Judge Jeanine Pirro Spars With Harvey & Charles Over President Trump’s Words | TMZ

Judge Jeanine Pirro admits she disagrees with some of President Trump's tactics — though she won't say which ones — but adds his words don't matter as much as what he does.


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  1. Why people act like there wasn’t police brutality during Obama’s time in office people forgot that there were mass shootings during Obama’s time in office? No one took a knee then!

    • kalilimoku hunt So they should take knee now then and let it continue? That’s brilliant. 🙄

    • kalilimoku hunt …NFL football players were not on the field for the anthem until 2009.

    • Dave Fenza because taking a knee does what? People are so ashamed of a country they make a living off of… go out do public service… feed the hungry… donate to charities… speak to your local congressman about injustices… what does taking a knee during the anthem do besides disrespect the people who keep your asses safe at night

    • kalilimoku hunt They take a knee to get peoples attention, once they have it they explain why. Very simple. But people just see the first part and make their own assumptions.

    • kalilimoku hunt …the NFL makes billions off the athletes physical abilities and talent. The NFL do not OWN their players.

  2. Keep politics out of football, period!

    Once you allow this it’ll never stop, football is entertainment that fans watch to escape not be inundated with more BS.

    • So I’m sure you was just as upset when Tim Tebow used to take a knee at every single touchdown. We black people had no problem with that. Now people of color want to assert their same right and it’s a problem. Man if you don’t see that double standard you have to be missing a chromosome.

    • I’m sure people had the same complaint when Dr. King protested however his protests were productive and lead to change. You sound real ignorant right now.

    • Scrotum Grease Baseball, football, basketball, all major American sports! I completely agree that he needs to stop attacking people who are making statements based upon other civil issues that trump is too ignorant to understand therefore twisting it to fit his agenda! This loud mouthed shnook is a joke! I don’t know how she is a judge. She is so extremely biased, when it is her job to remain objective and use facts to support her decisions. She is a crazy loose cannon! 😜😜🤪🤪

    • Real Talk

      Comparing Martin Luther King to football players, is what’s ignorant.

    • Brett Corporate America tried that.Workers had NO RIGHTS that corporations and businesses need respect.Wages frozen,no breaks,work 60 plus hours,no health benefits,child labor,racial hiring discrimination,no vacation,firings and layoffs,no strikes,all enforced by government. This monster behavior gave birth to the modern labor movement.

    • Brett If the flag is that “important”;do you support the “right”of the confederate flag of rebellion to be flown at public places in the south?What about confederate statues of REBELS who killed UNION soldiers fighting for the STARS and Stripes and the end of chattal slavery in America?Do you support the first amendment rights of white supremacists to wear the NAZI crosses next to the confederate and union flags??Is this more important than ANYTHING in the world? If visiting Israel would you stand for their flag and anthem? If visiting South Africa will you stand for their anthem and flag(red black green)?

    • talk everything Mice say mice are more likely to be eaten by rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes disagree with Mouse statement saying it is flawed and inaccurate…

    • Brett IF that were true;You have a white problem in Ameri kkk a.What are you going to do about it?

    • vegaslights Colin Kaepernick DID do something on his own.He gave millions to help Blacks and lost his job standing against white racism. What have you done to make America truly great besides drinking beer throwing rocks and supporting the status quo???

  3. Historically, football players stayed in the locker room until after the National Anthem. In 2009 a deal was struck with the Dept of Defense and NFL: for military recruitment purposes, the players would be on field. NFL gets a lot of $$ for that display.

    • Tamika Jones so when was it-what does your research show? And good luck with that!😆

    • Tamika Jones AND that is what bothers you? Not the fact that the DOD pays the NFL to be patriotic?

    • Wouldn’t surprise me DOD pays Hollywood for their use in a ton of movies for the same reasons. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching a US Air Force or Navy commercial instead of a movie.

    • If taking a knee gets attention to police brutality and other injustice, I am all for it. Hell Tebow took a knee every touchdown and I never heard one single complaint. Now whats really up?

    • Iridium Cor bingo. a bomber opens the new year by flying over the Rose Parade. Indoctrination at its finest. The military is constantly influencing us in subliminal fashion. They do it through the movies and other media. Hell, they even have the famous high school game where star football players reveal the college where they will be playing football. Brought to you by the US Army.

