Alleged R Kelly Victim Joycelyn Savage’s Parents Searching for Her | TMZ

The parents of Joycelyn Savage, one of R. Kelly's alleged victims, are desperate to get in touch with her and take care of her … and say they won't feel any sort of relief until they do.


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    • Nia Sanchez , no it isn’t But some of these people are All for themselves! The Savages are for sure Clout chasers ! Its sad how they have put their daughters business out there. That’s not how you regain someones trust. Even the last phone conversation at their attorney office. They Didn’t have to make that public. Its several things that they have done that shows their true purpose. Tim is on a show saying how he would love to go on red table talk, how he would love to do other shows. He knew where his daughter was when he confronted the cris manager. If you look someone that is with him is also recording whats going on. Why Because they are up for some Foolery

    • @Lailonnie Tukes I totally agree look how the parents acting all on the media?? Im not saying they dont miss they daughters ?? But stay of the media and stay in contact and keep trying to meet up with ur child in private

    • They need to just make another daughter because they have good DNA. Jocelyn is fine as hell. Not to late just make another one.


    • When You Really Become A Parent we will Talk until then support justice not race.

    • Exactly. They’re obviously just milking the fact that they’re daughter with a superstar. Pretending there’s more to it than it is because the black man witch hunting media is allowing them to.

    • @Mildred Harrison Who said I wasn’t a parent their daughter is 24 years old and she was last seen at the Trump Tower please enlighten me on how that’s kidnapping someone she even did an interview with Gayle King

    • Ronald’s daughter was a homeless junkie at age 21 selling herself for heroin.

      Why is Ronald good with that? SHES GROWN

      Everything’s okay then in this idiots little brain

  2. Why is TMZ got the nerve to talk about R.Kelly. who is likely innocent what about Epstein and Weinstein can TMZ tell me more about those two predators. It seems like TMZ is racist.

    • @Kira Lawlet Right. R.kelly is known to be associated with underaged girls for years. Im sorry all those stories are not lies. I cant believe ths people who think this man is innocent. It is a known fact he married and had sex with Aaliyah at 15. He is sick

    • @Kavania Wilson Innocent thats right Innocent let TMZ keep the focus on Epstein the one with the passports and I’m not judging him until his Trial but that safe with passports and 1/2 Million what do you think. W B.

    • @Rebecca Johnson Nah he is guilty. Sorry not sorry. Wrong is wrong. All those girls are not lying. Some maybe but they all are not

  3. TMZ Leave R.Kelly alone until you tell me about predators Weinstein and Epstein.

  4. They’re so full of it! Your own daughter said she’s happy where she’s at, and that her family knows the situation. They have it out for R. Kelly, and that’s the real issue! They know their daughter is fine and she’s not being held against her will!

    • Exactly. This just another example of how you can’t trust the media. They know these parents full of sh#% but they’re allowing them to go on and on with it, giving them non stop coverage. Just playing on people’s emotions and obligation to protect children. Even though the girl grown as hell. Soon as they mention the words “My daughter,” and “being held hostage or brainwashed,” the masses will unconsciously register the situation in their minds as if R Kelly got a young teenage girl with him. The media is becoming more and more dangerous every year

  5. 🤦Aren’t the Parents the ones who sold their daughter to R.Kelly and all over Social Media.

  6. This is getting a bit redundant. Didn’t they see her at his court hearing. I’m beginning to think they’re trying to become relevant and use this entire situation for their own self gratification for attention.

  7. you don’t get in touch with them with the young ladies you let the police do that if your daughter’s in danger

  8. They are being overbearing. She said she was fine where she was! She even told her father she loved him in one of those tmz videos. I don’t think she’s brainwashed, I think she’s disgusting with her family & I would be too honestly

  9. Man will yall pull the plug on these people and tell the true story they been talking to that girl

  10. Dear Savage’s, now is a good time to do another wellness check. They’re home alone🤫

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