Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has No Problem With Sitting President Smoking Weed | TMZ

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has some refreshing thoughts on the highest office in the land, because she tells us she sees no issues with sitting Presidents getting high … on marijuana!!!


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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  1. This is a true fucktard!!! Oh so this is her GREEN new deal, an ounce of some good green!!!

    • no she was asked for her opinion on a popular topic she gave it. valid points. pot isnt a gateway drug, at least half of america if not more has tried if not smoke semi or regularly of it. just look at the stats in the states it is fully legal and medically legal. it has many used not just for smoking but theplants also create hemp which is one of the most diverse materials in the world it can replace plastics even metals in some cases let alone fabrics which is a given. alcohol bar none causes more harm to people and those around then then someone smoking pot. same with cigs.

    • +Lippy Witch awesome so then I can’t wait to see our president smoking a fat blunt while deciding whether we should nuke North Korea or not!!

    • +Musicmangm7 honestly if trump did i would feel safer bc it would suggest he wouldnt lmfao. im i never said people should smoke while working but even presidents have down time…. i think trump is a perfect example of one who takes plenty. a spliff before bed i would have zero issue with

  2. This lady has the lowest IQ I have ever seen…. can’t believe this could possibly be a person running out country…

    • She must be smarter than you if shes getting paid more than you and accomplished more than you ever will. I dont like her either but honestly she has beat alot of odds and competition. she must be smarter than the guy she beat for office so that guy that lost to her is dumber than her so thats the guy you gotta go bug for losing to this lady.

    • I get so confused by comments like this. You guys are obsessed with IQ yet have you seen the way Trump speaks and acts?


    • +Irwin K. no more then any other politician people see what they want and ignore what doesnt fit

    • She doesn’t know the three branches of government, can’t distinguish the party colors, speaks on geopolitical issues she has no understanding of, can’t do basic accounting…the list goes on. the fact that a former bartender is your idol in Congress is hilarious

  3. This is the same lady who released a green plan with stupid ideas in it and then said she didn’t do it and blamed people for photoshopping it.

  4. After showcasing the disastrous GREEN DEAL and then denying it was hers because it was so bad and widely rejected by the public…..PRICELESS

    • +cokerockstop2 It’s true. She had it on the AOC website and then took it down and said it was never there. But everything on the web is archived for you to see. She was caught lying. Of course mainstream media won’t tell you this.

  5. If my jobs is so dangerous that I have to be drug free so does the job of running a country!

  6. Anyone who supports this lady, is not paying attention to what she says or does. The consequences of anything she tries to implement could be devastating to our economy. Remember folks, nothing is free.

    • Without subsidies, renewables are more cost cost effective than fossil energy. Lecture us again about devastating economies. Maybe the US needs more tax cuts for the rich?

    • +Roberto Giménez That is bad thing you want people to move to renewable energy sources? Then encourage them but ffs dont undercut the competitions.

  7. Could this woman be more STUPID? Perhaps marijuana has had the side effect of frying her brain 🧠 😂

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