One of the dogs in the upcoming film "A Dog's Purpose" desperately resisted shooting a risky scene, but chilling footage shows filmmakers apparently forcing the animal into rushing water.


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    • 1. It was a good movie
      2. They slowly let the dog get used to it
      3. Other movie do worse, if this was Disney, they freaking drown the dog.


    • You’re right, there was some bits that were cut out which was kind of mean of them because it can ruin the whole movie for others. It was kind of mean of them to force the dog into the water. They should find another way to get the dog into the water instead of forcing it. Also, the dog is trained to save people, why is it scared? Just so you know, I’m not on any side.

    • Hoody nice your a spyro fan you hyped for the reignited trilogy cause I sure am

  1. A DOGS PURPOSE HAS BEEN CLEARED! The video was found to be edited by PETA (no surprise there) and the American humane society has cleared the film!

  2. Hi guys! I want you all to know that this is not a real video of the Dog’s Purpose crew shoving the dog, hercules inside the rushing water. You all should know that TMZ, is just for entertainment. Now PETA, has been boycotting, if TMZ didn’t post this video, nothing would happen, and the premier would show. This was also taped about a year ago, by a man, who must have been paid, and which they should not have shown this video to viewers. They were just practicing the move, he has done it a million times but does not want to be seen doing the stunt. I know everyone was going to figure it out anyway, but Lasse Hallstrome has explained how they’ve been careful with the animals, and not hurting them. Don’t take this the wrong way, but i feel that this video may disturb a lot of people watching this movie, and now that you posted this, many people with think that A Dog’s Purpose is abusing animals, and which they are not. This is not entertainment, this is abusing youtube for the policies of lying about a HUGE movie coming out. I hope all of you understand that this is NOT funny AT ALL. Thank you for reading this comment, please take my advice to not lie about what is going on.

    – Leah Brega

    • CookieHam27 she’s right though it was proven that this was just edited to look bad or worse to cause backlash, controversy pays and TMZ knows this

    • CookieHam27 also pls just search if you want proof pls don’t take my word for it if you must search

    • i’ll never believe TMZ. the way the dramatize everything makes me doubt their leaks

  3. I never liked TMZ, but the way they try to frame the producers like this just for the sake of a cash grab, it’s just disgusting

    • Meme Child no they did but did you see the cut in the video?
      A lot could’ve happend between then and when they put him in the water, just see how the trainer dips his toes and paws in the water his tryna make him calm down so the cut might’ve taken out when the dog finally calmed down…
      I bath my dogs like that to at first when they hated Bathes just dip there paws in then put them in and eventually they’ll love it, worked for me now they love baths, the pool especially

    • Meme Child also it was said that this was heavily edited to make controversy

    • Thank you. I also did some research and found that it was fake. Thank you for the info – this makes more sense now 😀

  4. “The dog was selected for his love of the water, and had been professionally trained and conditioned for the water scenes over the course of six weeks, using positive training techniques,” said American Humane.

    “During the last scene, handlers immediately assisted the dog out of the water, at which point he was placed in a warming tent and received an examination that found no signs of stress. Eyewitnesses report the dog wanted to go back in the water. Still, out of an abundance of caution, American Humane stopped the filming of any more scenes with the dog.”

    • I agree, although CGI is far more expensive to do right. Not to mention it’s risky, bad CGI can ruin even the greatest movie.

    • When I said CGI, I was thinking green screen with sophisticated blending, lighting and shadowing techniques and maybe some changes in how the dog moves (speed and leg position edits) to make it look like it’s going through rapids.
      No actual 3-D models.
      There’s no reason to put him in this glorified washing machine to see if he can swim in it. They wound up skipping the scene, anyway.

    • Jessica Feliciana No signs of stress? I have a degree in animal science AND worked for a kennel and I can tell you that dog was beyond stressed and that almost positively had to do with his ability to stay afloat.

    • Uh read the article that was conducted which was done by experts. The dog was harmed by this stress.

    • I’ve had dogs my entire life, and that dog is FREAKING OUT! How can you POSSIBLY say that there were no signs of stress, there? He was clearly freaked, and trying to get away.

    Get in hell.
    Throughout your life, your body will feel like you’re stuck in needles.

  6. Since it seems many people don’t feel the need to do research anymore let me clear something up. This video is FAKE!!! This was edited to make it look like they forced the dog in the water but when you see the trainer pull the dog out of the water at 45sec mark that was the end of the shoot that day because the dog would not commit so they did not force him. What you see at the end was a different day and shoot all together where the dog had no issues with getting in the water. The American Humane Association had people fired before they did an investigation and admitted they were wrong and that all the animals had been cared for properly on set. Tmz should have been sued for this false story

    • Papa Kevdog He just said the video was fake. Are you too lazy to read his whole comment?

    • Metalhead Coaster Fan no I’m just saying that the person who wrote this probably doesn’t know what he/she is talking about

    • Papa Kevdog …. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Look it up, dumbass.

  7. No one is denying that this is two different videos cut into one… the fact remains that the dog was afraid to go in the water in the first video… the second video proved that the dog had good reason to be afraid!

  8. This is 100% misleading, and TMZ should be ashamed of themselves. This is edited *purposefully* to seem abusive. People should actually get all of the facts about this before jumping to wild conclusions about the production of this movie.

    To heck with you TMZ, using this out-of-context footage to get more viewers. You guys are, without a doubt, the absolute worst.

  9. Ok i get it fucked up but i dont think they would have picked a dog that wasnt trained to be in water. If i was that dog i too would be stressed out just the look and sound of the water, they could of handled it wayyy better but they didnt

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