  4. Judge Jeanine is a BEAST 💘💘💘 those two soy boys couldn’t handle the lady lol

    • She descended from beasts. This ignorant b is only like 2nd or 3rd generation American. She goes in on immigrants yet she was birth from immigrants too. Jesus please fix it!

    • How do conservatives allow themselves to become constipated for so long. Release that irritability. Take some laxatives already.

  5. You go girl. These California libs will never get it. I bet Harvey lives in a gated community.

  6. She said trump thinks the flag and star spangled banner need to be respected. So then why didn’t he go defend the flag and star spangle banner during the Vietnam war.

    • You’re an idiot and uneducated the war in Vietnam wasn’t Americas war in the first place also they sparyed their own men with agent orange many people dodge the draft including Muhammad Ali I doubt you would ever fight a war like Vietnam War please educate yourself and research more LMAO

    • Judge your father and your grandfather were vets …not trump who put in 5 deferents to stay out of Vietnam 🇻🇳 what a chicken hawk🤔

  7. Charles, you criticize President Trump for calling a few people names, when your candidate, Secretary Clinton, called exactly half of America “Deplorables.” And regarding your comment about free-speech and football, free speech only applies to a restriction of governmental entities. It does not apply to private companies that hire employees. Football players are employees and cannot do or say something that their employer, the NFL, does not allow. You could not work for McDonald’s and decide to wear a pirate costume all day and say that you’re expressing your free speech. You would be legally and rightly fired by McDonald’s.

    • Dave Johnson So you hate anyone who’s rich? If you hate rich people so much because that’s your problem. Also, Judge Jeanine Pirro is not racist. Lastly, based on your comment. She has more of a clue than you do.

    • K Wade Time is up for playing the race card. We the people know what’s really going on & know who the racist people are. Like Whoopi. Can’t polish a turd!!!

    • K Wade i must be racist too…black folks wake up to the liberals socialist! Trump2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Black victimhood hustle is over!

    • +David S. A woman of color? She’s Lebanese but regardless what does her being Lebanese have to do with her racism. You think she can’t be racist because she’s a minority? Okay…

  8. America the country where protesting against racism and injustice is worse than being racist and unjust. 🤔.
    Basically through all her screaming and yelling, she is saying, “stop showing me America’s blatant racism and bigotry while I’m watching the game, even though this country was built and had Laws supporting racism and bigotry”

    • You who are sitting there absolving America from accountability with regards the slave trade is a perfect example of complicit, enabling behavior, along with apathy. How do you feel about the Holocaust??… America along with every other nation hunts down ANY and ALL who were in the Nazi regime. They are tried and sentenced as criminals!!! No matter the age, health status or contrite feelings. They can’t say “I was following orders”…NO absolution in any way!!!-NO matter how SMALL a part they played!! You think America is off the hook because they had “only” 400, 000 slaves in comparison to others in the world. Here’s a thought, if I gave you an 8oz glass of water with a drop of poison in it would you drink it?….That’s how RIDICULOUS that logic is, thats like saying, 10 men gang raped your mother, but, the ones who held her down are off because they shared in the violence, but, they didn’t have a bigger share. I hope you don’t teach, you are dangerous. Financial restitution is even given to those Holocaust victims. To SHOW HOW WRONG THAT EVENT WAS AND BECAUSE IT WAS NOT America. Statistics has ABSOLUTELY NO idea of just HOW many really were brought here, if, you in your mind think it was only 400,000 and you FEEL those numbers are correct, go ahead and drink the kool aid. Some kind of restitution would be possible for wrongs committed if they really knew. America says we are sorry, but, not sorry. And no restitution will be made. Go research that, can’t understand why? Or you do understand why?…No matter, I say it again, you call out others but when it comes to here, well…”Let bygones be bygones” is your motto.SMH

  9. Taking a knee isn’t taking up time from the game. JUST WATCH THE GAME DUMBASS it’s not affecting individuals in anyway. Mind your business and let them take a KNEE!!

  10. You go girl!!
    Trump is the same a business man who likes to make money.. This time he is doing it for us in America!!
    Don’t need to see people protesting while watching the game!!

  11. I am proud of our President, Mr. Trump! No regrets on my vote, in fact I’m getting a bigger bang than what I expected! MAGA!

  12. I agree these NFL players need to just play football, if they want a life in politics go run for office, but during hafltime or the end of the game.

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