Al Sharpton Calls Travis Scott Hypocrite for Performing at Super Bowl Half Time Show | TMZ

Al Sharpton is calling out Travis Scott for agreeing to perform at the Super Bowl … in fact, he's calling him a hypocrite.


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  1. NFL Is a private business and they can do what they want to….. NFL is the employer and you cant protest on company time…….

    • Theres a reason why he was never fired or cut. he just wasnt signed again after he left the 49ers, based on personal reasons from all of the owners

    • Yes you can you just have to stay in the locker room that means they can watch YouTube while everyone else stands with their hands over their hearts

  2. He’s a hypocrite because he won’t follow your opinions and take your advice… That makes no sense. Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he has to participate in some or all of your ideals

    • Nah this isn’t a racial thing for the NFL. Bottom line is all about profit.

      The only way to effectively make a difference is to reduce viewership and boycott. Don’t watch ! Artist don’t even make money off this performance it’s all about exposure.

      Travis has the best album of this year with only of the biggest selling tours. Have we forgotten why cap kneeled in the first place?

      I’m sure Travis in his lifetime even now with all his riches is profiled and has live in fear every time he leaves his house. Just as all minorities do. White people this isn’t a fucking joke. this may sound dramatic but this isn’t about music or football. It’s about people dying! Or having their lives ruined simply for having more melanin !

      Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

    • Megan Figueroa Kapernick shouldn’t have done that on paid time, period. Most employers would not tolerate protests on their death me. He could have gathered players together to make a PSA, etc…if the NFL would have allowed this, without reproach, it opens a never-ending can of worms. They stay out of social and political issues. Football is meant to be an enjoyable sport. Now, I find it annoying when entertainers get in a soapbox too, but it’s their dime, unless completely controlled by the record company.

    • When did race have anything to do with his decision. It’s whether or not if he agrees with the injustice facing Colin or not

  3. This dude what’s a completely backstabber cuz he was a drug dealer he was para he was part of the mafia trust is true I’m just telling the truth this guy it’s a fast Iver ESR rat why should I hear he’s opinion about that crap

  4. Al Sharpton literally licks the azz of the *Clintons* . Who called black people *”SuperPredators that need to heel”* , a term for rabid dogs. The Clinton’s who began the Clinton Crime bills and Prison-Industrial-Complex BLM is always protesting about, but not mentioning who caused them. Al Sharpton is one of the biggest fakes, race-baiting hustlers out there. At least Deray is g3ay and has a cute blue jacket to hide his fakeness. MalcolmX gave warnings about fake leaders and hustlers like Al Sharpton, Deray.

    • Was Hillary Clinton elected no that means that we are cognizant of what the Clinton’s did and she was punished rightfully so what is the issue here

    • +Paul Acts Fake-News media hid all that about Hillary. Everyone knows Trump said word pussai 15 years ago. Most liberals are NOT cognizant of the fact Hillary called black people “Superpre3dators that need to be brought to heel” right in the middle of Congress. BLM fakes never talk about it, or protested her. CNN never mentions it. Most black liberals never hear it because fake-news media are only shills for the Democratic Party. The issue is Al Sharpton is a shill, and a fake. He literally does PR and events with the Clintons. Who also started all those Crime Bills that started the black Industrial Prison Complex. Al Sharpton never talks about that either when talking about issues in America. Its all Trump is “the racist” because CNN says so. But Hillary Clinton “carries Hot Sauce in her purse” and went and did the Nae Nae on Ellen. Pure hypocrisy, or fakeness by Democratic Party, the fake-news media, and fakes like Al Sharpton who even knows Trump is not racist, but hustles for that good Democratic Party funding he gets. Same with fake Deray and all those hypocrites and fakes that are BLM.

  5. So what I’m getting from this clown is all black people should unite as one …if that’s the case can you imagine all white people doing the same thing. People can form their own opinions and do as they please. Lets just say he doesn’t perform at the half time show who would care because someone else will fill that spot and let’s not talk about all the black football players …who in fact still play the game . if they really wanted to make a statement they would just quit but they won’t because of that money…so ask yourself what’s more valuable….the dollar or your morals and beliefs.

  6. When the players boycott the game, that’s when you can begin to criticize the half time performers. As long as the players play, then anybody should be able to perform HT

    • Hello!! :)))) I’m waiting for his face to open and see that little alien inside pull levers

  7. Disappointed in Al for not mentioning Police Brutality the main reason Kaepernick kneeled

    • CaveMonkey Tamer yeah his career going down the toilet had nothing to do with it. What was his reason for passing on offers and suing?

  8. Black community logic at it’s best. So sad. Such a victim filled community. They could be the greatest community on this planet, but they rather have people feel sorry for them. So sad.

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