own money…😂😂😂 Who is petty again??? And stupid?….

  4. $100 million dollar bum??? He is the reason you have a platform and you were taken care of BE THANKFUL!!….She sooo bitter hope his son see that its nothing wrong with reconciling with your father 50 can help him alot not just financially but on advice..he is so blessed to have him as a father…and 50 dont need counseling to be a dad!!!!

    • I found that counselling comment to be so rude and condescending and we know he gets it from his mom. He could be leaps and bounds ahead in Hollywood if he was not busy trying to go toe to toe with his parent. Look at Will Smith and his children, Jamie Foxx and his daughters, etc. They are already making their own moves because their parents guided them.

    • +FikiNom Marquise statements show his mother speaking through him. When a son tend to always surround himself with his father’s enemy; he needs serious counselling.

  5. 50 baby mom is mesirable indeed, I think she so pollutant to marquise and 50 cent relationship, she should get a life, and she still go off fifty, wow

    • marquise you should always respect your dad, he is a good man, and never listen to your mum because she going to make u miserable, you should always know that u are a man. what happened to ur dad can happen to you.

  6. What she gonna do talk about 50 every week she got some nerve trying to act all perfect but coming after another woman’s child

    • Thank you,because their are so many people up here talking so hateful and evil towards these black women ,it’s shameful to watch.Its sad that the black community will destroy you before any one else will.

  7. btw…i absolutely CAN’T WAIT for the day marquis gets some unemployed, entitled, hoodrat leech (like his mother) pregnant–who then starts to act up in the media every time she wants some money (like his mother). THEN he will understand his father’s side of the story.

    • dont wish that for him he didnt say anything bad about his father. men need to understand you cant go at your kids mom with disrespect they will not want to be around you if you be calm your kids will grow up and see its the mom thats always attacking the dad and they will check her. Both parents are toxic period!!


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