Beyonce and Jay-Z Didn’t Pay for Meghan Markle Painting But It’s OK | TMZ

Tim O'Brien tells us … he was shocked and honored to see his piece behind the Carters at Wednesday's award show. Bey and Jay recorded their acceptance speech for Best International Group — and Tim's homage to the Duchess of York was prominently displayed.


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    • +tell Meade saint haha!! I didn’t even say anything about race I don’t play below me. Shawn Carter is an artist. This guy in the video is as well. It’s about respect and paying people what they DESERVE. Dumbass. Have a nice day!

    • +John Vessenmeyer is about race .cause of it was some black complaining u wouldn’t had even care to comment. All white people came from the cave

    • +tell Meade saint I’m not even gonna waste my time with you. Read a book or something… LMFAO

    • The artist said in the video it was made for a magazine meaning he already agreed to price and obviously the Carters wanted the painting so they bought it from the magazine, which they are free to do. Just because he didn’t benefit more doesn’t mean he can double dip as well. This happens all the time with artwork, which ironically increases it’s value. The publicity will help further his artwork for selling. He knows he can’t be mad because this is what happens in the art world.

    • That is not going to happen. Artists sell their work to people who have the right to resell it for however much they want no matter what they originally paid for it. That is the art world, may not be what you want to hear but it is fact. Look up what artists actually make and then look at what their work is resold for, dramatically different. It’s like Sony asking you to pay them for your tv in your background after you bought it from Wal-Mart. They sold it to Wal-Mart for a set price but then Wal-Mart sells it to you for whatever they want.

  1. Meghan is the duchess of sussex, not the duchess of york as stated below. Fergie was the last duchess of york, just sayin’.

    • The man sells the print on his website and not in the context he was commissioned to use it and now that it has gained global attention he made sure to up the price by $25.00 and is going around promoting it. His whoa is me attitude is laughable.

    • That is like Sony asking you to pay them for your tv in your background after you bought it from Wal-Mart. Art is always bought and resold all the time. Just because he didn’t benefit doesn’t mean he should double dip either. He sold it and they resold it. At least he is getting some publicity, more than most artists who will never get to do the same.

    • Hello i want to say that Beyonce see your comment…so for that reason they will pay to the man 👍(sarcasmo)

    • And how do u no they didn’t pay for it. You don’t really expect Beyonce or jay z by staff directly from ppl. They have ppl who does those things for them. And beside even if they didn’t, the money he will make from the publicity they gave him alone will in more than 100x the price. Which I head is only $75.

    • Why pay him after they already bought it from someone else?? That’s like Sony asking you to pay them for your tv in your background after you bought it from Wal-Mart.

  2. Why on earth didn’t they pay this guy. Like who does this? He’s not doing art for free. This says alot about some celebrities. They knew better oh he will get his money now. But might not sale art for a while for coming forward on them.

    • +Ya’ mon lol? how many art fans are watching jay&bey? specifically for a meghan painting? 🤔🤔

    • That is like Sony asking you to pay them for your tv in your background after you bought it from Wal-Mart. Art is sold and resold all the time. Actually look up why artists don’t get paid like that because they sold it to someone else who sold it for probably twice as much. Which crazy enough increases the value of the artwork. It happens all the time.

    • +kidrobot the same art fan that help increase the lourve attendance by 30% just bcus Beyonce and jay z shoot a music video there. You seem to forget they have million of fans who will be ready to pay anything for it. Think guy think u have a brain for a reason. 😂

    • +Jerry john “you seem to forget they have million of fans ready who will be ready to pay anything for it”
      you mean use my brain and think like sheep like you and their fans? 🤔😂

    • You mean pay him after he sold it to the magazine?? They apparently bought it from the magazine. Whatever it was sold for doesn’t mean he is entitled to anything else. They can do whatever they want with the painting because it’s theirs now. He deserves nothing but he is getting some publicity to sell future work at a better price next time.

    • He was already paid by the magazine for the work who evidently sold it to the Carters. He gets nothing else!

  3. He has to pay him for standing in front of artwork. It’s 75 dollars now I’m sure it will be worth more after

    • Women who work I don’t understand why u have to pay him for standing in front of a pic. Maybe a family member brought the pic and they used it for the video. Jayz and Beyoncé May not have directly paid him but he will be sure to see profits in the future because he can charge more money from it

    • +Blah Blah Exactly. He’s acting as if he’ll see the order come through as Beyonce Knowles-Carter or Shawn Carter. Now I hope they just printed it from the website as I’m hoping many will do.

    • +Angel J.
      Well his words don’t really matter either. He sold it to a magazine who then sold it to the Carters. You don’t get paid twice for doing one job. Just because he didn’t sell it to the Carters doesn’t mean he is entitled to anything else.

    • +Bruce Bruce I didn’t say I disagreed with you, I agree with you. I just could care less at this point what they do.

  4. Most celebs wana get away without paying unless you put them in the corner like this then they will cut the check!

    • He sold the art already and the Carters bought it from that person. No matter what they paid for it, that money doesn’t go to the artist. It belongs to them now and they are free to do whatever they please with it. He can be mad because he didn’t make more but this is routine in the art world. There is nothing else to know.

    • I really don’t comment on celebrity issue because it is all bull-s . I just was strolling through the YouTube app and this came up. I just wanted to make a point that everyone is ready to blame someone without knowing the the complete issues of both sides. But thanks for the info!

    • +Kenny lovelife
      I understand that but I was just giving you context of the situation that people are making a big deal out of when there is nothing he can do anyway. He said he sold it to the magazine and they apparently sold it to the Carters. This is a non-issue or in your words, bullshit.

  5. This makes no sense if Jay-Z and Beyonce was standing in front of this painting and this painting was done of Meghan Markle this painting is worth a mint slow down and take a minute…. we’re so obsessed with negativity!!

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