‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ Victim Compares Michael Jackson to Her Rapist | TMZ

Michael Jackson is a lot like the pedophile neighbor featured in "Abducted in Plain Sight" … at least according to the victim who spoke out in the Netflix documentary.


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  1. Please don’t do Michael, he’s the last one you should be talking about. Go get saved miss

  2. And the scumbags have come out of the woodwork to get their 15 mins of fame.

    • that’s exactly what I thought the rats are out, I hope that soon they will run away hiding from shame !!!

  3. Yup let’s put Michael Jackson casket in prison , lmao like come on what are you going to get out of this , when the guy is dead.

    • David nir indeed , very clueless .. can’t even believe they let her get air time with this mess .. and the way it’s edited, almost doesn’t even make sense.. like they’re patching her words together or something

    • because elvis was white! they did not attack him! and as luck would have it Michael, they do not stop! when he said that the whites were more on the covers of magazines he was telling the truth !!!  Michael has always told the truth!

    • There’s a dude that lives pretty close to me that says Elvis is his father. He was born some time in the late 60’s and his mother had him at a young age. I’d write it off as just a crazy person, but he seems pretty normal to talk to and he does look a bit like Elvis tbh. Idn what to believe

  4. Who even is she. The FBI investigated Michael for over a decade and they found literally nothing that would say he is guilty. Zero evidence.

    • kill em with KINDNESS I just thought of something as far as the theme park thing goes .. by that logic .. Walt Disney would be the biggest pedo .. no??🤔🤔🤔

    • +rgjmg070607 if I had that kind of money. I would also build all kinds of things. A zoo, theme park, theatre, game room, pool. Nothing wrong with that.

    • +kill em with KINDNESS do you get your information from the tabloids? He build the park for himself. He had entire families there. The place was open for anyone. And he was barely even in Neverland. Most of times he was somewhere else

    • kill em with KINDNESS Ron White has a comedy bit about this subject. Basically a pedo in a crappy van without air conditioning is sitting outside a school sweating badly. Something reminds him of Michael Jackson’s theme park, and he’s like damn here I am killing my self in this damn van all these years, and all i had to do was build a Ferris wheel! Lol

  5. All his accusers have been proven to be both liars and criminals. All three cases have been debunked. 1993, 2003 and 2013. The father who accused him in 93 is litteraly on tape talking about framing and blackmailing Michael Jackson with false allegations. The family who went to trial in 2005 has a long history of falsely accusing others and companies for a living. And now the two men in 2013. Both togheter sued the MJ estate for 1.5 billion dollars. They where caught lying in there own lawsuite and there case was throwned out of court. Facts don’t lie, people do

  6. The irony of her talking about not ruining innocent people’s lives , then talks about mj as if she knows for a fact he’s a pedo when he was never found guilty of anything 🤦‍♂️

    • Lol…. soooooo if mj was alive and he had a pijama party for his fans children (i know that’s weird and wouldn’t happen but humor me) you would sign your child up to drink that Jesus Juice?
      Just cause mj was never charged???🤔🤔

    • I would not put Michael or my children in that position. Jesus juice…. my word you know that we proven false.

    • Conquerir Le Monde ok , aside from not being charged .. what other proof do yo have??Tabloids??Speculation?? Smh , that’s a really nasty accusation to make without solid evidence .. esp since that person has been deceased for a decade now

    • It’s disrespectful And illogical to answer questions with other questions……but from your rambling and excuses. SOUNDS TO ME LIKE YOU WOULD LET YOUR CHILD ATTEND A PIJAMA PARTY WITH MJ. …. 🤦🏿‍♂️ and if only charged you would be inclined to consider the contrary. Which to me is totally illogical and dumb. You should watch “abducted in plain sight” on Netflix…. 👀
      I only noticed me asking a question, not making any accusations and or speculations. 🤷🏿‍♂️ i did say “if he were alive” soooo…. yeah.

  7. Michael Jackson ain’t got nothing to do with this 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ and TMZ y’all wild for this

  8. Has nobody told her that Michael Jackson is dead, not to mention he was exonerated. She’s slandering him. I hope his children sue her for defamation and win. She seems off to be talking about other people instead of her alleged attacked. Blame your attacker. R Kelly and Michael Jackson had zero to do with your ordeal.

    • The only reason Leaving Neverland is happening is because Michael Jackson is not here to defend himself. Their are no laws protecting the deceased from slander. Anyone can come out say anything they want and their is no legal course of action. If Michael were alive he could sue everyone involved and he would win, because the accusations being made in Leaving Neverland have already been proven false during Robson and Safechuck’s lawsuits.

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