KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Gets Upset Over Bad Paparazzi Pics on Vacay | E!

While strolling on the beach in bikinis, Kim and crew are photographed by the paparazzi–and the photos are not flattering. See the moment on "KUWTK".

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Gets Upset Over Bad Paparazzi Pics on Vacay | E!


    • Bxth _ She knows they are going to follow Her! She has been dealing with them for how many years now?!
      She doesn’t have a problem with the cameras being there!
      She is only upset because she doesn’t like the way she looks!!
      Did you NOT watch the video?!
      Please pay attention and learn something!

    • the picture almost ruined her “career” her family brand is the “stupid brains believe” natural curvy bodies ! she lost 100.000 instagram followers and struggled to gain them back because of these pictures leak

    • Jaanahi TT it’s not just that. Her whole career is based on her looks. If she doesn’t look good, she doesn’t get paid. She lies to her fans giving them a completely different person on Instagram, but irl, that’s how she looks.

    • Jaanahi TT they say I wanna be private vacation but after put like episode of kuwtk hahha private or exclusive for reality tv haha

    • No. She got famous because her father solved a hugecase. She didn’t ask for her own tv show. She was born into it and tbh she can become famous is she wants to. privacy is a right and isn’t taken away due to one’s choices, it is simply reduce but NEVER taken away. And yes, it is stupid to ask for privacy because she shouldn’t need to ask for privacy, she is entitled to it.

  1. It’s because she has paps photoshop her pics when they are taken lol and these weren’t photoshopped. Such a first world problem, get over it.

    • Victoria Lovey how do you get rid of diabetes ? It doesn’t go away especially type 2.

    • Ndangi Shikongo that was one time and she did it number of times before that

    • Ms. M what’s family for lol if I was gaining that much weight while being depressed and in denial the people who love me should feel a duty of care and support tf frfr

  2. When your career is based on your looks, people are gonna scrutinize you honey. Sorry about it

  3. Like all they do is complain about paparazzi but if there wasn’t paparazzi they wouldn’t have careers. The Kardashians may have been through a lot but my God, they are extremely shallow people

    • no. Kim never said that there weren’t people dying in this world. This is her problem and her perspective is different to yours. You must not judge one by their choices and feelings. I dont know about you, but if i tracked you down while you were on vacation and posted pics about you, clearly invading your privacy, i would imagine that you would be upset. In addition to the fact that body shaming is clearly counted as verbal abuse, a callous crime ignored by people like you who blindly blame the victim for being bullied. What about bullying? Do we blame the victim for being popular which would be the only reason a bully would notice them. Kim is pretty much the victim here and you and others are blaming her for other people’s actions. Not all famous people get as much hate as the Kardashian’s and people ignore that and continue to hate. It is stupid and not what our world needs. People hate on the Kardashians for getting stuff done like plastic surgery but they dont realise that there are million other people who get plastic surgery too! Hate is something probably 11/12 of our world possess and is something that will probably never disappear, but spreading it is not the step towards peace i and 7 billion other people envisioned. The peace i envisioned is where everyone accepts others, there is no hate and these bullys would come back down to earth and realise that we are all human. Hating on someone else is pretty much hating a family member. We are all of one race and there are NO exceptions. Whether, your black, white or any colour in between we are all the same whether you like it or not.

    • I think she has built her empire on smoke and mirrors, not that it’s a bad thing, like a magician doesn’t get trick shamed if someone figures out his trick, but it would hurt his livelihood. This is the same thing. She has made her brand this fake plastic picture of societies ideals, and they rewarded her heavily for it, all the while knowing she’s plastic and airbrushed, but when someone puts a less than perfect photo in front of her audience (including haters) they attack her for failing to keep up her impressive 24/7 act. It’s really shitty of the public that there’s this unspoken looming threat that if she shows she is human they will eat her alive.

    • Gullu I don’t think she thinks lowly of herself. I think she consciously made it her goal to get famous and did all the physical things necessary for a guaranteed following. Like if a house flipper transforms an already decent house into a luxury elite estate. It’s not because the house flipper thinks lowly of the original house, it’s that he had a goal and accomplished it. I think this is the same thing. It would be really uncalled for if someone came along and snapped a photo of say… the garden, in the fall, when it’s not the optimal time to photograph, and then shamed the house flipper for tricking them into thinking there is spring flowers all the time based on an ad photo from the spring. Does that make sense?

    • wie sauer Sie wird! lustig! nur weil nicht 3048 abgeschossen wurde für das perfekte Foto mit der perfekten Beleuchtung!

  4. She knows how it feels to be shamed but she called that girl a hoe in the bathroom without even knowing her so stfu

  5. She wants to be a role model to all people and tell them to be proud of themselves yet she always cries whenever someone takes an unflattering picture of her and she doesn’t want to admit her flaws

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